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Published on March 3, 2014

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داتاشو - بروجيكتور- شاشة إعلانات - بلاى استيشن - سينما المنزل
Data Show – led - Display ads - LCD - projector - Home cinema

شاشة عرض سينمائية led للدعاية والاعلان

كيف تحصل على أروع سينما للمنزل والشركة والدعاية والإعلان ؟

امتلك شاشة عرض سينمائية تليفزيونية مقاسآت من 1 متر وحتى 100 متر
Led - Data Show - LCD- projector
بألوان تناسب ديكور بيتك أو شركتك
تستخدم في ألفيلا-الشركة- المنزل - المعرض- إمام المبنى للدعاية والإعلان - الميدين العامة
(شاشة عملاقة بنصف الثمن) لإعلاناتك
أسعار تتناسب مع كل الإمكانيات
من السهولة إنفاق مبالغ طائلة من المال لشراء شاشة جيدة ولكن من الممكن أيضا الحصول على نظام رائع بأسعار أكثر حكمةواقل بكثير

شركة smart network

Bringing The Power of Digital Signage To Your Business ice tech is an MJ Flood Technology business unit

Banks Retail Corporate Industrial Health Education Government Hospitality Transport Leisure

The Power of Digital Signage Delivering Clear Results For Your Business ICE ds is a total digital signage solution brought to you by ICE Tech incorporating each of the components necessary for a profitable, effective and reliable digital signage deployment for your business. ICE ds Display Technologies Whether it is a Professional grade LCD, a large format Plasma, a specialist outdoor sunlight readable LED or a Projection system, ICE Tech uses its experience and expertise to ensure that you have the most appropriate display techno logy for your application. ICE ds Players ICE ds incorporates a range of fit for purpose commercial grade player devices ranging from neat and convenient all in one on board players to flexible powerful standalone systems to cost effective solid state media players. ICE ds Digital Signage Software ICE ds players are powered by advanced yet extremely easy to use software which utilises and harnesses the incredible graphi cal and animation capability of Flash to deliver rich graphics that are guaranteed to capture attention and to engage your audience in those particular ways that are important to and consistent with your business. ICE ds Studio is a feature rich content manager and network controller that allows non technical users to easily create professional looking content and to manage when this content is shown and on which screens. ICE ds Networks Whether your network is a single stand alone player which you can update by simply inserting a USB memory key or whether it is a large nationwide deployment with more complex content and network management requirements, ICE ds is the proven solution. ICE ds Services As an organisation developing and installing digital signage technologies for well known blue chip public and private sector clients over 10 years, ICE Tech also offers a range of additional services: - ICE Interactives – Multimedia Design and Development Services - Delivery, Installation, Commissioning & Training Services - Remote Network & Content Management - On Site Field Support Services

Hardware Technologies ICE ds Display Technologies The selection of the appropriate display technology is one of the keys to a professional, effective and reliable digital signage project. ICE Tech supply commercial grade display technologies from leading manufacturers including Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, LG, AUO and Sony. Commercial grade display technologies provide the following important features: Superior Components with better image quality, brightness and contrast levels. - Designed specifically for 24/7 Operation with 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty. - On board PC Player options. - Option of 400nit, 700nit or 1500nit brightness displays to suit any indoor or outdoor lighting environment. - Support Video Wall configurations and RS232 remote control. Included within our range are: - LCD - 5” Shelf Hangers up to large format 103” single displays or Multiple Display Video Walls. - Plasma - Highly cost effective large format up to 60”. - LED - Sunlight readable, slim, low heat and power efficient. - Projection – Digital Light Projection ICE Tech offer a wide variety of mounting options each designed for the particular environment and application. Mounting solutions include: Standard wall mounts and ceiling mounts, floor stands and trolleys, enclosed kiosk solutions and architectural custom integrated solutions. ICE ds Players Player Technologies provided by ICE Tech include: - On board digital signage optimised players. - Externally mounted ultra small form factor PC’s. - On board or externally mounted solid state media players. - Designated corporate network pre approved PC’s.

ICE ds Networks ICE ds Digital Signage Network support ranges from stand alone systems simply requiring the insertion of a pre configured USB key right up to national and international deployments hosted on a corporate WAN/LAN or on the ICE Tech “Cloud”. Connectivity options include: - Standalone USB Memory Key - Fixed CAT5/6 or WiFi based LAN or WAN Networks - DSL and 3G Mobile Broadband The selection of the appropriate network configuration will depend upon a variety of factors including the nature of the content be it low or high bandwidth, the streaming requirements, the content change frequency, the availability of an existing network and capacity on same, compliance with all corporate security policies etc. ICE Tech has extensive experience in designing and delivering these networks and in all cases we work closely with our clients IT departments and network administration personnel to ensure the optimum, most cost effective and efficient network architecture is provided. Video Distribution & Video Walls ICE ds supports the use of single players driving multiple displays be they in video wall formats or displays located in different room/building locations. ICE Tech will also advise on the most appropriate distribution and switching options be it CAT5/6 distribution over existing data networks up to distances of 500 metres or short runs over VGA or HDMI cables and switches.

ICE ds Digital Signage Software ICE ds Digital Signage software consists of the ICE ds Player software which is loaded onto each individual player and which is controlled by ICE ds Studio, the central content and network management tool. ICE ds Player The ICE ds Player is what drives each digital signage display. It is controlled from the ICE ds Studio and is a robust presentation player that is powered by Adobe's sophisticated rendering & AS3 engine guaranteeing reliability and high quality graphics, video and animations. Selected features of the ICE ds Player are: - Signage Controller: The SignageController is an application which monitors the health of your SignagePlayer insuring uninterrupted operation. It also allows for remote reboot, memory management, remote live snapshot, integration with external applications and more. The ICE ds Player can operate for months without a single reboot, yes it is that robust. - Software Updates Software revision updates and bug fixes are all automatically applied to all Web/Desktop Players. This insures that you can remotely manage all signage stations without having to physically attend to each one. - Offline Updater No internet ? No problem ! The Off-line updater allows you to manually update remote stations using portable flash memory device. Perfect for billboards and other sign systems which may not have broadband access. - Caching engine Our Caching Engine allows for continuous operation of the SignagePlayer. Internet connectivity failures and bandwidth slowdowns are all gracefully managed with the help of the Caching Engine. - Kiosk Mode Get touch screen interaction with the Kiosk tool. Let a user guide its way through your menu system. Use our custom Kiosk builder to construct a navigation system using the drag and drop kiosk design tool. some content formats supported by ICE ds: images video flash HTML RSS pdf word powerpoint

ICE ds Studio ICE ds Studio is at the core of our Digital Signage platform. It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your complete digital signage network. Using the Studio application you can create any number of campaigns. Below are some of the key features that are part of ICE ds Studio. - Campaign Each campaign is a configuration which brings together the customisable components which are : Screen Divisions, Resources, Components, Time Lines, Sequences. Having the ability to configure multiple campaigns allows you to easily switch your signage players from one configuration to another. - Screen division (zones) Screen division divides the screen into separate areas (AKA Zones). Areas are assigned a channel number in which you can run independent content. Included in our software is a powerful screen division WYSIWYG editor. - Resources Resources include any media content which loads onto your digital signage player. These include video, sound, signage components and scenes. - Components The components include many valuable tools that you can use to enrich your signage presentation. These include RSS News, Stock tickers, RSS Weather, RSS Video Podcasts, HTML components, TV Tuner / Capture card, clocks and more. Components can be used directly on the timeline or within a designer scene. - Designer The designer allows for animation, custom positioning of resources and components within a screen division and more. The designer includes over 120 features. - Timeline A timeline is a visual representation of the sequential play list order of your media resources. A collection of all your timelines make up the final output of your digital signage presentation. - Sequencing The sequencer is essentially a simple and effective way to serially set the play list order of all the timelines. This is done using simple drag and drop operation. - Scheduler Set your timelines to play at any day and anytime. Use the scheduler to set the exact start and stop times. A graphical interface is used to get a summary of all future playlists and easily resolve conflicts. - Stations The Station manager empowers you to remotely control all of the Signage Players. You can reboot, play, stop, update software, get statistics and more. All this from within the comfort of the Signage Studio station manager. -

Why ICE ds - Every business needs to Effectively Communicate with their customers and staff. - ICE ds offers Highly Engaging, Eye Catching Content that is guaranteed to Capture Attention. - You will see a rapid Investment Payback and excellent Return on Investment. - ICE ds offers the best of both worlds: Enterprise Functionality at Incredible SaaS pricing levels. - ICE ds digital Signage is easier to Manage, far more Flexible and significantly more Engaging than traditional printed signage. - Bring the additional benefits of Touchscreen Interactivity, Customer Data Capture Capability, Mobile Marketing (Bluettoth and NFID) and Demographic Based Content Targeting to your business. - Reliable and Market Proven technology supplied by a Highly Experienced provider. MJ Flood Technology Ltd icetech Business Unit Clonlara Ave Baldonnell Business Campus Baldonnell, Dublin 22 Tel: +353 (01) 4663500 icetech UK c/o MJF River House Riverside Way, Uxbridge middlesex UB8 2YF England Tel: +44 (0)808 128 0001 Mail: visit us at:

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