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Published on February 26, 2008

Author: Durante


Expand with Computer Integrated Manufacturing/Smart Factory Concepts:  Digital Smart Factory Forum January 16-18, 2007 Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Expand with Computer Integrated Manufacturing/Smart Factory Concepts Barry Witt, Prepress Production Manager, Seckman Printing, Inc. Michael Murphy, President, Japs-Olson Co. George Fry, Managing Director, Inter-State Studio and Publishing:  Barry Witt, Prepress Production Manager, Seckman Printing, Inc. Michael Murphy, President, Japs-Olson Co. George Fry, Managing Director, Inter-State Studio and Publishing Panelists IQ Colour:  IQ Colour Color management software invented by Dr. Ed Granger, color scientist. Former employers include: Eastman Kodak Company X-Rite, Inc. Rochester Institute of Technology IQ Colour vs. Conventional Separations:  IQ Colour vs. Conventional Separations A comparison of PhotoShop to IQcolour for total ink savings. Photoshop used separations with the following separation settings; 1] sRGB – Hue, Saturation and Brightness 2] Converting to CMYK for; a] Medium GCR b] 280% Maximum ink limit. The IQcolour rendering engine used ; 1] sRGB to CMYK 2] a 5% K ink start 3] 280% Maximum ink limit Press Test:  Press Test Traditional and IQColour separations of a series of standard GATF images were prepared and imposed for comparison in three trial press runs. In two trials the ink run rates of CMY and K were compared between the traditional separations and the IQColour separations by running the press to ink exhaustion. Slide7:  Press Test IQ Colour Benefits:  IQ Colour Benefits Test Site Comments:  Test Site Comments “I am using about 40% less color ink.” “The press guys love it.’ “It makes their mistakes less bad.” “Even if there was no savings the quality improvement and greater margin for error makes it worthwhile.” “It is a cheap way to get the same effect as investing tons of money in controls.” “You can take a press guy with spot color experience and make a process color guy quickly and easily.” “There is very little waste, the start-up is efficient.” Contact Information:  Contact Information Michael J. Feldman President, CEO Phone: 248-644-0446 Start Page:  Start Page Company Background:  Company Background Pursing Automation:  Pursing Automation CTP & Systems Evaluated:  CTP & Systems Evaluated The Choosen One - Heidelberg:  The Choosen One - Heidelberg Heidelberg Suprasetter - Printready Workflow Price Service Price - Track record Integration Hardware in place - Software in place Achievements:  Achievements Smooth flow of data from Estimating package to prepress workflow PDF workflow - complete jobs 2x as fast Greater organization and effectiveness Softproof usage maximized - quicker turnarounds More plate sizes on line Plate production doubled END:  END Slide20:  Presented by: Michael Murphy Japs-Olson Company Expand with Computer Integrated Manufacturing Digital Smart Factory Presentation – January 17th, 2007 Japs-Olson – Who We Are:  Japs-Olson – Who We Are Full service direct mail and commercial printing company Single facility - 800 employees – operate 24/7 Produce and mail 3-4 million pieces mail/day CIM at JO – Overview:  CIM at JO – Overview CIM: The complete automation of a manufacturing plant, with all processes functioning under computer control and digital information tying them together. CIM at JO – CIP3/JDF:  CIM at JO – CIP3/JDF Pressroom – Ink presets Heatset (80’s) Sheetfed (90’s) Pressroom - Closed loop color control SF presses – (late 90’s) HS presses (2002-2003) Bindery – Presets Folders (2002) 1-automated, 4-semi, no banders, 17-w/o Cutters (2005) 1-automated, 1-retrofit*, 7-w/o Stitchers (2006) 2-automated, no inkjet, 2-w/o …sort of CIM at JO – Scripting/Automation:  CIM at JO – Scripting/Automation Prepress & Data Processing Prinergy – Rules Based Automation Gradual – PowerSwitch Apple – OS-X Scripting Custom VB Scripting Quantifiable Results: Productivity increased 30% 50% over next 3-years CIM at JO – Our DMI Story:  CIM at JO – Our DMI Story We wanted accurate data to help us better manage our production operations Could not get timely information Either over-producing or under-producing Consistently inaccurate counts (self reported data) Could not measure or quantify performance Most production problems went unresolved Overall, we wanted to be proactive vs. reactive Our DMI story…:  Our DMI story… In 2001, we decided that we needed a Direct Machine Interface (DMI) system We had to create our own system Complicated workflow Printing, Bindery, Imaging, Mailing 2. Numerous manufacturers Heidelberg, Harris, Didde, Drent, Halm, Bobst, Stahl, MBO, Polar, OCE, Hunkeler, Ehret, BBH, Pitney Bowes, Scitex, Buskro, Domino…. 3. Equipment age and generation Our DMI story…:  Our DMI story… 5-years later, every piece of production equipment in the plant has DMI 194 individual pieces of equipment across 8 production departments communicating real-time status every minute What started out as more accurate data through DMI has evolved into a comprehensive digital information system CIM at JO – Our Results:  CIM at JO – Our Results Result: Creating a culture of performance Total Production Control Detailed Operator Performance Computerized Scheduling High Performance Supervision Materials Management Quantifiable Results: 3-year plant productivity up 29% 3-year paper waste down 20% CIM at JO – Requirements:  CIM at JO – Requirements Commitment to CIM Board/Executive Management Patience to build infrastructure Time consuming and $$ software, hardware, communications, integration Large programming staff (1) DMI System (1) Printflow (3) VB / .net (3) Legacy System (1) Reports CIM at JO – Lessons Learned:  CIM at JO – Lessons Learned Difficulty of Integration software, hardware, communications, training Software Development well thought out with built-in functionality Workforce Training and Acceptance HUGE cultural change Data Integrity & Reporting 300,000 status transactions/day Online Scheduling – What is really going on? What you can measure, you can improve! Automated Finishing and Fulfillment :  Automated Finishing and Fulfillment George Fry Managing Director USA Division Convertible Brands 866-832-0217 Inter-State Studio & Publishing:  Inter-State Studio & Publishing Largest family owned school photography and yearbook publishing company Founded 1933 Divisions Inter-State Studio Inter-State Publishing Campus Agendas Inter-State Printing Inter-State Imaging Services Convertible Brands Completely Digital Portrait Product Redesigned:  Portrait Product Redesigned Conversion to digital photography School year printed on portraits Choice of several graphic borders Personalized with autographs My Photo Adventure CD High resolution portrait Copyright release Fun software Retouching Major Challenge:  Major Challenge How can we present a complex set of personalized choices in a simple flyer? First the Market Test and Results:  First the Market Test and Results 100,000 students 8 ½ x 11 inch, 4 page flyer Personalized with images and autograph Pricing PDF, Scanned images Printed on Indigo Stapled in payment envelope Dramatic increase in sales and response rate Enthusiastic response from schools and parents Confirmed basic concept Logistic challenges Slide37:  Wow factor Generate enthusiasm to buy Sales flyer for families Introduce and feature personalized autograph Present choice of two poses and graphic borders Feature many images of the child Clear offer with Order Form and integrated Payment Envelope Send to web for more information Project and Design Objectives Challenges:  High volume with Short lead times High Quality Requirements with Tight roll out schedule Highly personalized 10 personalized portraits Unique graphics on each portrait Personalized autograph Pricing unique to each school Integrated payment envelope No print overruns to compensate for bindery waste RIP and printing speeds Network traffic jams Challenges Solutions and Implementation:  Solutions and Implementation Kodak DP2 to render portraits Quark scripts to generate pricing PDFs Xeikon 500/5000 digital web presses Indigo 3000 cut sheet for overflow Lexigraph software for final RIP Network upgrades Fold-N-Go Pre-Press Converted stock Enable tear-off envelope Eliminated bindery waste Able to personalize envelope Bar coded identification Small portrait Pre-Press Converted Paper Stock:  Key breakthrough 20 inch roll stock Registration marks for printing Pre-Press perforated for tear off envelope Pre-Press co-adhesive to form envelope Pre-Press remoisten adhesive on flap Post press conversion reduced to one step on traditional folding equipment Pre-Press Converted Paper Stock Results:  High quality proof Delivery reduced from 3 weeks to 3 days Substantial increase in sales and response rate Decrease in labor costs Waste reduced from 10% to .001% New Convertible Brands division spin-off Results Impact:  Impact Met our marketing objective Wow factor Dramatic increase in sales and response rate Enthusiastic response from schools and families Learned a lot Lessons:  Lessons Learned to manage a complex project in a short time frame Mastered data-driven personalized imaging Learned to use pre-press converted paper to personalize complex mechanical pieces Expanded Inter-State printing to focus on personalized jobs Launched Convertible Brands Send 4 terabytes to digital presses daily Other items of interest… 30,000 – 40,000 flyers produced daily 15 – 20 yearbooks daily 40 – 48 pages each More Results … and the future …. :  More Results … and the future …. PODi 2006 Best Practices Award Featured in … American Printer The Big Picture Print Matters PIA Award of Excellence Personalization One to one printing Equipment Fully Digital Convertible Brands – Start it Up! Speaker Presentation by: George Fry Managing Director Convertible Brands 866-832-0217:  Speaker Presentation by: George Fry Managing Director Convertible Brands 866-832-0217

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