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Published on February 2, 2014

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...part of the Leeds Met Futures Fest. Linked to Digital Marketing Planning for the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Planning CAM FOUNDATION 10 credits

Aims and objectives This unit provides the skills and knowledge necessary to plan digital marketing planning concepts. 1. Online and traditional marketing concepts and applications 2. Online business models 3. Environmental factors impacting on online activity and plans 4. The digital marketing mix 5. Developing a digital marketing plan Specifically the unit covers • E-business models • The digital marketing environment • Digital marketing planning processes • The digital marketing mix • Privacy, trust and security

Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this unit you will be able to: •Appraise different planning approaches and marketing environmental factors that influence online marketing activity. •Review the similarities and differences between online and traditional marketing concepts and applications. •Discuss key stages in online development using relevant business models. •Analyse the ways in which the Internet has changed the marketing mix elements and how organisations employ them creatively in the digital environment. •Review the importance of target marketing and the emerging buyer behaviour characteristics of the online consumer and how organisations can respond to meet changing behaviour and expectations. •Apply relevant tools and concepts from this unit to design, measure and monitor an annual online marketing plan.

Developing a digital marketing plan – Set objectives. – Decide on online marketing options – acquisition, retention and/or brand building to enhance customer relationships (CRM). – Develop an action plan and, if appropriate, set this in the context of an integrated multi-channel plan. – Appraise various control mechanisms for incorporation in the plan: – Online resources to set the campaign budget. – Online promotional tools to produce a measurable digital communications plan with digital suppliers. – Campaign testing online. – Measuring performance with web metrics against objectives (ROI/LTV, response rates etc). – Campaign reviews utilising industry applications eg Google Analytics. – Key performance indicators for continuous improvement including relationships with other functions in the value chain.

digital and interactive arketing #DIM m 1 s nt implication manageme

Digital Marketing Campaign... part of the Marketing Communication discipline that enables online communication to be developed, optimized and aligned to overall marketing strategy in order to increase consumer engagement, value creation, sales growth, brand equity and profitability in a sustainable manner in order to achieve overall business strategy

Why Planning • How Business sees it... • How customers see it... • How Google sees it... • How should it look like...

... Consumers have fundamentally altered purchasing decision making. Build your Brand by delivering a high value proposition and engaging customers through meaningful events, strategic implementation of tools and platforms and creative content.

Online Value Creation and Consumer Engagement The Trichotomy of Social engagement UX CX lity na tio nc Fu Content Marketing, Blogging,Thought Leadership, Social Media Marketing, Buzz Monitoring, Reviews, Forums... Br an di n g Visual Communication (Aesthetics) Design Imagery, Pictures, Frames, Logos, Colour, Action Buttons, Usability, Navigations... SEM, SEO, PPC, Link Building, Landing Pages, New Technologies, Internet of Things, Wearables... Search Science & Social Innovation Social engagement Conversion Lima (2013)

Stages in online adoption • Level 0 – No web site or presence on web - thinks offline is OK • Level 1 – Basic web presence – domain name or Directory (Yell) listing; • Level 2 – Static informational site – often transfer brochure online; • Level 3 – Simple interactive site email form – rely on traditional methods to sell; • Level 4 – Interactive site supporting transactions and FAQ’s - often online buying and interactive helpdesk; • Level 5 – fully interactive site supporting whole buying process – full integration of eBusiness. Offer relationship marketing with clients;

The Internet Commandments 1. Know your mission on the Internet; 2. Be Everything for someone, not something for everyone; 3. Give the users something to take home; 4. Solution based on Strategy; 5. Utilise the possibilities of the Internet; 6. Build intellectual know-how and leadership on the Net; 7. Involve the user in the designing process; 8. Test your solution; 9. Give the users power and control; 10. Be prepared to change and start all over!

Ten C's for Internet Marketers Gay et al.

Online Marketing Approach • • • • Internally Focused Orientation; Target Group Orientation; Costumer Focused Orientation; Network Focused Orientation Molenaar

Online Marketing Objectives - Brand Development • Provision of Company Information; • Corporate Image promotion; • Product information over and above that available in other media; • Public Relations; • Human Resources information; • Promotional Campaigns and Integrated communication - cross-channel. Gay et al.

Online Marketing Objectives - Revenue Generation • Sales either by payments at the time of purchase or order generated online; • Prospect Generations; used as advertising stream for company/product, of as medium for other sites; • Direct Marketing; following traditional DM using as a medium for communication Gay et al.

Online Marketing Objectives - Customer Service/Support • Pre-sales information; simply promotional text helping buyers to buy, FAQ pages; • Post-sales information; comprehensive fitting instructions, usage advise like recipes, supplements, etc...; • e-CRM; using technology to develop and manage relationships; • Personalisation; customisations and 1-2-1 approach. Gay et al.

digital and interactive arketing #DIM m 1 ing for plannin prepar g

SOSTAC planning planning framework framework… 1 situation analysis growth 2 position competitive 3 objectives strategy 4 tactics 5 action 6 control corporate marketing digital 7P’s resources ng scheduli Smith, 1990

lysis... tion ana situa the macro environm ent environments the micro environm ent political forces suppliers social cultural forces marketing the internal environment strategy systems functions resources other stakeholders customers competitors intermediaries environmental forces technological forces economic forces legal forces

macro environmental analysis… ith opportunities and threats present organisations w political economic social technological environmental legal 20

PESTEL analysis… Your Notes About your organisation & how the factors might impact on marketing for your organisation/SBU PESTEL Factors Potential Impact Implications & Importance Political Economic Social Technological Environmental Legal H = High M = Medium L = Low U = Undecided Time Frame: Short Medium Long Type: Opportunity or Threat Implication: Increasing Reducing Not yet determined Relative Importance H = High M= Medium L = Low

Porter’s five forc es… Bargaining power o f suppliers Bargaining powe r of customers Threat of new entrants Threat o f substi tutes Intensity of existing rivalry Porter, M, 197

tegic groups model …using the stra Strategic dimension 2 E C D Firms within a strategic group have similar strategies B A The relative position of groups shows how alike or different their strategies are ensi ategic dim Str on 1 0 orter, 198 ted from P Adap 23


stakeholder analysis... e fir Which publics are important to th m’s operations? portance? ng or decreasing in im Are they increasi How strong are company-stakeholder relationships? ics? of corporate actions on these publ What is the impact What actual or potential impact could they have on the business? What are the interests of each relevant public? unity? t and which an opport threa Which groups pose a ns needs? e their communicatio What ar

UK, 2013… mption in the media consu digital t phon 83% of 18-24 year olds own a smar e olds nership highest with 35 – 44 year tablet ow ce is 79% Use of internet anywhere, any devi Average weekly interne t usage is 16.8 hours ia growth is fuelled by 55 – 64 year Social med olds e ne with the devic onli f mobile users go 53% o eduled sider how media is sch con

e… th in key technology platform usag …grow Ofcom, 2013

customer analysis... segment characteristics awareness, perception and attitude king process decision-ma involvement perceived risk influence media consumption and use

lysis drill’ petitor ana ‘7 step com 5 years on? competitors - now? o a ls objectives & g ies, tment priorit inves ent e & commitm t an c market impor esses relative strengths & weakn weaknesses making them vulnerable changes likely in future strategies effect on industry, market & you Davidson, 1997

Internal analysis... strengths and weaknesses ilability of resources… linked to use and ava and analysis of current digital activity…

nalysis TO W S A Strengths “Maxi-Maxi” Strategies Threats “Mini-Maxi” Strategies Strengths used to maximise opportunities Minimise weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities “Maxi-Mini” Strategies Opportunities Weaknesses “Mini - Mini” Strategies Strengths used to minimise threats Minimise weaknesses and avoid threats Weihrich, 1982 31

Framework …McKinsey 7S n and build gy... the plan(s) devised to maintai Strate mpetition competitive advantage over the co whom d and who reports to n is structure e way the organisatio Systems...the daily activities and procedures that staff members engage in to get the job done ced in the lues of the company that are eviden Shared Values... the core va work ethic corporate culture and the general Style... the style of leadership adopted Staff... the employees and their general capabilities mpany. ees working for the co es of the employ skills and competenci Skills... the actual 32

5M’s..? …simplistic but often used model t chines, managemen s, ma men, money, minute key causes of t ify h d to h e lp i d e n designe TQM approac … sa ganisation’s a r problems in o d financial, material an , Can use it for human e sse s strengths and weakn asset audit… for

also consider… s and weaknesses of current digita …strength l mix website UX traffic and flow …web presence model ear ochurew 1. br nal 2. transactio ent 3. entertainm ip 5. relationsh 4. affiliate social media… CG M 34

digital objectives... on sales focusing d solely avoi help to determine/clarify position of tactics needed ce highlight the balan help e ide a time fram prov rovide a means p SMART nt and measureme of evaluation

the 5S’s... sell… grow your sales t cipation and engagemen speak… dialogue, parti serve… add value save… costs sizzle… take your brand online Smith, 2000

y… Segmentation strateg • Income • Occupation • Education • Religion • Race • Class 37

strategy… segmentation • Usage rate • User status • Loyalty

gmentation... B2B se demographic capabilities technology operating variables volume purchasing approaches situational factors ce tan rsonal circums pe

argeting... t proaches ee key ap thr undifferentiated differentiated entrated conc

positioning… ific d in the market by focusing on spec products can be positione factors such as… features, benefits or advantages solutions presented specific usage (occasions) ucts against other prod positioned class disassociation conversation and consumer insight

Reference Groups - "with Great Power Comes great... possibilities" • Three dimensional influence: informational,utilitarian and value-expressive • Social Power - the capacity to alter the actions of others; • Membership and Aspirational Reference Groups; • Brand Community and Consumer Tribes; • Opinion Leaders; • Market Mavens; • Surrogate Consumer;

Online Communities - where the golden pot is... • • • • Conversations; Presence; Collective Interest; Democracy (leadership by reputation); • Standards of Behaviour; • Level of Participation; • Crowd Power - market with not to consumer:

The importance of customer centricity in effective digital marketing planning Why do we need to focus on the customer? Basically... because they are not focusing on you! Digital Consumers suffer from "Short Attention Span" Too many offers create noise, distract and freeze Average general attention span of a literate adult is about 10 – 12 minutes Pete (2009)

Old x New Marketing paradigms • old - it's all about sizzling sexy messages and brand imagery. new - listen and respond to customer needs; • old - it's about top marketing techniques. new it's about the consumer and the product; • old - costumers don't know what they want. new - we never know what is exactly right for our costumers, always making adjustments; • old - develop products and message in-house and then disperse. new - often our costumers market our products better than we do, leverage their ideas for higher profit;

Power of People • Space Oddity Commander Chris Hadfield • Over 20M viewers; more than the original David Bowie clip

A new threefold philosophy • Build on a new relational and interspatial paradigm instead of transactional timely bound - new relationships brought by new social technologies required new thinking in terms of business transactions, how and when they happen. A new paradigm of thinking on- going relationships and that the purchasing process does not stop after the cash has been handed in. • Build on personality, character and human interaction instead of only results and efficiency - see how companies such as Google and Facebook promote innovation through fostering an open and transparent enjoyable and fun employee culture where people are encouraged to think outside the box, into brilliancy to move beyond oneself limitations and comfortable zone and to try, to make mistakes, learn and try again and eventually succeed. By building human excellence these companies are actually catering for better business-client relations, brand loyalty, results and efficiency follows. • Building on collective intelligence, legacy and fearless desire for the new instead of on perpetuation for the sake of survival - everything has to give in one day so something can take place, something better and well fitted to the purpose of business in time and space.

Wisdom of Crowds - New business models • "Many are smarter than the few - under the right circunstances, groups are smarter than the smartest people in then. "Collective Wisdom" Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations • • • • • • Threadless - vote, win, buy and share; Quirky - post idea, get voted, sell; Sermo - pay to listen, get to share; Eventful - hire your favourite artist for virtually nothing; ASOS - we buy, sell, resell, all "AS SEEN ON SCREEN" Etsy - the craft community selling and buying globally.

Screw business as usual...this is the real world by Brian Solis

Social Search Social Media Return on Investment (ROI): "It's like asking what is ROI of your mother" Grew his family business from $4M to $50M using Social Media His Math was simple: $15,000 DM - 200 NC; $7,500 Billboard - 300 NC; $0 Twitter - 1,800 NC

ategy… OVP str closely tied to the brand position the reasons why the customer will click, register, buy and share the intrinsic benefits from the site, content, service and functionality a strong online value proposition hooks, distinguishes a web site from that of its competitors, helps provide a focus to marketing efforts, can be used for PR and word-of-mouth recommendations Turn visitors into customers, customers into loyal followers, followers into brand evangelist.

7 Steps to start and refine your OVP Turn visitors into customers, customers into loyal followers, followers into brand advocates. 1.Review potential OVPs; 2.Select your target audience; 3.Research your audience; 4.Benchmark OVPs; 5.Define your OVP; 6.Communicate OVPs; 7.Deliver, review and improve.

…strategic considerations acquisition …how do we gain new customers? conversion …OVP and integration with other channels retention lop advoca …build relationships, deve tes and engage

tactics… product price place promotion people process nce ysical evide ph 54

implementation… g of methods and media is the schedulin Gantt chart or project plan Key resources are determined responsibilities are allocated management processes are put in place 55

nd evaluation... control a Link to the promotional objectives set earlier evaluate the success of… different comms tools different media different vehicles finally, feedback and learn

digital and interactive arketing #DIM m 2 g - landscape digital plannin

t’s going on? … wha growth of e and m commerce showrooming …increasing online video audiences Dual-screening BIG data media fragmentation …changing legislation, DPA, PECR, Cookies… …3D printing, AR, graphene, wearable tech …disruption and innovation “hyper-connectivity” encies economies and curr s, new …market economie

Getting Started.... • Environmental Analysis, stakeholders, Differentiations Variables, Positioning Strategy; • Aligned with Overall Business Strategy: Design the offer, value, distribution, communication, partnerships and management; • Key objectives for the website and online prsence; • Web hosting and capabilities; • Re-branding/Redesign; Gay et al.

Web Design - What to look for... • • • • • • Navigation Structure – wire-framing Usability Interaction Content and copy Brand and credibility… image

website analysis user experience… UX Responsiveness and mobile traffic Findability and SEM content interaction …analytics

Test for Effective Web Performance: 1. How many mouses clicks to a phone number when starting at a home page? 2. Feedbacks/pose questions? 3. Animations used? Does it slow down the site? is it gimmicky or useful? 4. Does it use fussy backgrounds distracting visitors from text of the site? 5. Typos and spelling mistakes? 6. Broken or dead links? 7. Misleading Links? 8. Orphan pages or returning a '404' message? 9. Download time? 10. Use of pop-up windows? Really necessary? 11. Freemiums? 12. Use of action colour and action buttons? 13. Testimonials? 14. Has is been optimised for search engines? 15. Internal Search and site map? 16. Mobile rendering and Optimisations?

Test for Effective Web Performance: 17. Has a Favicon? 18. 404 Error Page? 19. Print-Friendly CSS? 20. Conversion Forms? 21. Language Declared and Detected? 22. Microformats? 23. Dublin Core? 24. Spam Block ? 25. e-mail privacy? (plain text) 26. Directory Browsing? (can it be accessed directly?) 27. Server Signature off? 28. Mobile rendering and Optimisations? 29. Google Analytics? (or equivalent) 30. W3C Validity? 31. Doctype Declared? 32. Enconding Language?

velop a de plan 1 who are your customers? 2 who are the consumer generated media creators and critics ? 3 start monitoring key areas, brands, new products, service encounters... 4 draw on experience and skills internally, outsource if need be 5 have a skilled and dedicated ‘interpreter’ Kelley, N (2012)

Content Marketing


Search Engine Marketing • • • • • • • Keyword; SEO; PPC; Landing Pages; Link Building; Searcher Personas; Conversion Rate Optimization;

Search Engines • #1 Google: shows results at any Google-owned website such as or Google Image Search; • #2 Yahoo!: shows searches at any Yahoo!owned website including Alta Vista, and AlltheWeb; • #3BING: Shows searches at any BING-operated website such as BING Search; • Yahoo! search engine results are currently driven by BING search algorithm; Fleischner, M H (2013)

Search Acquisition Strategy Process • Have all business and product goals aligned and using search data as key part of tour market research; • Identify target audience; • Determine queries that fit your business needs, what is your target audience searching in volume?; • Build content to perform well and have relevance; ("serganging") • Offer a call to action that attracts searcher deeper and deeper into the conversion funnel; • Get you metrics right providing actionable insights into effective strategy; Fox (2012)

Steps in the Process - 1 1. Identify your business goals: What is the business's purpose? What is the website's purpose? 2. Assess the market opportunity: Based on Keyword research, what searches are relevant to your business? What's the overall volume? 3. Assess the Conversion Potential: What queries will drive conversion (based on your business goals?) Who is the target audience? What's the competitive landscape? Fox (2012)

Steps in the Process - 2 4. Create a tactical plan; 5. Develop Search Personas; 6. Develop Search Conversion workflows: Build a content strategy based on the searcher personas and search conversion workflows; 7. Execute on-page and off-page SEO ; 8. Monitor progress; 9. Identify actionable metrics; 10. Create rollout and adjustment strategies. Fox (2012)

The Anatomy of SERP - 1

The Anatomy of SERP - 2

The Anatomy of SERP - 3

On-Page Optimisation - Making the Hummingbird happy • • • • • • • • Keyword Architecture - Research, Plan, Build, Implement and Monitor; Meta Tags - labels given to a web page; Title - this tag is the page title, no more that seven words and less than sixty characters; Description - provides a description of the website or web page, use main keyword twice for more impact (no stuffing); Keywords Tag - should include the mains keywords chosen as the mains focus of your website; (avoid stuffing) Meta Author - optionals, if there are others it helps to identify content; Robots - simplest but important, signal to Googlebo, Google's search engine spider, to crawl your entire website; Formatting - Content First, Clean Code (W3C), heading tags (<h1>, <h2> and <h3>) all tags, proper keyword placement, no Flash and Fleishcner (2013) JavaScript

On-Page Optimisation - Cont. • Alt Tags - use to describe images or graphics, small impact helps; (no stuffing) • Proper Keyword Placement: Place in the Title tag, description tag, keyword tag and alt tags, Place in an <h1>, <h2>, and/or <h3> tag, Place in the first 25 words of your page, Place in the last 25 words of your page, Bold keyword(s) at least once on your page, Italicize or underline keyword(s) at least once on your page. • Avoid Flash and use JavaScript External; • (XML) Sitemaps; Fleishcner (2013)

On-Page Optimisation - Cont. • For an improved Keyword Architecture and Placement research your competitors; • Google Page Rank (a.k.a. PR), and old dated friend but still important; can indicate level of competitive strength among competitors sites; • Website Load Speed - Very important factor in ranking, you can use Google Webmaster Tools or some other type of free online tools to help determine the speed of your site; (Remember User Experience); • Inbound Links - off-page optimization Fleischner (2013)

On-Page Optimisation - Keyword Architecture Keyword Research and Planner to build your Keyword architecture

On-Page Optimisation - Examples

Off Page Optimisation • It represents over 70% of your efforts; • Get high qualified links to your sites - ≥ PR, similar content, use related meta tag, come from diverse sources, Larger number of sites linked to them; (Ex: link: • Link types: One way, Reciprocal and Three-way links; • Identify which sites to link and authority sites: use google search, Alexa and any online SEO ex. tool;

Off Page Optimisation • Anchor text - natural link profile; • Google looks for natural inbound link profile (branded and keyword); • Link Juice - careful with bad links; • Review your links and remove untrustworthy inbound links - (manually or using Google Disavow Links Tool); • Good directories; (Google addurl, Google, DMOZ, Yelp, Articles Directories, etc...) • Blogging; • Social bookmarks - Digg, Redit, Stumbleupon, etc; • RSS, Forum Marketing, etc

Examples of AdWords

Link Building Strategy • • • • • • • • • • • • Develop an article or any other original content; Create, Spin, and distribute - monthly; Submit to high PR web directories; Do follow blog submissions; Do follow blog comments; Forum submissions; Profile Submissions; Press Release Submission; Social Media Post and links; Video Submissions - YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler; Social bookmarking; Business profiles;

Inbound Marketing

a presence …social medi comments, likes, fans, traffic… …follows, RTs, favourites est, blogs… nkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinter Facebook, Li …sentiment analysis …social bakers socialmention fire ls like Radian6 or Wild Paid for too

Social Media & Search • Social Media Optimisation; • Discussion sites, Contentsharing sites, Social Networks, Review sites; • Online Reputations Management;

Landing pages • a standalone web page distinct from your main website; • limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal; • Click Through Landing Pages; • Lead Generation Landing Pages;

Social CRM




digital and interactive arketing #DIM m 3 , customers users, ers and consum

SOSTAC planning framework… 1 situation analysis growth 2 position competive 3 objectives strategy 4 tactics 5 action 6 control corporate marketing digital 7P’s resources ng scheduli Smith, 1990

y… Segmentation strateg Geographic • Regional • National • International Demographic • Age • Gender • Family Geo-demographic • MOSAIC • ACORN • Income • Occupation • Education • Religion • Race • Class

strategy… segmentation Psychographic • Lifestyle • Personality Behavioural • Benefits sought • Purchase occasion • Attitude • Usage rate • User status • Loyalty

e behaviour… OSAIC and onlin M keting Services s 2013, Experian Mar Digital Trend

behaviour… online what is it? …the 3 S’s …search behaviour What is searched for… 2 weeks = 1billion google searches in the UK Shift towards longer strings When do they search… How many pages of results browsed… …90% visit the second page Number of ads clicked on… es in 20 0% of UK search 1 12

behaviour… online …site behaviour …bounce rate …dwell time …page views …device used …journey and flow …originating source

online behaviour… …social behaviour …which media are used? …interests …sentiment …frequency of interaction …level of influence …number of groups/communities

…measuring influence

Forrester… social technographics lis conversationa creator t critic collector spectator joiner inactive

Forrester… social technographics

…where do we socialise? Comscore, December 2012

lies, damn lies… and facebook …how honest are profiles? h ias” in data and researc “social acceptability b …people say what they think you want to hear. People don’t tell you things about themselves that may reflect poorly (or they imagine may reflect poorly) on them

media consumption... e social 25’s are search first - under 24’s ar Over first d of the “PC” is predicte …the death …the average UK household owns 11.4 different media devices ly half of tphone is still primarily a phone, on …the Smar owners use it to access the web …but the most common activity on a smart phone is..? a 175% owing media device… est gr t is the currently bigg The table growth YoY 118

perceived risk… …phishing …flogs and shills privacy security …trolling …time

customer personas... …can be formed through research better to engage in depth interviews… ocus groups …or f …gather relevant qualitative data To start with – we can link them to buyer behaviour

ision-making Consumer Dec blem/ Need Recognition Pro Information Search es ation of Alternativ Evalu Purchase Decision of Purchase Evaluation Fill, 2009

a guide to building personas... es and variables egmentation bas …use classic s also bring in a focus on lifestyle and attitude “webographics”… lso hnographics” and a consider “tec web experience platform frequency activity 013 Smart Insights, 2 , Site and Social ch r criteria in Sear e also consider oth …

…finally we need to validate the persona’s internally… hypothetical situations …and place them into stagram?” images of content via in detailed if we decided to provide “what What would they think? How would they feel? What would they do?

martphone market personas for the s example 125

AIC persona’s… MO S …four ‘always on’ persona’s considers media, platforms and behaviour umer.html, 2013

Inser t nam your com e, p mon as well a any th an d ye a s t h e the g r ra slide y text on in . t h is Company (your business) Buyer Persona Overview Month, Year Kelley, 2013 127

Persona Name BACKGROUND: •Basic details about persona’s role •Key information about the persona’s company is •Relevant background info, like education d th fin y e or hobbies can tion b onlin a Yo u ng rm eri r info inist f you . e adm veys o dienc sur et au g tar DEMOGRAPHICS: •Gender •Age Range •HH Income (Consider a spouse’s income, if relevant) •Urbanicity (Is your persona urban, suburban, or rural?) IDENTIFIERS: •Buzz words •Mannerisms 128

Persona Name GOALS: •Persona’s primary goal •Persona’s secondary goal Conduct in terviews with your target audience to learn about the ir goals and challe CHALLENGES: nges in more deta il. •Primary challenge to persona’s success •Secondary challenge to persona’s success HOW WE HELP: •How you solve your persona’s challenges •How you help your persona achieve goals Kelley, 2013 129

Persona Name REAL QUOTES: •Include a few real quotes – taken during your interviews – that represent your persona well. This will make it easier for employees to relate to and understand your persona. Identifying common objections will help your sales team be better prepared during their conversations. COMMON OBJECTIONS: •Identify the most common objections your persona will raise during the sales process. Kelley, 2013

Persona Name MARKETING MESSAGING: •How should you describe your solution to your persona? ELEVATOR PITCH: •Make describing your solution simple and consistent across everyone in your company. Esta bl mess ishing yo u a your ging pre r pa r e e s orga ntire nizat io c on v ey th n to e mess age. same eal g a r reative di n Inclu from C o phot ons or elps m Com photo h sion i ck iSto one env on. s y ever me per a the s Kelley, 2013

Examples • • • • BA flight billboard Coke's content excellence Future of online digital marketing Samsung Bear

Online Resources • Social Media Today • Kissmetrics • Techcrunch • Mashable • Econsultancy • Wired • Hobspot

nd reading ferences a Re Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K., Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2006), Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice (3rd Edition), Prentice Hall Smith, P.R. and Chaffey, D. (2005). E-marketing Excellence. (2 nd Edition). Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann Ryan, D. and Jones, C. (2009) Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation London: Kogan Page /

nd reading ferences a Re Armstrong, G & Kotler, P. (2008) Marketing- An Introduction. 9th ed Pearson Education: London Dibb, S., Simkin, L., Pride, W.M. & Ferrell, O.C. (2012) Marketing: Concepts and Strategies. 5th European ed. Houghton Mifflin: Abingdon Ryan, D. and Jones, C. (2009) Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation London: Kogan Page 136

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