Digital Convergence: Integrated Marketing & Public Relations

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Published on May 8, 2013

Author: toprank



PDXCC13 conference keynote presentation on the convergence of digital marketing and public relations - Integrated Marketing Communications. Presented by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

@LeeOdden  Digital ConvergenceIntegrating Marketing & PRImage:  Shu<erstock  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Let’s Talk BIG      BIG  Trends  in  social  media  &  content  marke0ng  3BIG  Ques-ons  &  Answers  on  converged  digital  marke0ng  &  PR  BIG  Model  for  Digital  Marke0ng  &  PR  Success  31

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Why Should PR &CommunicationsCare AboutDigital Marketing?

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Promise of Digital MarketingAudience TargetingCross Channel IntegrationAdaptable, OptimizableHighly Measurable

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  We’re All in the Content BusinessPR  &  Comms  Messaging  Strategy  Newsroom  Blog  Posts  Press  Releases  Case  Studies  Social  Content  Newsle<ers  Contributed  Ar0cles  White  Papers  Events  Video,  Image,  Audio      Digital  Marke-ng  Content  Strategy  Website  Blog  Landing  Pages  Newsle<er  White  Papers  Social  Media  Microsites  Adver0sing  Webinars  Email  Video,  Image,  Audio    91% of B2BMarketers UseContent MarketingContent  Marke0ng  Ins0tute  

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@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  “Content is thecurrency forbuilding socialrelationshipsthat can boostearned media.”

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  If you want to ensure your brand isin the media……then become the media.

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  Brand PublishersBrand JournalismContent Marketing

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  Facts TellStories Sell

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  From Utility to Storytelling“Most  content  marketers  have  been  focused  on  u-lity  and  publishing  prac0cal  value  through  infographics,  lists  and  ‘how  to’  0ps.    To  differen0ate  themselves,  successful  brands  tell  stories  that  evoke  strong  emo-ons  and  help  the  brand  make  a  personal  connec-on  with  their  audience.”  Michael  Brenner,  VP  Marke0ng  and  Content  Strategy  at  SAP  @BrennerMichael  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  Marke0ng  Public  Rela0ons  Adver0sing   Branding  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  We’re All in the Social Media BizPR  &  Comms  Social  Listening  Social  Content  Social  Engagement  Social  Ads      Grow  Networks:  Facebook  Twi<er  Google+  LinkedIn  YouTube  Pinterest      Digital  Marke-ng  Social  Monitoring  Community  Building  Promo0on  Social  Content  Social  Ads    Grow  Networks:  Facebook  Twi<er  Google+  LinkedIn  YouTube  Pinterest  64% of B2BMarketers Use SocialMedia MarketingBusiness2Community  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  The  leap  from  PR  to  Marke0ng  is  not  so  far.  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  3BIGTrends

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  1Trend: Ubiquitous Connectivity50 Billionconnected  devices:  2020  Source: EriccsonCreate  Consume  Publish  Interact  Transact  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Customer Information JourneyImage:  Shu<erstock  Voodoo  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Customer Information Journey

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  2Trend: Converged MediaPaid   Earned   Owned   Shared  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  A  Picture  of  Me  Taking  A  Picture  of  Me  Ge`ng  My  Photo  Posted  to  a  Forever  21  Billboard  in  Times  Square.  Offline to Online Shared Media

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Co-Created Owned MediaNext  Closest  Popular  Preso  6,514  views  |  1  year  ago  125k  77k  68k  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Omni-­‐Channel  –  Transmedia  Storytelling  Storytelling & Media 360Source:  Gary  Hayes  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  3Trend: PR Transformation to IMC

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Digital Marketing Skills for PRMessaging  Content  Marke0ng  Social  Media  SEO  Adver0sing  Measurement  Unified    Strategy  Goals  Resources    What New Skills Are You Developing?

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  3BIGQs

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  LinkedIn Poll of Corp PR/Comms

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Align  Marke0ng  &  PR  Goals  How: Align Marketing/PR Goals?“How can PR’s drive fornewsworthiness be alignedwith marketing’s need forconstant content?”

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  A1Align Marketing & PR GoalsPR  needs  to  be  involved  with  content  planning  to  iden0fy  with  marke0ng  what’s  “really”  promotable    For  brand  publishers,  tap  into  more  brand  journalism  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Q2How: Break Down Silos?Marke0ng  Public  Rela0ons  Business  Units  HQ  Corp  Comms  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  A2Break Down SilosIdentify goals that can be metfor cooperation partnersthrough collaborationRecruit volunteersCreate a test, build a businesscase for integration“Sell” the resultsPR  Comms  Content  Strategist  Editor  Writers  Design   Social  SEO  Analysis  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  A1Break Down SilosPR GoalsAwarenessInfluenceThought LeadershipReputationMedia CoverageSocial EngagementInfluencer RelationsMarketing GoalsTrafficLeadsSalesOrder VolumeOrder FrequencyRetentionReferralsCommon Ground•  Messaging & Story•  Content Planning•  Coordinated Social &Media Relations withAmplification•  Social Listening forBuying Signals•  Content Placement•  Optimize messagingbased on marketingperformance data

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  What: Success Metrics?

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  A3Success MetricsSource:  Don  Bartholomew,  SVP  at  Ketchum  Goals are only as good as yourability to measure progress andoutcomes

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Even More Questions!How  do  we  integrate  roles  and  func0ons?    Do  we  mix  storytelling  with  marke0ng  messages?    How  do  we  gain  consensus?  How  do  we  make  the  business  case?    What’s  the  secret  sauce  to  a  successful  team?    How  to  manage  content  and  develop  processes  when  (in  some  cases)  roles  overlap?  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Create  Content  Op0mize  Content  Social    Networks  Desktop  Tablet  Mobile  Corporate  Comms  Blogger  Rela0ons  Feeling Overwhelmed?

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  1BIGPlan

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Discover   Act  Consume  Start By Knowing Your CustomersSearch  Keywords  Social  Topics  Adver0sing  Publica0ons  Events  Word  of  Mouth  Text,  Images,  Audio,  Video  Mobile,  Tablet,  Computer  Formal,  Funny,  Long,  Short  Social  Share  Engage    Subscribe  Register  Inquire  Buy  

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  ANract  Engage  Op-mize  360  Model  Convert  

@LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  Great Content Isn’t Great UntilIt’s Found, Consumed & Shared

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  PreferencesPain PointsBehaviorsSearch &Social DataSourcesEditorialCalendar,RepurposeSocial & SEONetworking,PR, LinkingWho are youwriting for?What do theycare about?What storieswill connectyou?Make it easy tofind & shareawareness consideration purchase retention advocacyOptimized – Socialized - Publicized

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Buying  Cycle  Keywords   Social  Topics   Content  Type  Awareness   broad   general  issues   blog,  byline,  social  Interest   category   inves0ga0ve   video,  social  Considera0on   comparison   demos  feature  comparison,  reviews  Purchase   transac0onal   referrals   exclusive  Reten0on   0ps  connect  with  other  users  be  a  resource  Advocacy   suppor0ng   par0cipa0on   deliver  as  promised!  Journalist  Pain  Points  •  Deadline  to  meet  •  In  need  of  another  source  •  Need  a  different  story  perspec0ve  •  Quotes,  stats,  research    Align  Topical  Needs  With  Content    Stan  Op0mized  &  Socialized  Content  Plan  awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Persona:  “Admin  Jane”  Influences  CEO    Values:  =  Fast  =  Save  $  =  Service  Fast  Save  $  Service  Blog  awareness consideration purchase retention advocacyinterestFacebook  Byline   PPC  Email  Offer  Locator  Tips  Ar0cles  Newsle<er  Blog  Soc  Net  Ads  Press    Blog  Reviews  PPC  Discount  Loyalty  Community  VIP  Referral  Ar0cle  Media  Reviews  Blog  Display  Offers  Network  Thank  You  Referral  Rewards  Content:  =  Topics  =  Keywords  =  Media  &  Channel  Optimize Across the Lifecycle

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  5 TakeawaysDigital  Marke0ng  enables  customer  targe0ng,  dynamic  op0miza0on,  and  a  direct  connec0on  to  business  ROI  You  want  media  hits?  Become  the  media!  Grow  your  digital  marke0ng  skills  NOW  Build  consensus  by  finding  common  ground  Goals  are  only  as  good  as  your  measurement  12345

@LeeOdden  @LeeOdden  #PDXCC13  Thank YouLee  Odden  -­‐  Consul0ng  

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