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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: MichealRanviv



These days it seems that more and more people are accessing content digitally. Tablet and mobile devices are more popular than PCs. The main reason for that being is that publishers are able to do more with a digital version rather than print.

Digital Publishing Trends These days it seems that more and more people are accessing content digitally. Tablet and mobile devices are more popular than PCs. The main reason for that being is that publishers are able to do more with a digital version rather than print. When you go digital you have the ability to create an interactive user experience where your readers can flip through your magazine, brochure, newsletter, report, catalog, or guide with realistic page flip sounds and effects with digital publishing software. After that you can add in rich media such as videos, images, and flash animation files. You can add unlimited internal and external links that will link any article, product, advertisement, or email to a source such as a website to integrate your company with your publication. It helps connect your content to you in a way that you would never achieve with print. When you digitize your content by converting your PDF to flipbook publications you can add a layer of analytics which will give you measureable statistics on how your reader are interacting with your digital flipbook content. You can use this information to make you flipbook better for the future or to learn about your customers. There are several arguments for converting your content into a digital version. Mainly the appeal to save on printing costs as well as providing faster content delivery. There are others such as reaching more people. Due to the fact that most people have started to access content on their mobile devices, when you provide a visually appealing format to view your content it allows you to expand your reach. People don’t want to download a PDF file these days, they just don’t, and it they do, good luck getting them to wait if it takes more than one minute. That is why it is so important to give your readers or customer the same if not a better experience on mobile. The way to do that is to select digital publishing software that will create a rich HTML5 viewing experience. The trends in digital publishing have been leaning toward mobile but are now starting to flourish in a whole new way. What’s the next big thing for digital publishing; monetizing on your content. In the past publishers have had to depend on advertisers to see revenue, which they will continue to have to do. As consumers continue to expect to pay less for their content, a steady stream of advertisers will help. The most vital thing is to provide content with its maximum reach. You want your readers to be able to access your content on any device, anytime. Offering customers print/digital bundles will justify the higher price than simply one or the other. In any regard, when you convert your files and produce content that is visually stimulating and interactive to showcase your content in flipbook format using digital publishing software you put your best foot into the future. For more details visit:

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