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Information about Digital Landscape - 2012 for Brands and Digital Marketing

Published on April 16, 2012

Author: jamieriddell



2012 will be a big year. In this briefing from December 2011, we look at what trends will impact the digital landscape and who the major (and minor players will be.)

Reading this briefing will help brands plan for the future digital media changes.

Key Trends for 2012 Directors Briefing December 2011WWW.DIGITALTOMORROWTODAY.COM

Key Trends for 20122012This briefing covers the digital landscape trends we feel are important in 2012. We define trends aschanges that will impact the digital landscape in 2012, not pick the outright winners or losers. Someof these changes will be important and change what we do, and the way we do it. Others will not. Ouraim is not to spot the next Facebook but to help you understand the trends and how you can harnessthem.Some of the trends we cover are not actually new but in 2012 the technology, access speed andmarket perception will make them more relevant. We may see some ‘old’ names make a resurgence asthe ‘time’ becomes right for their proposition.Some trends, startups or channels may ignite in 2012 and fizzle in 2013. During their brief appearancethere will be opportunities to benefit from eyeballs, engagement and traffic AND the opportunity tolearn. If we can take each trend as an opportunity to learn 2012 will be a great year.The Big Battle - Facebook vs mobile aspirations. A late 2012 IPO could give it a V substantial cash pile for acquisitions and growth.Google vs Microsoft vs Amazon? We expect Facebook to expand its service base to boost customer engagement and retention as the base audience growth slows. We have defined Microsoft as the sleeping giant for the past 18 months. The arrival of Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 awoke the giant. At the end of 2012 the company is still growing slowly. The Nokia deal is starting to deliver new ‘phones, the launch if ‘Mango’ Windows 7.5 could ignite app adoption which in turn makes it a violable contender. Bing is still behind the market in search but we expect the combinedThere are some great articles written on this, so boost of mobile use and their investment in, andwe won’t spend too much time here. integration with Facebook to deliver greater integration for social search. The growth of theWill Google beat Facebook next year? Probably XBox to include an app store will also grow thenot. 800m users of the social network is a engagement with and use of Microsoft products.hard number to beat. BUT Google+ will bemore than just a social network, it will impact Amazon is not a strict ‘player’ as it is the world’son all Google products and on all the Google largest commerce store, not a social network.channels including search will remain as the most However, with the launch of the Kindle Fireimportant digital marketing channel in 2012. Amazon as a credible Tablet to challenge Android and the iPad. This tablet represents theGoogle+ will be rolling out to integrate into the gateway for consumers, bringing the relationshipAndroid operating system which, according between Amazon and the consumer moreto Eric Schmidt, is bigger than the iPhone (it direct than via another company’s machine andis by strict numbers of activations) and most browser. The rise of Amazon will start to see itstelevisions by the end of 2012. Brands active on growth away from merely shopping (and CloudGoogle+ today will join the rise of traffic and bases services) to a much wider engagementbenefit from learning in 2012. with consumers.Facebook will continue its growth. The late 2011acquisition of Gowalla will boost its local and02 / KEY TRENDS FOR 2012

Key Trends for 20125 Key Trends Brands like the FT have enjoyed great success in 2012 moving away from the iOS platform to a generic mobile site that has boosted audience figures across more platforms and decreased their reliance on Apple and the 30% revenue share it takes.Mobile The rise of HTML 5 apps will also shake up the app store model of distribution and discovery, which could create an opportunity for a new model or a challenge for younger brands to achieve take up. MultiplatformMobile use becomes ever more important in2012 as it becomes the central hub for emergingstrategies. Despite Google’s prediction ofAndroid dominance, Apple’s IOS is still thedominant platform for app developments whichis a key driver for consumer ‘phone and tabletchoice.In 2012 we expect the consumer to increase theiruse of the phone including more app purchasesas many consumers look to improve their phone Next year the consumer will have greater accessrather than invest in a new one. to brands and content than ever before. They will have them on the widest ever selection ofThe mobile platform, be it ‘phone or tablet will platforms, screen sizes and interaction methods.become the central hub that sparks engagementwith and consumption of brands and services. No longer just accessing a website with keyboard and mouse, the consumer will consume contentHTML 5 will play a key troll in growing the and interact with brands on mobile ‘phones,potential reach of brands across mobile desktop computers, browser only Chromebooks,platforms. To date most apps have been television sets, car dashboards and gamedeveloped first fork IOS then Anrdoid and maybe consoles.Windows Phone 7. The different operatingsystems and requirements have meant brands The potential for brands to be discovered orneeded to make a choice of which platform to lost across this wide range of channels willwork with. As HTML5 can work across all mobile become an important part of 2012. Brands withplatforms and offer the functionality and design app strategies will be in the strongest positionof an app without the definition of which mobile for benefit. At the very least brand websitesplatform. will need to be flexible to accommodate the consumer on which ever platform they choose.03 / KEY TRENDS FOR 2012

Key Trends for 2012Apps Data Data mining will deliver new social businesses in 2012. The phenomenal rise in the creation of content has risen to opportunities for data mining. From likes to tweets, checkins and comments there is a wealth of data being provided and analysed. This data analysis will lead to smarter businesses and more apps to give you the information you need. From concepts a simple as Foursquare recommendations to the TV analysis of Bluefin Labs that could revolutionise television ad planning, data will become a key commodity in 2012.Apps will become even more important in2012. Apps will no longer be solely on mobileplatforms but extending to socially connectedtelevisions (both Apple and Android arepushing for connected televisions), the desktop(Windows 8 will have its own app store) andinto the web. With an expectation of highChromebook sales in 2012, the app will becomethe defacto access for content, productivityand engagement. Renault are developing theirown app platform to bring the app ecosystemthrough a dashboard tablet into their cars from2012.2012 will also see the rise of niche app stores askey Brands that are recording their data from pageWe will also see app stores appearing for specific views to checkins, likes, comments and plussocial networks or existing apps. Spotify has ones will be in a great position to benefit fromrecently announced an app store for its platform this growth in importance and the range of tools(previously just an app itself) and many others expected onto the market.including RunKeepeer will launch their own appstores.App stores within apps found on app stores. Aninteresting concept to consider in 2012.04 / KEY TRENDS FOR 2012

Key Trends for 2012The rise of social niche social Where does this all lead?networks. In order to harness these trends in 2012, we believe a successful brand will take key elements of its service and optimise them for mult- iplatofrm consumption. We understand not every business will be relevant for an app yet some elements of each brand will. The attention to data, including site data and marketing insight can also be harnessed to bring a better ‘real’ picture of the and how the consumer is engaging with a brand which in turn leads to the potential for greater engagement, sales and retention. In 2012 brands will need to be more nimble than ever, focusing on elements of their business orNiche social networks are not new. Companies propopsiton that can be shared and consumedlike Ning have been offering branded and niche across a wide variety of platforms. As we havespecial networks for years but have struggled to seen over the past five years, the consumer isgain traction and business models. in control, now with more platforms and more choice than ever before.For brands, the argument against niche socialnetworks has been that the it is hard to reachthe consumer and attract them away from theirsocial activity in the large networks includingFacebook and Twitter.The new generation of niche social networks aresmart apps that combine the best elements ofthe consumers social network with the brandedopportunity of their own social network, WithAPI growth a branded social network canconnect with other social networks to combinethe best elements of the two.We will also see the rise of niche social networksthat combine interests with social networks. Wehave seen the rise of foursquare and instagramand we will see more social networks arounddifferent interests. These will include,Foodspotting and Path.Internal Social Networks may also start toreplace intranets. Renault,as one example isplanning to roll out a Social Network for its120,000 employees worldwide.05 / KEY TRENDS FOR 2012

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