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Information about Digital Divide - Mexico Monterrey Universsity - Sergio Cabral IdeaValley

Published on July 2, 2009

Author: IdeaValley



Welcome , this is a presentation by Sergio Cabral about Digital Inclusion and Digital Divide Efect realized at University of Monterrey in Mexico for the American States Organization , Institute of the Amercias , and WireLess Interenet Institute ( W2i ).

United Nations Nações Unidas Reducing Digital Divide Myth or Reality ?

Onde Estamos

Onde estamos Petrópolis Petrópolis , Cidade Imperial of Brazil Marambaia Farm ( Atlantic Forest - 500.000 Mts2 ) Petrópolis Tecnópolis 100 Km do Rio de Janeiro , 300 Km São Paulo BroadBand , WireLess , Fibra Ótica , HeliPor to Central de Relacionamento e Operações 24*7

IdeaValley Localizacao: Vale Marambaia

Tipos de Humanos Alfa, Beta, Teta, Delta

Humanos – Fixos, Móveis, Nomádicos, Autônomos ALFA BETA TETA DELTA Acesso Fixo, Estático. Bolhas de Acesso Petala de Acesso Ponto de Acesso Pacotes Padroes de MicroBackBone NanoBackBone BackBone Proprio Atual Produtos e Servicos. Acesso WiFi-WiMax Acesso WiFi-WiMax Acesso ZegBee,Wifi Utiliza BackBone Roamming HandOff ,BlueThoot,InraRed Convecional. Expanção Alfa Expanção Beta Micro-Roamming Convergencia A-B-T Hibrid Technology Sofa User Conectividade Nomadic Do-it-YourSelf DeskTop Portabilidade

Digital Divide Factors A Rupture Viwer

Co m nt eú ri ge do O In de de te pe en nd nd en te e pe de Ind De C.I.D O . do sti . no .I. teú C on C DIGITAL DIVIDE ANTI-FACTORS . C. I.C o Co I.M. M. úd nte nte úd Co o Ind de ep ente en de end nte ep de Ind Me M eio io

The New Social Structure… Economy or Technolgy Factor ?

Digital Divide in Latin America The efor ts from Gov and Civil Initiative 2004 – Best Digital City Awards Promoção Empresarial Jundiai City ( Brasil ) > 750k Hab Bogota City ( Colombia ) 100..750k Hab Florianopolis City ( Brasil )  < 100k Hab - Pirai City( Brasil )

About Brazil BRAZIL: 175 MM population 25 MM Internet Users 1.4 MM BB Users (Q1 2004) 100 k WireLess Users Free Spectrum A sophisticated user: Brazilians spend more time online that Americans (13 hours and 43 mn in Brazil, 13 hours and 21 mn in the US)

UnderServed Communities & SuperServed Communities

We have decided to Bring Broad Band to Slums in Brazil We found Big Chalenges for the deployment High BackBone cost, New Infra-Estrutura, Old Infra-Estrutura Time-to-Market, CPEs cost, Regulations

TAHO found Big Chalenges for the deployment Challenges for BroadBand Zero Infrastructure Old Infrastructure New Infrastructure High Cost of Backbone High Cost of CPE Time to Market Law of Demand / Offers / Capital Content Transition Phase Intellectual Property Technology Transition Phase Habit Convergence Consolidation

TAHO have discovered that a mix of complementar y technologies are necessar y for each group of situations.

IdeaValley HardWare SoftWare WebWare Managment WireLess VOIP Power Line Inclusão Digital HighTech Bus-Models

How to Reduce THE GAP ? INNOVATION S.W.N.G.N “Shared WireLess Next Generation NetWork”

Strategy for Deep Digital Immersion  Proximity of two communities  Social gap SUPERSERVED  Urban violence UNDERSERVED

Success Strategy Self Sustainable Deep Digital Immersion  Select Robust Technology  Focus on UnderServed Market  Develop a Start-Up Plan ?  Do Fund Raising to Implement the Vision  Implement the Vision  Select Complementary Technology  Focus on SuperServed Market  Develop a Operational Plan  Open Opportunities to Social-Investor and Capitalist-Investors  Implement the Vision

The Habit Convergence

TAHO Habit Convergence & Deep Digital Immersion

The convergence of habits or social convergence is faster than technological convergence. Ultra High Tecnology can Help it.

Equalizing the Social Gap  The challenge for emerging countries is to accelerate the economy in a sustainable way;  A condition for that is to minimize the gap between social structures;  Providing internet and e-services will reduce the gap between communities.

TUNELING THE SOCIAL GAP A CASE STUDY TAHO Cyber Cafés in the favelas (with support of the ONG VivaRio)

Some Numbers from The IdeaValley experience with this Challenge and Oportunities

Rocinha case study ( The must big Slum in Latin America )

Rocinha Favela Result: since 2001, 27,000 DIGITAL RE-INCLUSIONS

Favela Result: 2 years of operation, 27,000 DIGITAL RE-INCLUSIONS Evolução do Número Total de Acessos 400000 Tipo de Mídia Distribuição etária dos clientes Estação Futuro onde obteve conhecimento da 377.179 45% 40% 349.620 350000 37% 38% 40% 334.705 35% 300000 320.495 35% 303.753 250000 30% 29% 30% 227.672 200000 25% ' 25% 166.730 150000 20% 17% 20% 122.762 100000 15% 12% 15% 15% 70.932 50000 10% 1.778 36.946 8% 7% 10% 0 5% 3% 09/01 01/02 05/02 09/02 11/02 01/03 03/03 07/03 11/03 03/04 07/01 11/01 03/02 07/02 05/03 09/03 01/04 6% 5% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 0% 0% 0% Amigo De Não Panfleto Páginas Parentes Cartaz Escolas Jornal Local Internet Rádio Passagem Informada Amarelas Abaixo de 12 anos 13 a 19 anos 20 a 29 anos 30 a 39 anos Acima de 40 anos

Rocinha Slum Result: in 9 Months 5.000 RE-INCLUSÕES DIGITAIS

Resultados Resultados Direct EX: Comunidade Rocinha > 100.000 Home pages visitada / mês 5.000 Clientes nos primeiros 9 meses 2/3 abaixo de 18 anos 1/3 abaixo de 11 anos 24 x 7 on the air Charged 1 Real / Hour Auto Managment and Maintenance ZERO depredation Technology Validation Resultados Indiretos Re-usage of the tchnology in Big others projects ( CVRD,PetroBras, Banks ) Worldwide recognizition Good press acceptance Social acceptance Technology Model very Scalable and resistent Emergent Market as consequence of Social Convergence in Brazil. Descovery of new Technological Oportunitie in Brazil and Market.



The Ideavalley conclusion about deployment Underserved Urban and Rural Populations is that Social Responsabilitie improves technology and market development

Underser ved KeyPoints Strategy E-Learning , E-Gov , E-Job and Need Need to Dramatic Cust E-Communitie Antropological Reduction are the Killer Social and Aplications Normalized Turn Key aproach Charged by Is not a Instalation ( Flip , etc) Usage , Also Problem , but Montlhy need to have Cust Reduction Value Added Fees BackBone Hungry for Content BroadBand Content CPE

How to Join IdeaValley Innovation Initiative Please Contact Mr Sergio Cabral –

Never Forget: Two key words in BusModel design Principle: Sustainability and Scalability

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