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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: GableVision




TECHNOLOGY THAT ENABLES BRILLIANT CONTENT The rapid development of interior and exterior high resolution LED and LCD technologies has given us new canvases on which we can visually communicate like never before. We can develop content in brilliant color, high resolution, video, audio. The opportunities are endless and today businesses are utilizing the many advantages of communicating through a digital experience. With these new technologies it allows us to be more interactive to an on-demand culture through emotional experiences. It’s another piece to the ever evolving technical world. Consumers are using different social media and webbased channels simultaneously to stay connected, be informed, inspired and educated. Location based digital displays bridges the gap between the online world and their physical environment by bringing digital technology into physical spaces. We would like to introduce to you our Digital Signage Playbook: a publication developed to create the highest return on investment of your digital media experience. Created by

Introduction Welcome to Digital Sign Playbook. Our expert team of Digital Sign Guru’s have developed inspiring ways to get the highest return on your investment in Digital Signage. It is our goal to guide and inspire you to create informative, inviting and compelling visual communications that enhances the effectiveness of your digital media system. We have developed a plan that will give you the framework to easily create content, engage with customers and produce results. STRATEGY Engagement Results Created by

Strategy Strategy: strat•e•gy Noun 1. A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. Coming up with a Strategy or Strategic Plan can help take out some of the guess work and a comprehensive way to organize your thoughts. It’s like defining the mission of the marketing campaign for your digital sign. achieve? I want to o W hat do d ience? o is my au o Wh o them? portant t m o W hat is i goals? long ter m short & hat are my o W orporate d sign be inc y d ig ital tly have? ow w ill m o H ls I cur ren ne eting chan w ith mark Created by STRATEGY 4

Developing a Strategic Plan for your Digital Display Creating a strategic plan for your digital sign creates and defines the roadmap for your marketing strategy by providing true value content to your target audience. Strategic planning can be broken down into long or short term goals. STRATEGY 5 Created by

Developing a Strategic Plan for your Digital Display When developing a strategy for your digital media, there are several things to address: Vision. Develop a mission statement specifically for your digital sign. What would you like to achieve or accomplish? This could perhaps tie into your company’s current vision or mission statement. GOALS. Goals are clear and concise statements of what it is you want to achieve, where Vision talks about the “big picture”. • • • • • • Create Awareness in the Community Visibility & Awareness Increase Traffic in my Store/Location Get New Customers Showcase New Products Communicate with my Current Customers • Advertise Specific Promotions STRATEGY 6 Created by

Developing a Strategic Plan for your Digital Display OBJECTIVES. Objectives define the results to be achieved. Typically a specific time frame is stipulated where the results can be measured. Objectives address the difference between where you are today and where you want to be. Objective Example: Currently we have ____ items in stock. We would like to sell 20 more within a week. TARGET AUDIENCE. Define a specific group of people in which a product, service or the marketing message is aimed at. Example: Mother’s of Young Children, Teenagers, Seniors, Military, Men, Women, Children, etc. STRATEGY 7 Created by

Developing a Strategic Plan for your Digital Display ACTION PLANS. These are the specific steps to be taken. Create smaller and more concise action items for each objective. EVALUATE. Are you on track in reaching your goal or objective? Did the campaign capture the attention of my target audience? Consideration: • Where will your content come from? • Create an ad campaign that will attract, connect and engage with your target audience. • What time of the day/ night would the promotion have the most affect? • How long do you want to run the campaign? • What marketing channels do I want to promote the same message? Website, Facebook, Twitter, print advertisement, etc. STRATEGY 8 Created by

developing your content stream Community Information News Social Media Customer Testimonial Your Story Marketing Campaign Website Finding content is not as hard as you may think! It’s everywhere! Your Content Stream STRATEGY 9 Created by

developing your content stream Internet. Inside Your Door. Tell your story! People love to hear the history of how you got started, what are your inspirations, what you care about. Telling your story creates an emotional and personal connection to your audience. See our info-graphic about good storytelling: Look to others in your businesses for their input and hear some of the different ideas they feel important and interesting to share. Some of the best storytellers are those you may not expect. Utilize your own personal resources from colleagues, friends and family to help create dynamic content. Your Customers. Created by Take ideas and things your customers have to say and get creative. Testimonials and customer accomplishments (completed food challenge, perfect bowling score, etc.) are great ways to show loyalty to your customers. STORYTELLING T FOR IS NOT JUS CAMPFIRES The internet is a treasure box of many different things you can find to share: • Photos • News • Quotes • Industry related information • Social media Local Newspapers. The community paper is a great place to find upcoming events, local accomplishments, and other great stories. Because local papers continuously post daily updates, you have access to up-to-date information at your fingertips. STRATEGY 10

Using the whole buffalo There’s an old saying that American Indians on the Plains used every part of the buffalo, leaving nothing to waste. In marketing we refer to “Using the Whole Buffalo” as a metaphor for utilizing all of your marketing channels to promote one campaign. Today there are so many different channels to communicate through: your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, print advertising, etc. Your digital display is just another one of these channels to promote your products, services and brand. Having many communication channels helps give you more exposure, however, finding content to distribute amongst these platforms can be challenging. Keep it simple. Take one marketing campaign and distribute amongst all your marketing channels for a more effective outcome. Created by Digital Display Blog Facebook Coupon Print Advertising Twitter Website YouTube Email Marketing Pinterest Create your content so that it can work on all platforms. What you promote on your digital board can be posted on your website, all social media channels, and also your print advertisements and vice versa. In other words, “Use the Whole Buffalo”. STRATEGY 11

Using the whole buffalo YouTube Facebook Twitter Meet Our Chef! Your Digital Sign Created by Tonight 7pm STRATEGY 12

Engagement en•gage 1. Occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention). Verb 2. Cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion) Connect with your audience! The value of engagement through your digital sign keeps people interested, informed, moved and inspired and can even create a direct response. Two-way information and communication engages and causes an interaction between you and your audience. In this section we help implement these resources, share ideas and strategies, and highlight things to consider when developing your campaign to get you started. ate How can I cre content? engaging W hat can I share that wo uld be meanin gful? What is my story? Created by ENGAGEMENT 13

The Power of Relevance Know your audience and what is important to them Consider factors that are relevant to them such as the time of the year, the time of the day, the environment and current events. It’s not all about you! Are you sharing information that is important or interesting to your audience? Do your homework! Find things that would be interesting to your audience and not just your typical sales pitch. Remember, It’s the meeting point of your message and what they want to hear. • How can your products and services make an impact or help them? • Why should they care about what you have to say? • How can you transform your message into something that personally connects to your audience? ENGAGEMENT 14 Created by

The PLAYBOOK OF T BEAT Relevance Ice COLD HEAT! BEAT HEAT! HE THE ideas Tough econmic times call for Drinks! SOLID financial advice. Ice COLD Drinks! ARE YOU READY? PARENTING IS NO GO WHERE THE CHAMPIONS GO. EASY TASK Parent Care Group Thursdays 7pm ENGAGEMENT 15 Created by

The Power of perfect timing Is there such a thing as perfect timing? 11 12 1 10 2 9 3 4 8 7 5 6 Yes there is! When it comes to your digital media you must think in terms of promoting your message at the right time of day and year. One of the best advantages in owning a digital system is that you have the ability to change your messages instantly and can schedule different marketing campaigns based on the time of day. Take time to understand your environment and audience in terms of the different parts of the day. Do you have people driving by your digital sign several times a day? When is traffic the heaviest and the slowest? Also consider the time of the year; seasonal trends, events and holidays. Get started by segmenting your day into dayparts, and create and display content that pertains to that time period. Think about who your audience is during that time and what might be important to them. Time schedule Morning - Afternoon - Evening - night ENGAGEMENT 16 Created by

The PLAYBOOK OF ideas PERFECT TIMING Good Morning! Stop on in... we have your coffee T BEATHE ready. s week... m thi om Promise! o Sen ior Pr the Pr r e re memb ale! S FLASH Ice COLD HEAT! Time left 00:13:24 appy H Drinks! our H now until 6pm ENGAGEMENT 17 Created by

The Power of DIRECT response MARKETING Looking for proven results from your Digital Marketing Advertising? Consider running a Direct Response Marketing Campaign. This type of marketing is designed to create an immediate response or require a specific action from your audience which can be measured. uct at te a pro d r a Pro mo rice fo special p a ime! limite d t This type of advertising is value based and is offered for a limited time to create urgency. Make your ad appealing and relevant to the audience and their wants and needs. Have a game or contest where your audience has to respond by some specific way to enter (website, email, text, etc.). ENGAGEMENT 18 Created by

The Power of DIRECT response MARKETING Measure Profitability. Calculate profit or outcome by how many products you sold during the promotion, how many individuals responded to your contest and can be potential clients, or how many people signed up for your free webinar. Regardless, you will be able to track this type of response. Principals to Consider • Offer must be targeted & relevant to the wants or needs of the audience • Elicit an immediate response – Show Urgency! • Be clear as to what the consumer needs to do in order to respond to your promotion • Collect Data or Information, based on your promotion • Make the offer measurable Created by ENGAGEMENT 19

The PLAYBOOK OF ideas DIRECT response MARKETING  Ask us for our “Friend” discount! To day is Earth Day! Come in now to get your FREE seeds! Post your pet Are you ready to set your PERSONAL BEST? #GYMDETERMINATION Free Seminar for First Time Home Buyers Register at: Look-Alike photo to our Facebook Page now HIRING Apply Inside ENGAGEMENT 20 Created by

The Power of Customer Testimonials Share your customer testimonials on your digital sign! One of the best ways to endorse your products and services is having your customers sell them for you. Expressing their personal experience is very convincing and helps to build consumer confidence. Let someone else tell how great you are! Make your customers more loyal. Sharing comments and experiences on your digital display will show that you listen, respect and appreciate what they have to say. Giving them recognition will increase their loyalty to your business. Get feedback. If you’re not already doing it, ask your customers what they like and appreciate most about your business. Feedback, whether it is positive or not, can be the best way to help grow and improve your business. Utilize the positive statements within all your marketing. Do you have a testimonial form? We have one to get you started: “Max is feeling better! Thank you Dr. Smith!” A testimonial helps build consumer confidence for potential or existing customers through the experience of others. You’re welcome Jimmy! Its what we’re here for. This response recognizes and thanks the individual for giving this powerful testimonial, creating a more loyal relationship. ENGAGEMENT 21 Created by

The PLAYBOOK OF ideas Customer Testimonials The service I get at ABC Bank is amazing... ... and the free coffee is great too! -Tiffany Stigle “Love spending the day shopping here with my girlfriends…” -Beth Grey “I just LOVE the BURGERS at Joe’s Grille” - Wes Starr “I had a great experience buying my first car here!” -Mandy “Thank you Chesapeake High School for giving me the start to success!” – Josh Fisher President of FP Electronics ‘80 Prompt Service... Quality Work... Thank You Deep Creek Siding” - Jeff Sargent ENGAGEMENT 22 Created by

The Power of Entertain - provocative - CONTROVERSIAL When developing campaign ads for your digital media, push the limit but only to where you feel comfortable. Create content that leaves an impression, makes a statement or just amuses your audience. Those who post provocative, controversial or entertaining ads can cause great attention and typically will create a response. But one must be careful not to be too offensive which could possibly ruin your brand and image. You want to grab their attention whether it’s by… surprise, curiosity, the WOW factor or something emotionally compelling that engages your content with your audience. PCs are better than Macs! Reflect your brands personality: use funny or inspiring quotes, share pictures that create feeling or even something that can cause a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view. mple – versy si ubjects. ntro Keep coerly sensitive s tened v Created by e e d, Swe avo i d o re or Bro il d tdogs a Ex. Frie ne d, Ho eete etc... or Unsw n hamburgers ha better t ENGAGEMENT 23

The PLAYBOOK OF ideas ENTERTAIN - PROVoCATIVE - ConTROVERSIAL I think I’ll call in sick tomorrow... “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt fCatch of RESH Coke OR PEPSI? the day! VOTE AT RJGROCERY.COM Ready for the beach? Current Temp: 20°F Created by Which way ? ENGAGEMENT 24

The Power of Special greetings in lights Sharing special greetings on your digital display can create a great impact. Create the WOW factor! Imagine sharing birthday messages, love letters, valentine greetings, marriage proposals or other special community messages. Invite your audience to be part of your campaign by having them submit requests for their very own personal greeting on your digital sign! Perhaps it’s a drawing or contest you offer for a free personal greeting or a special offering to your staff. No matter what, people love to see this kind of stuff… it’s emotional and personal. ENGAGEMENT 25 Created by

The PLAYBOOK OF ideas SPECIAL GREETINGS IN LIGHTS Ed & Margaret Mason Love you Mom! Scott, Taylor & Calvin 50 Years Congratulations! Celebrating (and Rover too) Tori, Welcome to the world James Alex Fox Will you be my Valentine? Proud Parents Jimmy & Kate -Brad Heidi, will you WELCOME Love, Michael SGT Thomas! marry me? HOME ENGAGEMENT 26 Created by

The Power of COMMUNITY APPRECIATION A People in your community will begin to look to your business as a source of inspiration. Created by s the saying goes, “look after your community and they will look after you”! Helping to promote community interests, events and showing appreciation to members of the community and the different organizations expresses a sense of care from your business. There are many ways to show your appreciation to the community in which you belong: post the next community meeting, congratulate the local Boy Scout troop, welcome home soldiers. What is more compelling to your audience than to show you are part of their community and that you care? When you make visual connections in your community, people will begin to look at your business as a source of inspiration. ENGAGEMENT 27

The PLAYBOOK OF ideas COMMUNITY APPRECIATION BACK TO SCHOOL! Please watch out for our children! Congratulations on a Successful Season! Support your local Girl Scouts! Congratulations Ms. Atkins! Lost “TUFFY” Saturday, April 18th - Baker’s Park 442-783-9709 ENGAGEMENT 28 Created by

RESULTS re•sult Noun - A consequence, effect, or outcome of something. Verb - Occur or follow as a consequence. The Conclusion Results Customer Loyalty Brand Awareness Increased Profits New Business Customer Feedback • What was the outcome of my digital marketing campaign? • Did it cause a reaction or direct response? • Did I get a new customer from it or created more loyalty with customers I already have? • Am I looked at as a resource of information, inspiration and entertainment throughout the community of which I am part of? • Are people talking about what I have to say and wanting to know more? • Am I creating brand awareness? Any or all of these results can be powerful and effective for your business and building your brand, and in return can and will generate revenue. RESULTS 29 Created by

Return On Investment As business professionals we want to know that the money we are investing will make us profits in return. How can I measure my ROI (return on investment) on my digital display? What are my cost savings? Leasing Advertising Space Whether you are a private business or a shopping center owner, the possibilities of “renting” advertising space on your digital display can generate revenue. People are willing to pay to put their message in the newspaper, bulletins, websites, etc., and would be interested in posting a message on a display that is highly visible and dynamic. Reach out to local organizations or special event coordinators. Let them know how many people pass by your display daily. Post on your sign an ad that states you can advertise here with clear direction how to go about setting this up. ROI = Net Profit on Investment Cost of Investment RESULTS 30 Created by

Return On Investment For Tenant Sponsored Ads For Shopping Center Developers, consider this advertising space as an added benefit or incentive to offer your tenants or potential tenants. You may want to consider giving each one of your tenants free advertising space initially so they can see results and then come up with a plan for them to buy space. You can determine high traffic patterns and charge a higher premium for that time. It could also be something you make part of your Lease Agreement to where they get so much advertising. These costs could be directly added to your monthly payment terms. Request a copy of a proposed budget and schedule showing ROI from advertising opportunities. Request a copy of a proposed budget and schedule showing ROI from advertising opportunities. RESULTS 31 Created by

About us GableVision offers a comprehensive approach to innovative digital sign and display products and services for indoor and outdoor use. GableVision encompasses a unique blend of technology, digital components and digital marketing artistry, offering its clients a defined and diverse solution for all types of dynamic digital media. GableSigns, Inc. is an American company based in Maryland that specializes in the development, production, installation and maintenance of custom signs and architectural graphics for clients throughout the United States and beyond. GableVision is a subsidiary company of GableSigns, Inc., an awardwinning sign industry leader with a rich history of delivering innovative sign products and services to clients throughout the United States and beyond for over 33 years! GableSigns began in 1980 as a home-based business and has since established itself as a highly recognized industry leader. The company’s focus is providing and supporting its clients with superior sign products and services that offer dynamic, reliable and often unique, visual communication solutions. Its major product lines are custom interior and exterior signage which are designed and fabricated to suit the needs of each individual project. With a diverse customer base that includes retail, corporate and real estate development companies, GableSigns also serves many clients in the financial, healthcare, foodservice and hospitality industries. | | Our total solution approach allows you the benefit and convenience of dealing with an experienced company that offers a complete menu of products and services that make your investment into digital signage as worry free and impactful as possible. Created by

World Class Digital Sign and Media Solutions GableVision is a unique blend of technology, digital components and digital marketing artistry offered by GableSigns, Inc. 7440 Fortsmallwood Road • Baltimore, Maryland 21226 • • 1-800-854•0568

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