Digital ID World 2007 - Understanding Openid

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Information about Digital ID World 2007 - Understanding Openid

Published on September 24, 2007

Author: daveman692



Presentation by David Recordon (Six Apart) and Eve Maler (Sun) about OpenID and the enterprise.

Understanding Digital ID World 2007 David Recordon Eve Maler Open Platforms Tech Lead Technology Director

quot;Its definitely time to declare quot;OpenID is a protocol made OpenID a winnerquot; for the public, by the public. TechCrunch No one owns or controls your login information:You do.quot; 37signals quot;...sees great potential for OpenID's use alongside enterprise-ready software infrastructurequot; Sun Microsystems quot;taking the world by stormquot; quot;this high profile announcement marks Tim O'Reilly the importance of single sign on identity technology to the future of the Internetquot; ReadWriteWeb

What is OpenID? • Single sign-on for the web • Simple and light-weight (not going to replace your bank card pin) • Easy to use and deploy • Built upon proven existing technologies (DNS, HTTP, SSL/TLS, Diffie-Hellman) • Decentralized (you don't have to ask anyone permission to implement it) • Free!

An OpenID is a URI • URLs are globally unique and ubiquitous • OpenID allows proving ownership of an URI • People already have identity at URLs via blogs, photos, MySpace, FaceBook, etc • People already describe relationships via URLs (e.g. links to my friends)

OpenID is Decentralized

Benefits • Reduces the number of usernames and passwords • Simplifies new account creation • Allows for lightweight accounts • Simplifies internal SSO • Enables wide-spread benefit of strong authentication • Enables decentralized reputation • Enables social network portability

OpenID is one of Phil’s Anchors

...but it also enables and powers

O M E Using OpenID D always with attributes -- now with claims

O M E How Does it Work? D

As a Conversation Who are you? I’m Prove it!

Discovers My Provider quot;openid.serverquot; points to my OpenID Provider

(crypto happens)

Creating an OpenID and you may already have one

OpenID is Really Easy

quot;This is a geek's toy, nobody will ever have an OpenID!quot;

~120 million OpenIDs (including every AOL user) OpenID 1.1 - Estimated from various services

quot;Nobody will ever use this!quot;

6 Total Relying Parties 0 (aka places you can login with OpenID) 0 6,000 2 4,500 3,000 1,500 0 '05 ct ov ec '06 b ar r ay e ly g p Ap Au n Fe Se Ju O M M D N Ju p Jan Se OpenID 1.1 - As viewed by

Total Relying Parties (aka places you can login with OpenID) 6,000 4,500 3,000 1,500 0 '05 ct ov ec '06 b ar r ay e ly g p ct ov ec '07 b ar r ay e ly st 22 Ap Ap Au n n Fe Se Fe Ju Ju gu O O M M M M D D N Ju N Ju p p Jan Jan Au Se Se OpenID 1.1 - As viewed by

quot;So that's great there are so many blogs, but what about something real?quot;

quot;What about security?quot;

“Protocol Security?”

like any protocol...think as you implement

the best solutions will around the browser

Higgins & Bandit (open source identity selector plugin and desktop app with OpenID support)

MyVidoop Plugin (a password manager tied into your OpenID account add-on for Firefox)

Sxipper (a form filler password manager with OpenID integration add-on for Firefox)

Symantec Identity Client (OpenID form-fill, upcoming provider, and claims integration)

VeriSign's OpenID SeatBelt (an OpenID convenience and security add-on for Firefox) works with

IE Team has posted a job ad mentioning quot;OpenIDquot; quot;Does the idea of redefining the role of the Internet browser appeal to you? Do the terms HTTP, RSS, Microformats, and OpenID, excite you? If so, then this just might be the opportunity for you.quot;

OpenID is great for innovation

quot;What about the Foundation?quot;

Founding Board Scott Kveton David Recordon Chair Vice-Chair Dick Hardt Martin Atkins Treasurer Secretary Johannes Ernst Drummond Reed Bill Washburn Artur Bergman Executive Director

Current Efforts • Add four corporate board members • Finalize an IPR policy for future technical work (effort let by OIDF, AOL, Microsoft, Sun, Symantec,VeriSign,Yahoo!) • Develop a trademark policy that supports the World-wide OpenID community • Develop and refined core messaging for OpenID and websites oriented toward developers, users, and other potential adopters • Coordinate World-wide joint marketing and evangelism (Snorri Giorgetti appointed as European representative)

“So, what about the enterprise?”

“What is OpenID@Work?”

• Exploratory program launched by Sun in May • Why? • Learn from experience! • Analyze use cases that connect business scenarios and “enterprise-strength” technology • Pass on our experiences to customers, partners, and others • What does it include? • An OpenID Provider (of a specialized sort) • Advising Sun website teams on OpenID • A non-assertion covenant (important IPR declaration) • Sharing what we learn

The Sun Provider • Only for Sun employees • • These are effectively pseudonyms (and we don’t peek) • Can be used directly or with delegation • Use of Sun’s OpenID authentication service means: • “Yes, this person is associated with this OpenID” and “This person is a current Sun employee” • OpenID relying parties can act on this additional knowledge • e.g. offer discounts to proven Sun employees

Architecture Enterprise-class and open-sourced has more information

How are they being used? • Not for business use -- an “employee perk” • wiki (work-related use that I undertake on my own recognizance) • Not currently using for internal applications • Not a corporate approved authn mechanism • Currently low usage • <1% of employees have signed up (~350) • ~7% the number of employees on Facebook

Formal Security Review • Business purposes: What we are trying to achieve, so that risks can be appropriately measured and mitigated? • Data governance: What responsibilities do we have regarding employee data privacy? • Authentication: Why did we choose the password method? • Protocol and implementation: Where are the “holes”? • - starting September 19th

Do Sun Websites Accept OpenID? • Pitched to several community site owners • No takers to date • Why? • Doesn’t completely remove local account management • Allows decentralized authorization only if everyone adopts it • No currently deployed OpenID standard for locally and third party asserted authorization claims • Business prioritization • Lost account costs not high enough • Not high-enough user demand

Offer all employees OpenIDs; open source Enterprise SSO and identity manager with LDAP and OpenID Internal SSO for bug trackers and wikis OpenID Provider with plans to ship in enterprise products this year Shared OpenID Provider for their businesses and partners Project management, CRM, and billing for small businesses

Thanks! Questions? David Recordon Eve Maler

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