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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: WilliamHarvey3


Digital Shoreditch 2013 : 20th May -26th May DIGITALSHOREDITCH Digital Shoreditch 2013 Ogilvy Labs Report By Will Harvey @WilliamEdHarvey Digital Shoreditch (DS) is a festival celebrating creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent as part of the east London start-up movement. With over 480 speakers, 14,500 attendees and 13 million Twitter impressions it was the most ambitious and successful to date. Now in its 3rd year, the event took place over 10 days, each day focusing on a specific subject: What is Tech City?, Tomorrow’s World, Capital & Growth and Future Brands. It was hosted for the first time in Shoreditch Town Hall to cope with the higher demand from visitors. As part of Ogilvy’s continuing partnership with the event, we were once again a major sponsor. This involved us shaping the content of the Friday event labeled ‘Nudgestock’, a partnership between Labs and Ogilvy Change to look into the subject of understanding consumer behavior, looking into why people do what they do and how brands can use that information to produce more effective marketing. speaker slots across the packed agenda (squeezed into 10 days rather than two weeks, as last year). This resulted in a diverse range of speakers, including a number of key Ogilvy staff members; Rory Sutherland, Matt Bayfield, Daniel Bennett, Matt Watkinson and myself all contributed to the broad range of topics: Big Data, Behaviour, Innovation and Consumer Experiences. Once again, my task was to absorb and digest all the content available, identify big trends, find interesting and innovative prospective partners, and bring back some findings to share with the larger Ogilvy group. Please enjoy the following Trend report and share with colleagues and clients alike; if you have any questions, please contact me at the Lab The content that really shaped DS for the other days was entirely crowd-sourced: we used a voting-based system to ensure the programme reflected what the digital community really wanted. There was huge interest and many suggestions for over 600 proposed 1 @WilliamEdHarvey

Digital Shoreditch 2013 : 20th May -26th May “Netflix’s House of Cards was made off the back of user data. Netflix looked at what consumers liked and created a storyline from that” Trends Things to watch for in 2013 Coding language With the ever-changing speed of communication, demand for rich content has increased – along with the need for multi-skilled professionals to create this growth. The need for people with photoshop and editing skills seems to have become an industry standard. This was a recurring issue at the event: a need for more people to have an at least basic understanding of the language and its commercial possibilities. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the New Business space. The idea that an app, for example, can be presented to a client on Monday, ready to be shown live in beta by Friday, rather than just as a visual, is fast becoming a reality. The rise in the number of companies set up to help in the growth of this digital capability reflects this. Decoded, Code Academy and General Assembly are some of the key players, running courses from tasters for beginners, through to very advanced versions. This will allow a much wider audience to get to grips with coding and the benefits that knowledge of this new language brings. Digital interaction with the physical world The ability to enable physical, traditionally analogue objects to now be digitally accessible, opens up completely new ways to interact with the world around us. An example of this was presented by Nexus Interactive, who previewed their upcoming giant vending machine-style signage. This will dispense promotional, physical items from digital signage when users tweet with predetermined hashtags. Similar is the current Mini campaign where an LEDcovered Mini drives around London at night, playing consumer-uploaded videos (via hashtag) on the exterior LED cover of the car. Greater user engagement, creating more positive brand engagement in turn. Digital shoreditch “If your Brand, Product or Service is the answer ... What is the Question?” Matt Watkinson - Designer “Jogging is boring, but then came along Nike who gave us the Fuelband.” Simon Attwater - LBI Affordable tech Technology is no longer the preserve of the well-off: the rise of affordable tech is now upon us. Companies such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino facilitate the ever-growing demand of the younger generation to tinker, play and build their own tailor-made technology. Raspberry Pi offers a perfect example. A simple circuit board computer for £50, which allows monitors, keyboards or sensors to be plugged into it. Used for a number of things from streaming boxes for the back of your TV, beer can keyboards (just like it sounds) and even home automation. It’s the connecting of digital technology platforms made easy, and democratised. One example of this is the old mobile banking experience for Barclaycard customers. The process by which consumers could make quick transactions was not easy Power to the user or user-friendly. This led to a drop in With the faster evolution of technology and consumer satisfaction. On the other hand, capability from on-demand services (e.g. Tivo) when I saw the terrifically easy-to-use First along with additional downloadable content, Direct app in action, some friends and I all the relationship between consumers and changed our banks almost immediately. Since brands is changing. then, Barclays have caught up and are Brands and programme makers used to own developping services such as Ping to keep up these relationships by dictating what, when with consumer expectations. and how consumers watch content. With the enablement of technology, users can now skip adverts, divert their attention to their mobile Make & Do 2 days, 7 Briefs, 50+ creative minds Following on from last year’s successful ‘Cadbury’s Hack Weekend’ Digital Shoreditch put on a two-day ‘Make and Do’ event that brought together a mix of developers, technologists, creatives, and writers to work on live briefs. Quick Pitch Over the Make & Do weekend, teams were asked to put together quick pitch responses. 2 and receive content on any internet enabled device. Increasingly, consumers are now taking ownership of the relationship, able to compare prices and brands, or make purchases on their mobile whilst sat on the train. Brands need to embrace this change. If someone can fastforward past your carefullymade content, how else do you reach them? Which other channels do you need to use to engage them? How do you best understand and embrace this change in behaviour and offer consumers more reasons to be loyal to your brand? But rather than the single brief (as in previous years), there were diverse briefs and sessions from a selection of companies. The BBC, for example, were looking for ways to get younger viewers to engage with Eastenders using emerging SM platforms. Ordnance Survey meanwhile were challenging teams to look into better utilization of data collected in and around London, and creating a more user-friendly interface and methodology to present that data. A number of companys also ran a handful of workshops and talks exploring innovative tech, while the BBC Comedy team showed how multi-channel communication has challenged traditional ways of creating more engaging experiences with programmes. @WilliamEdHarvey

Digital Shoreditch 2013 : 20th May -26th May “What we really need to understand is the psychological effect of this stuff. What level does technology change behaviour, when does it encourage good and discourage bad” Rory Sutherland - Ogilvy UK Vice Chairman “..Introducing higher priced products can push up the complexity of decision making, by driving up the middle choice” Leigh Caldwell - Cognitive-behavioural Economist / CEO Inon Research Nudgestock Ogilvy’s Behavior Day For this year’s involvement with Digital Shoreditch, Ogilvy didn't just want to sponsor the event but also to collaborate with the team to put on the UK’s first applied Behavioural Science Day. Nudgestock was held on the Friday and brought together 21 Big Thinkers, from behavioural economists through to neuroscientists, to explore the subject as part of the partnership between #ogilvychange and Labs. Pre-event promotion 3 World-renowned experts, authors and TED speakers discussed their latest research on how to apply behavioural insights to the communications industry. Topics ranged from online psychology, teaching monkeys how to use currency and the science of persuasion behind irritating phone calls. The whole day was designed to demonstrate how it is becoming possible to use deeper human insights to tangible business advantage.  Films of the speakers from Nudgestock are viewable at In the build-up to the event, the Nudgestock team took an alternative approach to the promotion of the event by practicing what they preached. One morning, Ogilvy staff entered the building to find free muffins and fruit awaiting them just before the lifts. Little did Behaviour Lab Day anyone know that the #ogilvychange team were out of sight Following on from Nudgestock, #ogilvychange and Labs counting how many of these treats were taken. plan to focus our next Lab day on the subject of ‘Behaviour’ to give our clients a first hand opportunity to see what this Using a variety of choice architecture methods (such as the space can offer them and show that Ogilvy is a leader in this judicious playing of Caribbean music) the team created a ‘nudge to fruit’ condition in which over 2/3 employees took space! fruit, and a ‘nudge to muffin’ in which 9/10 employees took The day is planed to showcase a range of speakers from Ogilvy staff plus assorted external practitioners to inspire a muffin. and give examples of how Behavioural Science can be The speakers beneficial, as well as play host to 30 Lab partners in the Rory Sutherland is #ogilvychange's global thought leader in Behavioral space to give staff and clients a chance to touch, applying behavioural science to advertising. He opened and feel and play with real world examples. closed the day, as well as interviewing several of the guests. @WilliamEdHarvey

Digital Shoreditch 2013 : 20th May -26th May Incubation Whats Happening with Start-ups Emerging Space With the rapidly expanding tech space in London a number of initiatives and spaces have popped up trying to bring together different skills and disciplines from the worlds of Creative, Technology and Business. One of the expanding movements within London’s start-up community and Silicon Roundabout environment is the modern alternative take on funding, office workspace, and the incubation of new companies. Agency incubation spaces Most recently, marketing agency Mother teamed up with Trampery to open a co-working space together to look at the possibilities of nurturing some of these cross-disciplined talents and startups internally. The use of internal incubation can Co-working spaces come with interesting benefits, exploring As the demand for space rises (along with the cost alternative revenue streams and growing resources of workspace), the use of co-working that agencies wouldn't traditionally employ. Our environments and workspaces has grown. own great example of this is the relationship Companies such as Hoxton Mix, Tech Hub, and between Ogilvy and etecture since launching a Trampery are all doing well. These spaces offer partnership at Digital Shoreditch last year. The various solutions from desk rental, general team has now grown to 10, and variously skilled admission into shared workspaces and being able individuals help and enable us to expand our into book meeting spaces. This has helped the house offering for our clients across a number of potential of a number of companies, forcing accounts. collaboration between different skills, disciplines Mentoring start-ups also exposes us to new talent, and talented individuals and unlocking new technologies and thought processes enabling us to possibilities and solutions. It also creates fantastic offer a more diverse and complete solution to our working environments to stimulate entrepreneurs clients as a Group. and start-ups to cross-collaborate via the water This is something the London Labs have been cooler effect. With over 120,000 people working in working on for some time, and we are continuing 2,500 co-working spaces world-wide* it is a rapidly to develop the model into Ogilvy’s wider family. growing space. IC Tomorrow awards This year’s event also played host to IC’s ‘Tomorrow’s Technology Strategy’ board initiative. The event represented the final round of pitches and is part of a government-backed scheme looking to discover, mentor and harness Graeme Evans - Director Brunel University new companies, helping them direct their ideas into viable commercial uses. Categories included “The Number 1 reason start-ups find it Out of Home, Retail and Mobile. Three difficult to raise money is because they companies pitched in each category, in front of a panel of five mentors who are experts in that field. target the wrong money sources.” Ogilvy Labs’ own Nicole Yershon was part of the OOH Panel. Rose Lewis - Investor & mentor for Seed camp “Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs) make up 99%of all firms and 60% of the private sector in the UK.” 4 *Wired - July 2013 Issue @WilliamEdHarvey

Digital Shoreditch 2013 : 20th May -26th May Pop-up Shops From Boxpark to Ideas shops As the retail space continues to face the threat of online and mail order services, high streets are struggling to bring in customers. So brands are looking at alternative fresh perspectives how to re-engage with their customers in the physical world. Pop-up stores look to answer one element of that problem, offering products or services not traditionally seen in the retail space, for a short space of time. Stores that previously existed only online get the chance to try their hand moving into the physical retail space, allowing consumers to touch, see and engage with them first hand. Ogilvy Idea shops Set up 4 years ago, the Ogilvy Idea Shop was the brainchild of Ruth Jamieson and Ogilvy to find a way for Ogilvy to give back to the local community within Brixton, south London. Ogilvy found an unused store and asked the question ‘If Ogilvy were a shop, what would we give away?’ So rather than giving away money or products, we would donate ideas to help local businesses that traditionally wouldn't be able to afford our services. We have now launched a number of Pop-up Idea Shops in Brixton, Roman Road, The Plaza and even (for three years running) at Marketing Week Live. We feel this is a great initiative for the larger group companies to be able to give something back. Pop up malls Pop-up shops and malls offer short-term retail spaces for brands to launch new products or put on flash sales. Using under-developed locations in populated areas - or in areas that may have “If you believe that advertising is about sending messages to individual minds , then the Future of advertising will look the same” Mark Earls - Heard Consultancy restrictions on permanent development – allows reaching out to remote locations or events. An early example of this took place at SXSW three years ago around the launch of the first iPad. Apple put on a pop-up shop in downtown Austin that just sold iPads. This clever use of the model in the crucial first weeks of the product’s launch gave the ability to get the devices into the hands of key influencers in the industry - in an unconventional and interesting place. Boxpark Boxpark Shoreditch is a pop-up mall based in the heart of east London. Opened in 2011, it is a construction of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low cost, low risk pop-up stores. Filled with a mix of fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries, cafés and restaurants – Boxpark places local and global brands side-by-side, creating a unique shopping and dining destination. Boxpark is not a traditional shopping centre, but a living, fertile community of brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong, on the street. Pop up culture With the growth of smaller brands and fast rising start ups the possibilities of short term retail spaces are growing. Both large brands and smaller companies are cashing in on this exploding trend with flash sale and more experiential stores. 5 @WilliamEdHarvey

Digital Shoreditch 2013 : 20th May -26th May 6 Exhibition / Companies A Selection of Installations and Companies that Stood Out “Brands care about perception... Antibrands care about reality and are defined by what they do, not what they say.” Digital Shoreditch isn't just about the speaker line up: it hosts a vast mix of installations, hands-on workshops and start-ups showing off what they do. Dan Broadwood - Strategist at Mother “The Backbone of our innovation has been to satisfy the evolution of our core consumer habits. ” Exhibition space The Great Digital Exhibition was created as a way of giving something back to the community that has supported the Digital Shoreditch team over the years. By providing a platform for some of the most creative and imaginative interactive artists in east London and beyond, they created a gallery space that inspired, educated and amazed. The exhibition housed over 20 digital installations ranging from Arduinoenabled home electricals, engaging 360 degree spaces, to time-shifting mirror experiences. One of the installations that really stood out to us was the Time Shifting Maze. This allows the visitor to enter a world of real-life optical effects, mixed with virtual, time-shifted content. The visitor will be confronted with captured moments from the past that mix with the present moment in a setup of mirrors, lights and projection screens. Matt Teeman - Commercial Director at Metro Snap Fashion It Is 3D One of the most interesting start-up presentations came from Jenny Griffiths, the founder of Snap Fashion. If you spot an item of clothing you like while browsing online, you can install the 'Snap it' button onto your toolbar and 'snap' the item you want to search. The site will then trawl through 170 retailers, including John Lewis and Topshop, to find the most similar products in seconds. This unlocks the possibilities for online and in-store stores to make sure consumers find the right style of clothing, using the snap fashion algorithm. An initiative that It Is 3D are trying also really caught our eye. They are bringing cutting-edge 3D digital technologies into every level of education, from primary schools right through to universities. This will allow the almost unlimited possibilities of 3D printing to inspire the creative minds of younger generations. In addition, pupils that have used 3D digital technologies during their time at school will attain transferable, usable skills that will set them apart further down the line with employers. @WilliamEdHarvey

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