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Information about Digital marketing trends for 2017

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: vboutcom


1. What digital marketing trends should be part of your 2017 planning?

2. 1. Increased video production The popularity of video in social media is increasing significantly. By 2017 it’s predicted that most of our feeds will be video. To help you meet the demand, there are more tools that make producing your own online videos easier.

3. 1. Increased video production There are also ready made videos such as videoblocks, video hive and stockvideo that make producing professional quality videos on low budgets possible. By 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index.

4. 2. More personalization in all touch points Personalizing emails is nothing new, but in 2017 more tools for personalizing other content, like video, are increasing. More videos will have people’s names and targeted content.

5. 2. More personalization in all touch points Marketers will also personalize the customer journey as more data is deployed to track users across devices.

6. 3. Growth of video blogs There are also more services to convert blog posts into short vlogs. These tools offer great production quality at a low price. Klangoo’s CEO Eddy Touma said this service will be available to publishers in the near future.

7. 4. Booming livestreaming market As services like Facebook, YouTube, Periscope (owned by twitter) and Instagram are competing for in the live streaming market, more startups will emerge to allow streaming on multiple services simultaneously.

8. 4. Booming livestreaming market is already offering livestreaming across multiple services for gaming broadcasting, and they have plans to offer the same model for streaming to other companies.

9. 5. Email is even more automated Email marketing is still popular and has some of the highest conversion rates, and with marketing automation, those conversion rates increase even more. As a result, more companies will start using marketing automation or increase their current use.

10. 5. Email is even more automated Email automation, or drip campaigns, allow marketers to contact individuals based on particular triggers at the right time. Automation is more personal and can significantly increase leads and conversions.

11. 6. More reviews, more data You may have seen push notifications from Google on your phone asking you to review a business you visited. You agreed to share your location with Google and they are trying to enhance their local business services with reviews on Google+ and future adwords program.

12. 6. More reviews, more data In 2017, you’ll see exponentially more feedback around businesses that you visited or have visited in the past. This could also encourage businesses to improve their services to avoid negative reviews.

13. 7. More AMP sites AMP (accelerated mobile pages), by Google, has been live for over a year. The purpose was to optimize page loads, and more companies are adopting this for ecommerce, blogs and other sites. In 2017 you’ll see more enhanced page loads for mobile, mainly due to this technology.

14. 8. Live chat and bots People tend to dislike calling companies when they have questions. They want to do things at their own pace behind a screen and they detest waiting on hold. This is why live chat bots are becoming increasingly more popular.

15. 8. Live chat and bots You’ll see more automated personalized messages pop-ups asking if you need help. In addition, bots are still evolving (thank you #slack!). They are in almost every popular messaging app and growing. Soon people will rely on bots to make instant payments, pull up a report on their marketing campaigns, or even get bank balances.

16. 9. Death of PokemonGo This could be the least supported prediction for 2017, but like any trend, things can die out quickly if they don’t come up with innovations, fast. To stay relevant, Pokemon should enhance the platform and allow people to create their own games or integrate with non-mobile gaming consoles.

17. 10. Influencer marketing Although it was a major trend in 2016, influencer marketing will grow more in 2017. 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands. Try to work with several “influencers” to strengthen your brand and reach.

18. 11. Increase in paid ads With competition increasing across the board, organic visibility continues to shrink, and it will be necessary for more companies to increase their advertising spend to get noticed.

19. 11. Increase in paid ads Display and search ad spend is growing at an estimated rate of 53% from 2014 – 2017. For 2016, paid search spend was $71.8 B, and total display $77.2 B. For 2017 it’s expected to grow to $79.0 B paid search, and total display $88.3 B. $71.8 B $77.2 B $79.0 B $88.3 B. Paid search Total display 2017 Paid search Total display 2016

20. 12. Wearable devices Mobile devices are still popular, but they may be outpaced by wearable devices. It’s projected that 1 out of 4 US consumers will be using wearable devices in 2017. Marketers should be prepared to deliver content for that format. According to Statista, the wearable device market value for 2017 will be $4.12 billon.

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