Digital Therapeutics The Newbie of the Mobile App Economy

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Information about Digital Therapeutics The Newbie of the Mobile App Economy

Published on May 24, 2018

Author: consagousmridul


Digital Therapeutics The Newbie of the Mobile App Economy: Digital Therapeutics The Newbie of the Mobile App Economy Slide 2: Day-by-day new categories are being added to the mobile apps, this time digital therapeutics has made its presence in the app economy. This amazing new category of healthcare app helps in treating diseases by providing remote monitoring & modifying the patient behavior to refine long-term health results. These days digital therapeutics have made astonishing progress by encouraging patients to stick to the diet and help them to join drug intake regimes. Slide 3: The Key Difference Between Digital Therapeutics & Wellness Apps The digital therapeutic is a digital system which is used to treat a medical condition, it also used in both stand-alone and in combination with conventional therapies. Main difference between digital therapeutics and other wellness apps is that it implements tailored treatment programs to specific diseases, especially major chronic diseases like:- Heart Disease Blood Pressure Diabetes Slide 4: Now Let’s Give a Cursory Look at The Rising Market of Digital Therapeutics Market The global digital therapeutics market size was estimated at $1.7 Billion in 2016 and is expected to grow at 21.0% CAGR from 2017 to 2025. 80% of U.S. healthcare spending is strongly rooted in unhealthy behaviors & poor drug compliance. US Digital Therapeutics market, by application, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million). Slide 5: Benefits of Digital Therapeutics Mobile Apps Mobile based digital therapeutics can deliver healthcare facilities at massive scale and low cost. Most of the pharmaceutical companies don’t track the real-world insights for their drugs after the clinical trials. digital therapeutics has replaced medication with behavioral-based treatment. In this treatment, apps based visualization exercises help patients who are suffering from insomnia as an alternative to sleeping pills like Ambien. We can examine the inner condition of the patients by putting it inside a pill and can send data to wearable devices. Slide 6: Existing Digital Therapeutics Proteus. Partners Connected Health. Omada Health. WellDoc. Twine. Slide 7: Conclusion The digital therapeutics are most effective and conventional therapies which are typically based on drugs and intermittent face-to-face coaching. It is more scalable than drug-based therapies and highly cost-effective too . The rise of digital therapeutics demonstrates once again the power of mobile computing as the most transformational technology platform the world has ever seen. Slide 8: Are You Looking for a Mobile App Developer? Contact Us

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