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Published on March 5, 2009

Author: andisboediman



The new marketing and advertising model for the future

Digital Marketing & Communication Strategy New solution for marketer Digital Studio

Mobile & Internet Usage Mobile and Internet provide the new platform for marketing and advertising

Daily Media Consumption 7 am 9 am 11 am 1 pm 3 pm 5 pm 7 pm 9 pm 11 pm News, TV Breakfast Entertainment, News Sports Print Morning Newspaper, Leisure Newspaper Magazine Magazines Radio Breakfast Drive Drive Show Time Time Outdoor Journey Out to Journey to Work Lunch Home Check Mail, Search, News, Sports, Sports, Entertainment, Online News, Shop, Mail, Shopping, Research, Mail, Search Search Messenger Finance Messenger Source: Pan Asian X Media Survey – Synovate (2005 Q4)

Internet Usage browsing 89% emailing 82% chatting 65% social networking key driver 50% music downloading communication 45% online gaming community 17% video streaming content 16% online shopping commerce 7% Source: Synovate Profile 55% 45% 2% 8% 20 % 50 % 20 % early adopter early majority late majority laggards innovator

Yahoo Indonesia WAP 1.5 million monthly visitors 40 million monthly page views top: onesearch, messenger, mail 60% 40% 13 - 17 yo 18 - 24 yo 25 - 34 yo 35 - 44 yo >45 yo

Indonesia mobile advertising metrics Source: adMob serves ads for more than 6000 web sites and applications around the world. It stores and analyzes the data from every ad request, impression, and click and uses this to optimize ad matching in the network. This report is a snapshot of the data to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

Internet Marketing How online advertising can help you unlock the potential of the booming Asian consumer market

marketing funnel eyeball loyal customers purchase awareness consideration purchase loyalty favorability intent advertising information/ consumer to mass customer user review lead market

Online Advertising & Marketing Objective

Search Engine Marketing SEM = SEO + PPC Paid listings - Pay Per Click (PPC) Natural or organic listings - Search engine optimisation (SEO) Use the Google Keyword tool to perform demand-gap analysis KeywordToolExternal

Contextual Advertising Contextual Ad Serving Ads embedded next to relevant editorial content the downside sample on this approach

Behavioral Advertising Behavioral Marketing: targeting user by navigation pattern

Geo Targeting • Provides opportunity to target broad keywords or specific promotions to a targeted geography • Generates larger volumes of qualified clicks for regionalized sites • Ad copy can be custom tailored to each local market • Enhanced relevancy leads to stronger click through rates (CTR) which in turn equate to lower costs- per-click

Email Marketing Sample Build the creative and copy around the calls-to-action

Rich Media: Pre-roll Advertising An online video commercial that appears prior to an online video, it is typically :05 - :30 seconds in length. Once you click on certain online video links, you will view a short commercial before the video content. Pre-roll can pretty much guarantee that users will see and hear a commercial before the stream starts. It is also one of the simplest ways to utilize the Internet for sight, sound and motion.

Rich Media: Product Integration Hot-spots, Overlays, In-show product placements. Digital brand integration is strategic placement and blending of name brand products into highly viewed programming in lieu of or addition to :05 second to :30 second video pre-roll.

Widgets/Gadgets: Distribution Opportunity “Websites within websites” Read and Search Review Finder Video, Audio News • Desktop widgets – downloaded to desktops for individual use • Web widgets – placed on blogs, websites and virally shared with others • Mobile widgets – downloaded to mobile devices 19

SMO | Anatomy of a Facebook Page Each Show Related Facebook page features cast photos, an about the show section, links to full episodes at, the Remote Control Blog RSS Feed, and a Comment Wall. Almost all of these elements in the Facebook Page contain inbound links to 20

Mobile Advertising Sample Database Banner ad to Location Ad in EPG marketing WAP site based advertising On pack promotion Event engagement WAP site with interactive mechanics

Tourism Malaysia: Online Global Branding Campaign Campaign objectives • Increase brand visibility globally by showcasing Malaysia’s uniqueness • Create hype around Malaysia’s 50th Golden Celebration in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) • Encourage potential tourists to visit Malaysia Target audience • Potential travellers globally aged 21+ • Covered a total of 13 countries (Asia, Europe and North America)

Ongoing Online Engagement With Siti • Promotion of Malaysia continues with a Travel World First launched on 1st November 2007 • ‘Siti’ – new digital brand ambassador to promote national tourism via Windows Live Messenger • Taking Tourism Malaysia to the next level of interactivity via innovative technology • Potential to reach more than 285m instant messenger users across multiple markets worldwide Add Siti to your Windows Live Messenger buddy list today:

Consumer & Brand Engagement The new media offer a new brand experience

Nike iD experience in Times Square. The idea of allowing passersby to quot;paint-by-numberquot; a giant Nike shoe, using their cellphones. Users would dial in, and use their keypad to change colors of different parts of that summer's signature shoe, the Nike Free iD. After one minute, their session would time out, and the users received an image of the actual shoe they just designed, which they could set as the wallpaper of their cellphone. They also received a special code and url, so that they could purchase their new design.

Subservient Chicken for Burger Kings


Key Takeaway New consumer behaviour and proliferation of media has rendered the conventional media alone ineffective. Learn the language of the new media integration as the future communication strategy.

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