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Published on October 23, 2007

Author: Marigold


International ICFA Workshop on HEP Networking, Grids, and Digital Divide Issues for Global e-Science Status Report:  International ICFA Workshop on HEP Networking, Grids, and Digital Divide Issues for Global e-Science Status Report Dates: May 23-27, 2005 Venue: Hotel Interburgo, Daegu, Korea by Dongchul Son Center for High Energy Physics Harvey Newman California Institute of Technology ICFA, Vancouver, Canada February 11, 2005 International ICFA Workshop on HEP Networking, Grids and Digital Divide Issues for Global e-Science :  International ICFA Workshop on HEP Networking, Grids and Digital Divide Issues for Global e-Science Workshop Goals Review the current status, progress and barriers to effective use of major national, continental and transoceanic networks used by HEP Review progress, strengthen opportunities for collaboration, and explore the means to deal with key issues in Grid computing and Grid-enabled data analysis, for high energy physics and other fields of data intensive science, now and in the future Exchange information and ideas, and formulate plans to develop solutions to specific problems related to the Digital Divide in various regions, with a focus on Asia Pacific, as well as Latin America, Russia and Africa Continue to advance a broad program of work on reducing or eliminating the Digital Divide, and ensuring global collaboration, as related to all of the above aspects. Actions taken:  Actions taken 2004 August Presented at ICFA in Beijing, Date and Venue fixed. Approved. (22nd) Collocation of IHEPP suggested by IHEPCCC Chair (GW) End of Aug: Discussion on the scheme of Workshop during the HEP Grid Workshop in Daegu (HN, PA, FG, DS) September Announcement in conf. db: CERN (CDS), DESY, FNAL (HEPIC), SLAC (SPIRES) Invitation letter draft by chairs with Paul Avery & Alberto Santoro Local Organizing Committee (draft) 30 Sept-1 Oct Presented at SCIC and IHEPCCC at CERN Consulted on International Advisory Committee (IAC), nominations Collocation of IHEPCCC approved October Discussion on IAB, prelim. draft of program, invitation letters to IAC December Finalized Invitation letters sent to nominated IAB members 2005 January Established provisional web page Program Draft 1.0 sent to IAC for Comments and Suggestions by IAC Actions to be taken:  Actions to be taken 2005 Feb Update databases Posters preparation (Now in progress) Hotel negotiation/Contact Sponsors/Tour Arrangements Finalizing program by end of February Selection of Speakers and Chairs Invitation to suggested panelists March Invitations of speakers besides the IAB and potential participants Updating the program, Distribution of Posters and 1st bulletins to be sent Arrangement of Performance, reception and banquets, tours April 2nd bulletin May 3rd bulletin Site preparation, video conferencing, meeting places to be arranged Workshop International Advisory Committee:  International Advisory Committee Arshad Ali (NIIT, Pakistan) Heidi Alvarez (Florida Int. Univ., USA) Bill St. Arnaud (CANARIE, Canada) Paul Avery (Univ. of Florida, USA) Angelina Bacala (MSU-IIT, Philippines) Natasha Bulashova (Gloriad, USA) Hesheng Chen (IHEP, China) Peter Clarke (London, UK) Greg Cole (GLORIAD. USA) Les Cottrell (SLAC, USA) Jonathan Dorfan (ICFA-Chair, SLAC, USA) Ed Fantegrossi (GEO) Tom de Fanti (Translight) Lorenzo Foa (Pisa, Italy)    David Foster (CERN) Ian Foster (ANL and U. Chicago, USA) Fabrizio Gagliardi (EGEE, CERN) Som Ganguli (TIFR, India)--to be confirmed Bruce Gibbard (BNL, USA)--to be confirmed Atul Gurtu (TIFR, India) Abdeslam Hoummada (Casablanca, Morocco) Julio Ibarra (Florida Int. Univ., USA) Viacheslav Ilyin (Moscow, Russia) Michael Jensen (Africa) Yukio Karita (KEK, Japan) Matthias Kasemann (DESY, Germany) Sachio Komamiya (Tokyo, Japan) Luis Lopez (ANSP, Sao Paulo, Brazil) Jysoo Lee (KISTI, Korea) Iosif LeGrand (Caltech, USA) Simon C. Lin (ASCC, Taiwan) Vera Luth (IUPAP-C11, Stanford, USA) Mirco Mazzucato (Padova, Italy) George McLaughlin (Aarnet, Australia) Richard Mount (SLAC, USA) Kees Neggers (GLIF, Netherlands)--to be confirmed Harvey Newman (Co-chair, Caltech, USA) Sergio Novaes (Sao Paolo, Brazil) Pier Oddone (Berkeley/FNAL, USA) Riazuddin (NCP, QAU, Pakistan) Don Riley (Maryland, USA) Wolfgang Von Rueden (CERN) Alberto Santoro (UERJ, Brazil) Bo-Hyun Seo (KISDI, Korea) Randall Sobie (Victoria, Canada) Dongchul Son (Co-chair, CHEP, Korea) Michael Stanton (RNP, Brazil) Geoffrey Taylor (Melbourne, Australia)   Michal Turala (Krakow, Poland) Albrecht Wagner (DESY, Germany) Peter Watkins (Birmingham, UK) Tom West (NLR, USA)--to be confirmed Vicky White (Fermilab, USA) Guy Wormser (Orsay, France) LOC & Web Pages :  LOC & Web Pages     Kihyeon CHO (CHEP) Daehee HAN (CHEP) Dae Young KIM (ANF) Donghee KIM (CHEP) Dong Kyun KIM (KISTI) Kihwan KWON (CHEP) Jaehwa LEE (KOREN, KT) Young Do OH (CHEP) Dongchul SON (Chair, CHEP) Jun-Suhk SUH (CHEP) Jeong Eun YE (CHEP) Program (Draft):  Program (Draft) HEP Grids (3 sessions) Advanced Networking (3 sessions) Digital Divide Perspectives (3 sessions) Network Technology (1 session) Computing Technology (1 session) Grid Analysis Environment (3 sessions) E-Global Science (2 sessions) HEP Computing Coordination (3 sessions) Applications of Data Grids and Ubiquitous Computing (2 sessions) Panel Discussions SCIC & IHEPCCC Meetings All Sessions Available Live Via VRVS

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