Digital humanities project: visual analytic tool for human rights remembrance, education, and research

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Information about Digital humanities project: visual analytic tool for human rights...

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: LuXiao



This is a work-in-progress project in digital humanities. We have developed a visual analytic prototype to facilitate the analysis of curated video/audio interview testimonies about human rights. The curated data are stored in Stories Matter, an open source database developed by The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS) at Concordia University

Cura0ng  Tes0mony:  a  design-­‐based  partnership  in  crea0ng  digital   environment  for  human  rights  remembrance,  educa0on,  and   research   Stories  Ma+er  database  -­‐  an  Example  of  Digital  Cura3on  Effort  in  Oral  History   Research  Community     14-­‐03-­‐04   1  

    Patterns & Knowledge: Discover Categories   Cluster   Model   Rules..       Visualization         Data  Mining/Natural  Language  Processing   Data Our  Technical  Solu-on     Exploration and Analysis         End Users   New   Perception Knowledge Interactive Graphs and   Images         Interac-ve  Data/Informa-on  Visualiza-on   Adjust and Refine the visualization and data mining strategy Our  Par-cipatory  Design  Approach  …  

Par0cipatory  Design  Approach   •  Ini0al  design  mee0ngs   –  Introduc0on  of  visual  analy0cs  (example,   defini0on)   14-­‐03-­‐04   3  

Par0cipatory  Design  Approach   •  Ini0al  design  mee0ngs   –  Interpreta0on  of  Stories  MaKer  structure   14-­‐03-­‐04   4  

Par0cipatory  Design  Approach   •  Ini0al  design  mee0ngs   –  Three  Design  Ideas   Project  1 U3 U4 U1 Project  2 Project  4 Project  3 Project  6 Project  5 U2 U5 14-­‐03-­‐04   5  

CKM: Clock-based Keyphrases Map

Automa0c  Keyphrases  Extrac0on   •  Keyphrases  Extrac0on  Algorithm  (KEA)   –  TF  &  IDF  and  First  Occurrence  as  two  main  features   –  Naïve  Bayes  as  the  discrimina0ve  model     •  Ra0onales  for  KEA:   –  Start  point   –  Computa0onal  effec0ve  and  efficient   –  A  flexible  framework  for  future  extension  and   refinement  

Data source management •  Automatical Keyphrases Extraction     KEA Training Generating Training Data Training data Keyphrases Map Visualization Generating Model Model KEA predicting Text data preprocessing Generate Testing Data Testing Data Data Entry Top rank keyphrases Key phrases GMLs Stories Matter Database Data Entry Extracting time, people, location, etc Visualization graphs Visual Entities Metadata extraction Interactions and new knowledge from users Characteristics

YouTube  Demo:  search  for  “Clock-­‐based  Map”    hKp://­‐Hk  

Informa-on  Retrieval   Pa+ern  Iden-fica-on   Cura-ng  Tes-mony  –  a   Digital  Environment  for   Human  Rights   Remembrance,  Educa-on,   and  research   Informa-on  Sharing   Collabora-on  Support   Our  Methodology:  Design-­‐based  partnership;  Par-cipatory  Design  

Cura0ng  Tes0mony:  a  design-­‐based  partnership  in  crea0ng  digital   environment  for  human  rights  remembrance,  educa0on,  and   research   –  Team:     •  Universi0es:     –  Concordia  University,  Centre  for  Oral  History  and  Digital   Storytelling    (Stories  MaKer  database)   –  Western  University,  Human-­‐Informa0on  Interac0on  Lab,   Department  of  Computer  Science   •  Non-­‐Profits:     –  Page  Rwanda  (   –  Hablacentro  (   Languages  of  the  Curated  Tes0mony:  English,  French,  Spanish

Acknowledgement •  SSHRC  “Digging  into  Data”  grant  (2011)   •  Research  team:  Yan  Luo,  Steven  High

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