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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: FunSchool


Photos from Pixels:  Photos from Pixels A Bit about Me:  A Bit about Me Avid Photographer Travel, boating Family Eastman House lectures 4th Digital camera 2004 will be 100% Video Editing on PC Dad’s Movie-making Marketing Mgr. No relation to Alfred What You’ll Learn::  What You’ll Learn: What is a digital photograph? How does a digital camera work? How good are digital cameras? What features should I look for? What accessories do I need? How do I get the pictures out of the camera? How do I edit and print the photos? What else can I do with digital? Tell me about Yourself::  Tell me about Yourself: Current type of Camera Uses Type of computer Type of Internet connection Type of home printer FIRST things first:  FIRST things first (Picasa) (Picture Resizer) (photo media recovery) Online archival andamp; storage? (too many to mention) (multiple sizes andamp; video) Online sites for prints:, snapfish, photoworks, etc (photo items) (photo books) Photo “Workflow”: Three EASY steps:  Photo 'Workflow': Three EASY steps Input Optimize Output Pixels not Pixies!:  Pixels not Pixies! What makes digital “film”?:  What makes digital 'film'? What makes digital “film”?:  What makes digital 'film'? Types of Digital Cameras:  Types of Digital Cameras Point andamp; Shoot (no zoom) Megapixel with Zoom Professional (Dedicated andamp; 35mm adaptable) Digital Video Cameras 'Big Box' Retailers Camera Stores Online Merchants E-Bay Digital “Film”:  Digital 'Film' Older Styles: Compact Flash Smart Media Newer Styles: XD Media Optical (CD/R andamp; DVD) Sony-unique: Memory Stick SanDisk T-flash (for cell phones) Batteries & Charging:  Batteries andamp; Charging Ni-MH Typical Viewfinder:  Typical Viewfinder Flash mode Macro mode Pictures Remaining Zoom Level Image Quality ViewFinders & Menus:  ViewFinders andamp; Menus Use TV cable at home to 'play' with menus Digital Camera has TWO zooms:  Digital Camera has TWO zooms Digital Cameras have: Optical Zoom Digital Zoom Optical uses the camera’s LENS Digital zoom uses only a portion of the camera’s megapixels (extrapolated means GRAINY!) W T Effects of Digital Zoom:  Effects of Digital Zoom Setting the Aperture:  Setting the Aperture Low F-stop 3.2 High F-stop 16 Short Long Depth-of-Field Good use of Depth of Field:  Good use of Depth of Field Shutter Speed:  Shutter Speed 1/1000 sec. 1/2 sec. 4 sec. Flash Pictures:  Flash Pictures Wall Shadow Red Eye Fill-in Uploading Images from Camera:  Uploading Images from Camera Cable to PC Card Reader Docking Station Digital Camera Workflow:  Digital Camera Workflow Camera PC USB port Camera Control Software Photo Editing Software Internet Browser CD/R Burner Home printer USB Memory device USB port Memory card Docking Station Kiosk Input Photo printer Inkjet Or Thermal Web Site Other Media Photo “Workflow”:  Photo 'Workflow' Input Optimize Output 10 Tips BEFORE you edit:  10 Tips BEFORE you edit 1. Get Closer Look through the viewfinder! Professionals typically use long lenses (85-105mm) Most point and shoot cameras have 35mm lenses. 2. Include People in your Shots Add atmosphere and context. Makes the subject easier to relate to Gives a sense of scale 3. Capture Action Keep the people moving Try to 'catch the moment' 10 Tips BEFORE editing (page 2):  10 Tips BEFORE editing (page 2) 4. Simplify the Composition Uncluttered backgrounds offer less distraction Focus on the subject material 5. Put the Subject Off-Centered Place the main subject off the center Professionals use a 'rule-of-thirds' 6. Vary the Angle Can add humor and drama There are many other possibilities 10 Tips BEFORE editing (page 3):  10 Tips BEFORE editing (page 3) 7. Put Foreground in Scenes Gives depth to the shot and adds interest and context Used to frame the subject. 8. Pay attention to Lighting Where is the sun? Light alone can 'make the shot'. 9. Use Flash Flash can be used even outdoors on dull days Effective range is very limited Add additional natural light to a room 10. Hold Still Brace against objects Flash can help to freeze the action. The Rule of Thirds:  The Rule of Thirds Eyes at 2/3 line Leave 'walking andamp; Talking' room Basics of Cropping:  Basics of Cropping 'Casually' crop in the camera’s viewfinder Plan to 'tighten-up' later on Cutting-off heads is quite acceptable Photo Formats:  Photo Formats Portrait Landscape Camera comes with Software:  Camera comes with Software Installer Drivers Editing s/w Thumbnails Viewing Sorting Printing Picasa (by  Picasa (by Free Built-in Archival Tools 3rd-party Photo Editing Software:  3rd-party Photo Editing Software Adobe Photoshop Elements Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Microsoft Picture It! Ulead PhotoImpact 8 Microsoft’s Digital Suite:  Microsoft’s Digital Suite Microsoft’s Digital Suite:  Microsoft’s Digital Suite Can OUTPUT 'Photo Story Lite' to CD Microsoft’s Smart Erase:  Microsoft’s Smart Erase No need to 'paintbrush' the artifact Red Eye removal:  Red Eye removal Where does the red come from? Light from the flash passing through the pupil and being reflected on the blood-rich retina How it happens: Flash (built-in) is close to the lens More pronounced with a telephoto lens Getting close to the subject More common in dark rooms or in the dark Effect is less dramatic when a person's reactions are impaired, e.g. during a night on the town But…Don’t shoot and drive! Converting Format:  Converting Format Don’t do this in the camera; use your PC Black andamp; White Sepia Tone Fine Art Effects Special Effects: Panoramas:  Special Effects: Panoramas PAN0001.JPG (2-3X size) Making a “work of Art”:  Making a 'work of Art' Making a “work of Art”:  Making a 'work of Art' My Comix Book Lorum ipsum jib jab Blah, blah, blah Hi there Everybody wants to SEE them now...:  Everybody wants to SEE them now... Input Optimize Output Printing Digital Pics:  At home Corner Store Photo Lab store Online (Internet) Not at all (video andamp; LCD display) Printing Digital Pics Bypass your PC Digital Format Differences:  Digital Format Differences Film format andamp; size is 'slightly different' than digital Digital is 4:3 So……. 4'x6' print is 4'x5.33' Crop lines automatic Carry-in Kiosk Printing:  Carry-in Kiosk Printing Take your media card (digital 'film') into the store: Grocery store Photo store Edit on-site (touch screen) Prints ready shortly Online Print Stores:  Online Print Stores Other Things to Make!:  Other Things to Make! Too many pictures?:  Too many pictures? PhotoMontage software “Soft” Pictures from Camera:  'Soft' Pictures from Camera Video Slide Shows 'Ken Burns' Effects Keep your Pictures with You:  Keep your Pictures with You LCD Jewelry USB Memory Watches FIRST on a 'stick' for patrons Novel Uses for Digital Camera:  Novel Uses for Digital Camera Home inventory Remembering something before taking it apart Legal proof and claim Thank You:  Thank You Please feel free to follow-up with me Doug Hitchcock

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