Digital Footprints and Students Presentation

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Information about Digital Footprints and Students Presentation

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: hewsonk27



Presentation related to the evolution of digital footprints and how to help student in learning about their own digital identity.

Digital Footprints and Students Kurtis Hewson, University of Lethbridge

Where are we going? • Examining the evolution • Your professional digital footprint • Digital footprints for students

Examining the Evolution Footprint 1.0 – What is a digital footprint? • • What I do can be accessed and followed? Our online record (photos, comments, posts, websites) Footprint 2.0 – Don’t want a digital footprint • • Never use your real name (pseudonym, online “mask”) Erase your online presence Footprint 3.0 – Manage a digital footprint • • Adding positive online content – taking control! Establishing and contributing to a PLN

Cleaning Up Your Footprint • Google yourself • Regularly check yourself on Google – be aware of what’s there • Check on a computer other than yours • Investigate Google Alerts – lets you know hen your name appears • Check Privacy Settings • Investigate privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, other social media • Remove undesirable content • Untag yourself from photos • Delete questionable comments and posts • Utilize the “Grandma rule”

Your Professional Digital Footprint

Establishing your Professional Footprint • Establish professional accounts • Set up a professional Twitter, Google +/YouTube, LinkedIn • “Like” professional pages, follow ed hashtags, favorite teacher videos • Begin social bookmarking • Diigo, Delicious and others – begin bookmarking valuable sites • Comment • Share your supportive thoughts on blogs, videos, tweets • Share links and resources • Blog • Essentially becomes your online home • Share thoughts, activities, learning, artifacts

Next step for your professional footprint

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Interesting… I’m already doing…

Kurtis Hewson University of Lethbridge Email – Twitter - @hewsonk27 http://kurtishewson.wordpress.c om

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