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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: l.bicknell



presentation given to MA Textile students at NUA

Digital – to be or not to be....

pixel as textile

define perimeters Digital audit...................... What is your relationship to digital? How do you use it? Why use it? What is it for? What could it be for?

interface - the computer collecting - generating manipulating - developing presenting thinking - making simultaneously exploring ideas – computer as sketchbook speed - trying out colour ways envisioning information for presentations presenting ideas and information

making work why use technology specific qualities understand specific inherent qualities finish ‘digitalness’

making work stop - first think about retrieval accessing work made first - develop a filing system led by idea core concepts build a methodology - a way of working saving - versions backups ‘craft’ skill understand/explore the limitations of the software

ways of working what is the outcome? this will define the input

‘physical’ outcomes print embroidery weave laser cutting Projection e mail blog – web site

information in – research Intranet - VLE Internet web sites data bases

information in – imagery scanner camera e mail download from web building/creating from within software

information out – finding a market making yourself visible finding your audience(s) databases axis an crafts council

information - exchanging e mail mailing lists building a network facebook you tube blog connecting to like minded people

digital connecting tools blog databases – appropriate? online portfolios social networks – appropriate? website forums – appropriate?

Following up – ‘real world’ This needs to be done regularly, if you take the trouble to make digital contact or send a proposal/application/information, make sure you follow it up. You can use your follow up contact to let them know about any developments in the project you are proposing (for example) or other exhibiting or professional activities. If someone consistently fails to get back to you, perhaps you don’t want to work with them.


2D images - manipulation Benetton

2D images - print Musterfrau / Mustermann

material manipulation Tord Boontje Olek

material creation – 3D Mary Huang Tamae Hirokawa

Dita Von Teese

moving images Farhad Ahrarnia Molly Tufnell

3D images Frank Gehry

Google SketchUp Pepakura Bamzooki

systems for creating Casey Reas

systems for presenting http://specialtyf m/articles/0213_ f1_dazzling_exh Anna Dumitriu ibits.html

smart textiles pleats please

Carole Collet

medical textiles ical-health-hygiene/

research collections - archives

virtual catwalk digital magazines

news online catalogues of materials

Robert Rauschenberg Bed

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