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Published on November 27, 2013

Author: hayfj


Description - Digital Profits and Kindle Publishing Coaching Programme 2014. Stop Struggling, start publishing online.

Coaching Programme Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 1

Join the Digital Publishing Revolution Get your share of a $2billlion+ marketplace, before your competitors do 380 ebooks are sold every second on Amazon. That’s 22,800 every hour… © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 …550,000 ebooks sold each and every single day… Stop Struggling. Start Publishing.

The Self-Publishing Market Is Growing And the figures quoted, don’t include… © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 …What’s sold on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook Store, Kobos or Sony’s eBook Store… Stop Struggling. Start Publishing.

The Mobile Market Is Exploding Everyone wants to connect & stay connected in our NEW Digital economy © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 …the billions of Smart phone App owners all around the globe, hungry to download the books & niche specific content they want - on the move. Stop Struggling. Start Publishing.

Position Yourself As An Expert Increase Awareness, Exposure & Raise Your Profile Online & Offline © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 By the end of this unique coaching programme, you could be tracking your digital downloads, receiving media enquiries & creating passive income Stop Struggling. Start Publishing.

Position Yourself As An Expert Create additional routes to market, Qualified leads & revenue streams © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 My name is Fraser Hay & in 2013, I wrote and published 10 kindle books with all 10 making it to the #1 download spot for their category on Amazon as part of their promotional launch Stop Struggling. Start Growing.

Help, Guidance & Support I guide you through a very powerful, proven & practical digital publishing process Research Design Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. Write © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Promote Edit 7

Research © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 We help you determine the trends, niches & opportunities for your area of expertise Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 8

Writing Your Book © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Its easier than you think. We can help you determine “hot” topics & a hungry audience Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 9

Editing & Formatting Your Book © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Edit & Format Your Book For Sale In Different Channels Or Get Someone Else To Do It Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 10

Design Your Cover © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 We share professional, stunning design solutions for your book covers. Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 11

Promote Your Book © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 We share effective no cost & low cost strategies that get downloads, sales & reviews Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 12

Your Own Book Website Get everything you need to publish your own website dedicated to your NEW Book(s) © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Get Your Own Online Book Store Optimised for Google & Facebook, with Built-in Social SEO, Google Rich Snippets, & Facebook Insights Integration. Stop Struggling. Start Publishing.

Your Own Book Website Uprade to our Platinum Proramme and get your own website © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Full Width & Mobile optimised, Your site is Widgetised with a Drag n Drop Layout, and comes complete with Kindle Store Button integration for easy ordering Stop Struggling. Start Publishing.

What’s Included in the STANDARD Programme? A Break-down of what’s covered in the coaching programme No. Steps Covered Getting you “set-up” and your tax and admin completed for your Digital Publishing Business YES 2 Confirming Your Niche Size & Competitors YES 3 Provision of Master Kindle Template to help you format your book YES 4 What Makes a Good Title for your book YES 5 Our 5 step secret sauce process for creating a powerful BOOK DESCRIPTION YES 6 How to get reviews YES 7 Your Launch Plan and how to manage it YES 8 The DIGITAL PROFITS 90 Day System for guaranteeing downloads YES 9 How to count, monitor and report on CLICK THRUS for 100% of your online book promotion YES 10 Access to additional resources for promoting yourself as an author YES Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 1

What’s Included in the PLATINUM Programme? Everything in the standard programme and the following: Steps 11 How to increase your revenue by 30% whilst reducing your tax bill & creating up to £10K Tax free p.a. YES 12 Receive a professionally designed e-cover and logo (for your book Title) YES 13 Formatting, Proof-Read & production/conversion of your manuscript into multiple Kindle ready formats YES 14 Set up your own print on-demand publishing account to sell paperback print versions of your book YES 15 Re-format your kindle book for printing on-demand & preparing cover, spine & back for correct book size* YES 16 Professional Production of a Trailer Video of your Kindle book including link to your author site YES 17 Receive an author website to promote your book & speaking gigs YES 18 Extending the LIFE TIME VALUE of your readers with 40 possible new revenue streams YES 19 Production & Syndication of a personalised press release PLUS preparation of 90 Day PR Plan YES 20 25 Printed Copies of Your Book YES Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. Included © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 No.

Downloads Are Guaranteed …or your money back We do not suffer fools gladly. If you’re not prepared to invest 1 – 2 hours per session with a Grow Your Business Coach learning and applying what we have to share then please, DO NOT SIGN UP. If however, you want to raise your profile, awareness & exposure, and add additional revenue streams, then take action today. If you want help to formalise your thinking, create a practical plan of action to raise your profile, then signup today before your competitors do. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Still not sure? Try this simple test: Write down how many years you have been in full time employment. Multiply that figure by your average salary. That’s the value of your intellectual capital. We’re offering you a proven, systematic way on how to monetise and productise what you know to create passive income for you. Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 17

Downloads Are Guaranteed …or your money back Imagine for a moment what it would be like; a year from now; having raised your awareness, exposure and profile online, gotten your book into the top 100 for its genre, and generated lots of pre-qualified enquiries from people wanting to work with you… How would you feel? How do you want to feel this time next year? How will you feel if you still haven’t taken the plunge, written & published that book or living the lifestyle you want? • Decide to take the plunge today. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • Commit to holding The Grow Your Business Club accountable with getting your book written, published and promoted. • Act now, before your competitors do Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 18

Downloads Are Guaranteed Its Your Choice. You decide whether you want to rasie your profile & make money Decide: •It’s NOT for you for you’re happy to keep struggling on, wrestling with the issues, challenges & obstacles that are preventing you from raising your profile , getting the exposure, respect & revenue you crave. or • Not now, but maybe in 6 months time, whilst you continue to feel under valued, un-appreciated and un-fulfilled and whilst someone else cleans up and profits from your opportunity in the meantime. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 or • YES, You recognise the importance, relevance and value of what’s on offer. You recognise you need help, want help and are prepared to roll up your sleeves and “get stuck-in”. More importantly, you love the idea of a money back guarantee - a no brainer, really! Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 19

Take Action Today Before someone else spots & profits from your opportunity. Places on the programme are limited and on a first come, first served basis. Re-read this overview in its entirety, write down any questions you have and get in touch below. And if you want just a single session or a “catalyst” brain storming session then let’s have a chat, to see how we can help you or not. Either Call us on +44(0)1542 841319 Email us at © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Use the “contact us” link on our website. Take Action Today Before Your Competitors Do. Stop Struggling. Start Publishing. 20

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