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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: Tito1

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Content That Counts: How a University Library and a Public Library Digitized Local Content for the Web :  Content That Counts: How a University Library and a Public Library Digitized Local Content for the Web Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference 2001 Celebrating 110 Years of Wisconsin Libraries! Thursday, October 25, 2001 Appleton, Wisconsin   Arne J. Arneson & David Timm Content that counts…the Philosophy:  Content that counts…the Philosophy All libraries have unique collections... Collections of local/regional interest… (newspaper indexes, obituary indexes, etc.) are usually not well-known (users are often not aware of their existence) of interest to a wide, extended audience (former residents, historians, etc.) other libraries are not going to digitize your collections… (UW-Madison is probably not anxious to digitize the Stevens Point Area Obituary Index!) Content that counts…the Foundation:  Content that counts…the Foundation The Web is a natural platform for digitized collections Content that counts…the Targets:  Content that counts…the Targets We examined our holdings… For collections that were unique… are they a part of Central Wisconsin's cultural heritage? are they unique to the university? For collections that showed potential for high user demand… Content that counts…the Targets:  Content that counts…the Targets We also asked… do we have the technology (or should we outsource the work)? are staff or volunteers available? is the collection already partly digitized? is copyright permission easily attained (or not required)? will the project preserve important materials (or make them more accessible)? is the scope of the project manageable? Content that counts…the Targets:  Content that counts…the Targets Go for the Low-Hanging Fruit! In other words… Content that counts…the Product:  Content that counts…the Product We identified six potential products: obituary index cemetery locator census index campus newspaper index historical photo archive Native American contemporary carvings Obituary index...:  Obituary index... Already partially digitized... A number of librarians and other volunteers willing to build and maintain the index... High level of community interest... Slide9:  The Stevens Point Area Obituary Index includes more than 105,000 names from 1872- http://library.uwsp.edu/obits/ Cemetery locator:  Cemetery locator Volunteer-produced database of 43,000 names in 67 cemeteries Slide11:  The Portage County Cemetery Locator includes more than 43,000 names from 1872- http://library.uwsp.edu/cemetery/ Census index:  Census index V o l u n t e e r produced! High level of community interest Low NO maintenance!!! Slide13:  Camille Pissarro’s Apple Picking, 1888, Dallas Museum of Art. Gotta get that low-hanging fruit! Slide14:  An index to the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 U.S. Censuses of Portage County http://library.uwsp.edu/census/ Pointer index:  Pointer index From 1894- already partially digitized, completely indexed as a card file... A number of archivists and librarians willing to build and maintain the index... High level of university interest... Slide16:  Pointer Index: 1895 - searchable by authors, titles, and descriptors... http://library.uwsp.edu/pointer/ Slide17:  author date subject The results can be viewed by any categories in the resulting hits Historical Photo Archive:  Historical Photo Archive Photographs from the county historical society's collection, already partially digitized, and indexed as a card file... Archivists, librarians, students and technologists willing to build and maintain the index... High level of community interest... Slide19:  Images of the people, places and activities of Stevens Point and Portage County from the 1880’s to the present... http://library.uwsp.edu/pchs/ Slide20:  Searchable by keywords and categories, such as “bridges,” “churches,” or “breweries”…. Slide21:  Included in LC’s American Memory Project in Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1910. http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/umhtml/umhome.html Slide22:  The Menominee Clans Story A unique, priceless museum collection Small enough in scope to be easily accomplished High level of university and statewide interest Slide23:  http://library.uwsp.edu/menomineeclans/ A gallery tour of a collection of contemporary Menominee carvings capturing the cultural dimensions of the ancient clan system A Public Library looks for low hanging fruit:  A Public Library looks for low hanging fruit Use other people’s time. Use other people’s money. Make it a low priority. Start small and build. Typing / Keyboarding:  Typing / Keyboarding Skills that you already have. Small projects. A Short History of Wisconsin Rapids. Newspaper articles. Other People’s Typing:  Other People’s Typing Digital projects, not strictly digitization. Index to Elsie’s Scrapbook. Lists and indexes. Talk to local genealogists. Scan, OCR and Proof:  Scan, OCR and Proof Scanners are cheap, OCR is quick and affordable… ...but proofing takes time. End result is text. Small files. Some OCR Projects:  Some OCR Projects Centennial Story. Wood County Parks in the Making. Wisconsin Rapids Bridge History. Scan and Post:  Scan and Post Like making a scrapbook. Useful for small collections of photographs. Thumbnails linked to larger version. Thumbnail (above) Scan and Post Projects:  Scan and Post Projects Young Post Card Collection 23 local scenes. Has generated more donations. Tom Taylor Pictorial Volume. 450 Photos linked to text. Scanning to PDF:  Scanning to PDF Requires Adobe Acrobat Writer. PDF (Acrobat files) can be very large. Large = slow to download. Retains look and feel of document. Not difficult and product is web ready. PDF Projects:  PDF Projects Wood County Place Names. Official Historical Program – Wood County Centennial. Rules and Regulations of the T. B. Scott Free Public Library. Using Other People’s Money:  Using Other People’s Money Usually for scanned to PDF projects. Usually outsourced. Very satisfying. Foundations love this kind of thing. LSTA. Keep the master files for later use. Can OCR them to HTML. Outsourcing Digitization:  Outsourcing Digitization Can handle large projects. Speed. Professional results. Set price. May be unfamiliar with library standards. Will have to re-work. Will do exactly what you tell them to. Some Outsourced Projects:  Some Outsourced Projects History of Wood County (LSTA). Six oldest city directories (Mead Witter). Four other local books (Mead Witter). Don’t be Afraid to Reach for the Golden Apple:  Don’t be Afraid to Reach for the Golden Apple Sometimes it pays to bite off as much as you can chew. Project must have a BIG payoff, since you will be committing scarce resources. Taylor Book(s). Access – How do users find us?:  Access – How do users find us? Traditional Web page links from relevant pages Access – How do users find us?:  Access – How do users find us? Dynamic Catalog Records Access – How do users find us?:  Access – How do users find us? Metadata Access – How do users find us?:  Access – How do users find us? The On-Line Books Page - http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu Internet Public Library - http://www.ipl.org/reading/books/ Slide41:  How Do We Put Information On The Web? Design Database Create Front end Digitize Data Slide42:  Why Use A Database? Ease Of Information Maintenance Security Web search Off campus access Slide43:  Database Any Database that has an ODBC driver Slide44:  How do we Digitize? Flat Bed Scanner / Nikon Slide Scanner OmniPage OCR Software Paint Shop Pro 5.0 Adobe PDF Writer Digital Camera Spin PhotoObject Cdcopy mp3 Manual Input Slide45:  Server Platform Windows NT 4.0 Web Server Internet Information Server 4.0 We use SQL 6.5 Slide46:  Web Page Active Server Pages Developers Studio 6.0 FrontPage Notepad How Do We Put Information On The Web?:  How Do We Put Information On The Web? HTML if possible, PDF if appropriate. Static database pages. FrontPage and SCLS web server. Just another part of our website. Another Option: CD-ROM:  Another Option: CD-ROM Autoload No download delays. Works on older machines. Easier to copy. Removes a barrier. CD-RW common. Not much additional work. Make each book a small web. Something tangible. Another way to promote the service.

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