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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: juliangottke



Here you will find my presentation about Startup Communication. The purpose of the presentation is to show opportunities companies with a low budget have to communicate efficiently.

Digital Starter 
 Communication How small businesses can communicate with a low budget @julian_gottke


Possibilities •  Of course, possibilities are endless •  You have to be able to identify opportunities •  Not everything is helpful - Don´t waste time Ø We want to figure out which channel for which purpose Ø What really improves your reach and external perception

Status Quo

1. Status Quo •  Analyse where your company / project is at the moment o  Don’t rush, take time Ø  Analyse the market and competition in depth (try to understand the business models) Ø  Use known models like SWOT/TOWS, make sure you have strategies (especially for your opportunities)

1. Status Quo •  After you know where you are, set aims and goals o  Short & Medium Term and a long-term vision o  Formulate detailed ideas and tactics how to achieve the set aims and goals o  Aim towards objectives which are supported by strategies and tactics towards reaching them Ø  Be as detailed as possible in tactics

1. Status Quo

Status Quo Venues

2. Choose venues wisely ü  Optimise SEO ü  Spread Content ü  Build trust ü  Create Brand Advocates ü  Incent UGC ü  Socialise Sales Choises X Amplify Reach ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  Optimise SEO Spread Content Amplify Reach Build Trust Influence Influencers Create Brand Advocates

Status Quo Venues Time

3. Time Allocation •  After you and your team decided which channels might be appropriate, allocate your time wisely •  Take your written tactics and create an excel sheet to calculate the time needed, as exactly as possible

4. Plan Time Allocation •  Plan time needed and improve your time allocation sheet and be as accurate as possible •  Stay in the given time frame and use tools to be time-efficient



Status Quo Venues Time Action

5. How to Act in These Channels •  In each channel the audience is different •  Meeting the needs and wants of the users is the only way of building advocacy •  Ensure beneficial content in each channel o  Of course, this content differs within channels •  Listen to your audience, find out which tone is appropriate and talk to them as a friend o  The importance of listening is underestimated by a huge amount of companies (small and big ones)

Facebook •  1.5 – 2 posts per day. This engages on average twice as many users as companies that post twice a week o  be careful not to annoy your follower base •  User-centric approach •  Post content you would be interested in o  Pictures and infographics have high engagement-rates o  Start a survey if you have a more than 500 fans Ø  Promote your best posts with a small budget (Meltwater, 2013)

Twitter •  Use # and engage in appropriate discussions •  Find out who are influencers with the tool Followerwonk o  Get in touch with them through: fav., engagement and interaction •  Make noise when sending out news! o  Risk annoying at the beginning > nothing-to-lose approach •  Short messages with 100 char. get more attention o  Pictures will improve attention further

SlideShare •  Underestimated network #1 to amplify reach •  Use already existing content upload, tag & promote it o  Presentations get a lot of clicks without a lot of effort •  Link to SlideShare profile from other networks in relevant posts and ensure constant benefit •  Consistent brand appearance Ø  Stay on your topic Ø  Use appealing corporate design Ø  Similar style of presentations

Pinterest •  2.5 billion monthly page views •  People are more likely to buy in Pinterest than in every other social network o  Orders double those from Facebook •  Use stellar graphics to gain attention o  Communicate your benefit with infographics

LinkedIn •  Publish corporate news •  Communicate B2B benefit if you have one o  LinkedIn is even more interesting for projects with B2B focus > you will find your target group easily •  Infographics are clicked more often •  32.8 % of experts think that LinkedIn is extremely useful for developing your network, developing your business or finding employees

LinkedIn (VisualLoop, 2013)


Tools •  Trendsmap What is trending? Find relevant topics & engage in them.

Tools •  Followerwonk Receive valuable reports on who your followers really are and topics they are interested in.

Tools •  Tweetlevel, Klout Monitor your own account on a regular basis to improve your upcoming events, posts and campaigns.

Tools •  OpenSiteExplorer / MOZ Use this SEO tool to find keywords and compare with your competition> get an advantage and do better

Status Quo Venues Time Action Story

66% of all touchpoints are generated by consumers and you cannot outpublish them – so engage and influence them Tell a story –make noise !

#storytelling •  Every company tries to aim towards customers •  Be interesting o  Find a topic which is worth talking about o  Tweet, Blog, Share it o  Create beneficial content •  Making noise is essential for start-ups Ø  Can be easy and there are amazing tools out there

#storytelling & noise •  Create a blog or a magazine to raise awareness o  Don’t sell here •  Be an opinion leader on your topic o  Speak about your idea in front of an adequate audience •  Use every possibility to let the world know that you are there o  Twitter is a valuable tool therefore (@-mentions) o  Press releases and updates

Tools for #storytelling •  PowToon and are free tools for creating animated presentations and videos Ø  Implement in blogposts, upload and tag properly

Tools for #storytelling •  Give presentations and pitches which stay in mind with Prezi e.g. Ø  Use cool visuals, good stats and present it agressively Ø  Implement in blogposts etc. again to make content appealing

Tools for #storytelling •  Setting up a WordPress Blog is pretty easy •  If you struggle with it use tumblr or Medium, which is even faster o  Here you have the possibility to follow similar blogs to show that you are there •  Only post stuff you would read as well o  Keep it short and simple o  Don’t bore •  Give people a benefit to read and to share o  Competition are boring but still working

Status Quo Venues Time Action Story PR

Start-Up PR 1. Research relevant Magazines, Blogs, Twitter-Users, Newspapers, Influencers o  Try to find out the specific journalists, their contact details and create a detailed excel sheet 2. Start to engage with them on Twitter in advance (3 months ideally) 3. Use start-up scene to network and get known 4. Create a sustainable relationship with editors and journalists o  Be nice and try to give something back

Start-Up PR 5. Create a good Press Release with real information o  Important content in the top and additional information in the bottom 6. Plan the day you are sending out releases in detail o  Use your excel sheet and formulate personal emails o  Refer to earlier contact, if possible o  Use every channel o  Make noise with @-Mention journalists on Twitter 7. Follow Up: Contact (call/email) journalists/editors two days after sending the press release to them

Start-Up PR - Relationships Control Mutuality Exchange Relationship Satisfaction Trust Commitment Communal Relationship

Start-Up PR – 2 ways Distinguish between your start-up as a company and as a brand > 2 different ways of speaking and delivering information •  Brand PR o  supports the sales/marketing o  Task is to increase the image •  Corporate PR o  Strategic approach to position your start-up as a young and emerging company

Editorial Plan To ensure a constant flow of information and updates, create a plan with upcoming events •  Brainstorm in teams what could be relevant for the future o  Upcoming Press Releases o  Upcoming Campaigns o  Interesting Content •  Discuss budget for promoting posts and create videos •  Use your time allocation sheet and implement new actionskeep everything on schedule

Milestones Goal •  Set realistic Milestones to ensure reaching the goal within the expected time •  Control them: Did you achieve what you planned to achieve? o  If not, try to find answers about issues

Best Practice – Starbucks Emotions Share Approach

Key Findings •  •  •  •  •  •  Get to know your competition Set up strategies and be detailed in the tactics Use tools to control your activities Make Noise Build a sustainable relationship with journalists Create an Editorial Plan to ensure a constant flow of news •  Set Milestones •  Emotions!

„Workshop“ Find a Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics for an “organic coffee blog”

Thx. Twitter: julian_gottke

#storytelling presentations

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