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Information about Digital Wallonia. Digital Strategy for Wallonia. Open Belgium Conference...

Published on March 4, 2016

Author: agencedunumerique


1. Digital Wallonia Digital Strategy for Wallonia

2. Making Wallonia a connected and smart territory, where digital companies are recognized as global leaders and drivers of a successful industrial transformation, and where digital innovation works for high quality education, open public services and the well-being of citizens. 2 We have a vision

3. 3 Digital Conference An innovative process Digital Board Deployment From March to July 2015, over 240 proposals through a crowdsourcing website and more than 200 people from 140 organizations or companies, gathered in 13 thematic working groups. September 2015. Based on the works of the Digital Conference, and with the support of Roland Berger, the Digital Board presents a proposal for a Digital Strategy in Wallonia to the Minister in charge of Digital. From January 2016, phased deployment of the actions, identification of stakeholders, definition of the partnerships, budget allocation, implementation of the online platform, brand communication, ... December 2015. "Digital Wallonia. Digital strategy for Wallonia “ is adopted by the Walloon Government, with a clear commitment of each Minister to act within the framework of this strategy. Adoption of the first actions. Walloon Government Digital strategy Collaborative and bottom up process for the definition, the adoption and the implementation.

4. • Openness. Wallonia's digital policy framework on which different policies must rely. • Agility. Integration of new measures or adjustment of existing measures to guarantee their alignment with the strategic objectives and their relevancy with the technology innovation. • Consistency. Collaboration and alignment with other digital policies (Wallonia, Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Federal Government, Europe), but also with private initiatives coming from the digital ecosystem. • Transparency. Wide communication about the strategy so that every citizen or company can be part of it. Publication of monitoring indicators. 4 Values of the digital strategy

5. 5 Digital business 1 strategy // 5 major topics Smart & connected territory Skills and education Boosting the Walloon economy depends on a strong and fast increase of digital maturity of our companies. Smart and connected to broadband networks, our territory must offer an unlimited access to digital innovation and act as a driver for the industrial and economic development. Each Walloon citizen must become an actor of the digital transformation by acquiring strong technological skills and adopting an entrepreneurial attitude. A new generation of open public services, acting transparently and being by themselves an example of the digital transformation. Publics services Digital sector A strong digital sector and an cutting-edge research, able to capture and maintain the added value of the digital transformation on our territory .

6. 6 > € 500 million over 4 years

7. 7 5 topics / 9 objectives / 23 axes

8. 8 Strategic objective 1.1 A growth program for the companies of the digital sector. Development axes : • 1.1.1. Structure, streamline and animate the digital ecosystem. • 1.1.2. Facilitate access to finance at each stage of the business life cycle • 1.1.3. Stimulate the growth of startups and SMEs through public action. • 1.1.4. Strengthen research dedicated to digital technology and facilitate its transmission to businesses. Find out more :

9. • Digital Wallonia Platform. Launch of the collaborative platform with various partners (ICT Clusters & TWIST, MIC, Cetic, Multitel, AWEX, competence centers, ...). Dynamic mapping of the digital ecosystem. • W.IN.G by Digital Wallonia. Fund managed by SRIW dedicated to the emergence and growth of digital startups. Officially launched (2016/02/23). 9 Actions already engaged (1)

10. • Digital Wallonia Hub. Global Strategy for research and innovation in the digital sector, to development of the excellence in research teams and their connection with international networks. • Objectives contracts. The idea is to improve and professionalize the animation of the digital ecosystem and to maximize the impact of its actions, by a better organization and a specialization of the actors of the Walloon digital landscape. 10 Actions already engaged (2)

11. 11 Strategic objective 1.2 Development of the digital sector's international dimension. Development axes : • 1.2.1. Accelerate the growth of champions in the digital sector abroad. • 1.2.2. Attract global stakeholders in digital technology to Wallonia. Find out more :

12. • The year of digital for export. The priority sector chosen by AWEX for 2016 is the digital sector. This choice implies the organisation of 25 promotional and international prospecting actions (more than double that of previous years). 12 Actions already engaged

13. 13Find out more : Strategic objective 2.1 Digital transformation of economy and companies. Development axes : • 2.1.1. Accelerate the digital transformation of companies through awareness, diagnostics and support. • 2.1.2. Adapt mechanisms for calls for projects to the specific needs of the digital transformation.

14. 14 Strategic objective 2.2 Create conditions for competitive Walloon e-commerce on a European scale. Development axes : • 2.2.1. Put in place regulatory, fiscal and operational tools facilitating e-commerce. Find out more:

15. • Walloon Construction Federation. The CCW has launched a large sectoral initiative to grow awareness and support the digital transformation of its businesses. • Connected commerce project. It will support local Walloon retailers to respond effectively to the challenges they face in the context of global competition. • E-commerce sector dynamic mapping. 15 Actions already engaged

16. 16 Strategic objective 3.1 Accelerate the digitalization and the openness of the public services Development axes : • 3.1.1. Develop the digital expertise of public sector employees. • 3.1.2. Develop the culture of data and implement a strategy to open public data. • 3.1.3. Develop a digital administration with high added value, focused on customer’s uses and services. Find out more :

17. • Open Data. Datasets coming from different levels of public services, with significant inputs from the geoportal and IWEPS. • PSI directive. Transcription by the Walloon Governement is almost done. Licences // federal model. • Public innovation. The Hackathon Citizens of Wallonia, dedicated to smart cities, aims to support and enhance projects developing applications, services or interactive data visualisation, reusing or facilitating the reuse of public data. 17 Actions already engaged

18. 18 Strategic objective 4.1 Ambitious digital planning policy across the territory to boost its attractiveness and competitiveness. Development axes : • 4.1.1. Implement a transparent and ambitious plan to deploy braodband networks throughout Wallonia. • 4.1.2. Guarantee confidence in digital technology and ensure cybersecurity. FInd out more :

19. 19 Strategic objective 4.2 Encourage the cutting-edge digital tools across the Wallonia region. Development axes : • 4.2.1. Multiply open places for digital acculturation and experimentation. • 4.2.2. Push smart cities in a "Smart Region" vision. • 4.2.3. Structure Wallonia's e-health vision on clear priorities, with the support of the Walloon Health Network (Réseau Santé Walloon). Find out more :

20. 20 Strategic objective 5.1 Equip schools with modern digital equipment and infrastructure. Development axes : • 5.1.1. Establish an ambitious digital infrastructure deployment plan for the schools. Find out more :

21. • Digital schools. IT equipment in 500 schools per year. Development of Wi-Fi networks and a secure cloud platform. • Calls for projects. More than 300 prize-winning schools within the scope of 3 specific calls for projects. 21 Actions already engaged

22. 22 Strategic objective 5.2 Ensure the development of digital skills of Walloon citizens, at each stage of their private and professional journeys. Development axes : • 5.2.1. Develop digital skills for our next generation of talents. • 5.2.2. Train and support for teachers (…). • 5.2.3. Facilitate the creation, exchange and use of digital resources (…). • 5.2.4. Promote digital jobs (…). • 5.2.5. Strengthen support in using digital technology. Find out more:

23. • Digital inclusion. 100 additional digital public spaces (EPN, Espaces Publics Numériques) in municipalities. 23 Actions already engaged

24. 24

25. 25 2013 20142013 2014 Walloon Geo-portal: 04/2013 Hackathon eGov Mobility 04/2014 Open Data 1st Walloon commitment 02/2013 1st Hackathon eGov Wallonia 10/2013 Open Data : Historical Number of datasets: 0

26. 26 2015 201503 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Launch of the Spring Digital 03/2015 Working Group Public Sector Day 2 06/2015 Digital Roadmap Proposal (M22) 09/2015 Digital Roadmap Adoption 12/2015 Hackathon eTourisme - Libramont 03/2015 Working Group Public Sector Day 1 05/2015 Hackxplor - Liège 07/2015 Culturehack15 - Marcinelle 09/2015 Open Data : Historical Number of datasets: 50

27. 27 Open Data: Walloon Agenda 2016 2016 Today 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 02/16 IWEPS Datasets integration Walloon transcription of PSI Directive 03/16 Hiring of an Open Data Officer 04/16 Goal: 400 datasets 12/16 Open Data Officer on tour launch 06/16 Citizens of Wallonia Hackathon: 03/16 Adding geoportal datasets to 04/16 Event : "Demystifying of Open Data" 05/16 Number of datasets: 150

28. 28 Open Data: Key Points • Minister Marcourt give financial capabilities through Digital Wallonia • DW & Marshall Plan offer an ambition in many digitals fields including Open Data • The digital maturity of Walloon's public sector is growing (ex: IWEPS, AWEX, …) • An Open Data Officer is needed to lead the movement • Legal milestone achieved • Recommendation for all new IT Project to come with open data in mind from the beginning

29. 29 Open Data: Key Points • More datasets to come: • Geo-Portal data integration, • SRWT (TEC group): public transport in Wallonia, • BCED: Exchange node of the authority databases • IMIO: IT mutualization for local administration • SPW: Walloon administration • Digial cities: Smart-Cities in Wallonia • Local government: Namur city, Liège, Tournai, … • Objective: grab 200 datasets/year

30. 30 Region A brand International URL Wallonia identifies our region and its political strategy .be identifies the country and the international ambition The URL identifies the website and the online platform, crossroad for all digital initiatives Digital identifies the purpose of the brand DigitalBrand A strong and unifying brand, acting as an amplifier for the digital transformation of Wallonia. Similar logic to initiatives like

31. 31 Data Website Expertise Open Data. Unified data. API. Shared agenda. Back-office and made-to-measure development, … Communication and monitoring for the digital strategy. Crossroad for all digital initiatives. Articles and white papers. Dynamic mapping of the digital ecosystem in Wallonia (clusters, companies, schools, labs, …). Agenda. … Structured around the 5 major topics of the digital strategy. White papers. Technology watch (technologies, uses, …). Advice and expertise. Support and companies mapping (missions, ...). Barometer and indicators... Branding. Animation and promotion of the digital ecosystem (regional, national and international). Showroom for best practices. Certification and partnerships (events, missions, …). Ambassadors. … BrandPlateformePlatform Collaborative governance by and for the digital ecosystem (Clusters, CRA, …).

32. • Global Website • Walloon Digital Strategy • Open Data • Video presentation in english 32 More info

33. Digital agency @digitalwallonia Benoît Hucq

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