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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: megaweg


Music & Sound DISHER

Create a Story Weave different projects together to create a new story. What is a typical storyline? How can you make them all come together? Example: Fresh Examples You could create examples of you work via social media. Create sound to shorts and post them on Youtube. This allows you to create new stuff that is tailored to your targeted audience and allows them to interact with you. “Soundalanche” Ok this is a little bit more innovative. You have all these sounds that don’t stand on their own (beeps, honks, etc). You could create an interactive or perhaps stand alone ‘soundalanche’ that displays these sounds showing the different moods or uses of them. A cascading symphony of beeps! It could be something that is reative to the viewers mouse or it could just be an abstract video that goes with the sounds. Reel

Your reel should be displayed in a place where your target audience can come across it easily. People rarely seek these things out. It should also be the BEST example of your work. This strategy overcomes a few challenges you currently face in creating your reel. Here’s the basic outline of what would happen: 1. Create short/fun examples of your work for Youtube and Vine 2. Follow creative, influential, and relevant people (your target audience) 3. Create sound/score for their videos. This starts a conversation and gets their attention. 4. Create a 30 second piece that is unique and could be interpreted in interesting ways. Challenge creative followers to make a short that fits your score. Favorites will be displayed on your homepage. 5. Aside from giving you a social media presence that provides free exposure of your reel this achieves 2 big things: Provides one of a kind content for your website/reel Shows the agency world that you’re clever (like them) Social Media Many different reels ‘studio tour’ vs equip. list Similar to Disher logo and look Good wording in ‘news’ Like case studies Mekanism/ wording is enticing ‘Projects’ is very clean. 600 Townsend, who are they? ‘services’ is pretty good at getting point across ‘the studio’ is worded well whole site has good wording and color reel: long and outdated but ok quality content ‘work’ page is nice and clean. Good for displaying videos + Cool, starts up with reel on home page. What else do you need? (Like Deautch’s about page and photos) Brand/Ad agency focusing on music. They also do “on premise” music, kind of interesting. Summary: Reel as homepage, super lean no excess Clean display for visual content Differentiate yourself from other sound places Juicy wording (ex. studio tour vs equip. list) Website

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