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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: carolyngiles752



Need a digital ad for Facebook, Pinterest, Google or Twitter? We have you covered.

The  Importance  of  a  Good  Designed  Display   Ad  (Digital  Advertising)   By  Bannerloft     Display  ads  have  been  around  for  a  long  time  now.  However,  in  the  recent  days,  the  growth   of   digital   advertising   has   increased   to   a   great   extent,   so   much   so   that   every   business   wants   to  invest  their  efforts  in  that  direction.   Display  ads  grab  attention  of  the  users,  create  brand  awareness,  and  grow  sales  and  profits.   They  offer  a  bunch  of  benefits  to  the  businesses  and  are  immensely  effective  in  most  cases.     Nevertheless,  a  display  ad  should  be  designed  well  to  get  the  most  out  of  it.  Unless  it  is  well-­‐ designed,   it   won’t   reap   many   benefits.   believes   great   design   is   the   key!   Why?  Below  is  a  brief  explanation:   Benefits  to  the  Brand   Design   Represents   Your   Company   –   More   than   anything,   a   well-­‐designed   display   ad   represents   your   company   and   its   goal.   Today,   people   judge   an   online   business   by   its   website  design.  It  shows  credibility.  And  so  does  a  display  ad  which  is  creative  and  looks   great  at  the  same  time.    

Conveys   Legitimacy   and   Trustworthiness   –   A   great   design   means   business   these   days.   Therefore,   when   you’re   writing   a   display   ad   for   your   digital   advertising   campaign,   make   sure   to   design   the   ad   and   also   the   campaign   really   well;   for   it   conveys   legitimacy   and   of   course  trustworthiness.   Benefits  to  the  Business     Grabs  Attention  of  the  Target  Audience  –  With  so  many  brands,  so  many  ads  everywhere,   it’s  tough  for  the  users  to  focus  on  one  thing  at  a  time.  However,  a  great  design  is  something   that  grabs  attention  of  the  target  audience  quite  easily.  It  makes  them  take  a  closer  look  at   what  your  ad  says,  what  it  is  offering,  and  how  they  benefit  from  it.     Apparently,   an   eye-­‐catching   design   with   a   combination   of   quality   content   and   striking   colors  will  do  what’s  much  needed.     Improves  Click-­‐Through  Rate  –  Compared  to  a  usual  display  ad,  a  creatively  designed  ad   is  likely  to  have  better  click-­‐through  rate.  While  the  content  may  pass  the  message  across   to  the  users,  the  design  may  compel  them  to  click  the  ad  and  check  what  you’ve  in  store  for   them.     Increases   Conversion   Rate   –   Increased   click-­‐through   rate   means   increased   conversion.   Though   it’s   not   guaranteed,   but   yes,   a   lot   of   companies   that   have   had   a   great   design   for   the   display  ad  campaign  noticed  a  rise  in  the  conversion  too.     Better  Sales  and  Profits  –  Sales  and  profits  are  linked  to  conversions,  but  they  also  mean  a   rise   in   the   bank   balance   of   a   company.   It   is   apparently   one   of   the   important   motives   of   investing  time,  money,  and  efforts.       Apart  from  the  benefits  to  the  brand  and  the  business,  a  well-­‐designed  display  ad  for  digital   advertising   campaign   will   also   benefit   the   customers.   People   looking   for   reliable   products/services  can  use  the  call-­‐to-­‐action  that  is  swiftly  designed  and  embedded  in  the   ad  and  take  advantage  from  it.     You  may  say  that  every  ad  has  a  call-­‐to-­‐action  button,  so  what’s  the  difference  here?  Well,   certainly,   the   difference   is   that   it   allows   you   to   places   the   button   where   it’s   more   visible,   noticeable,   and   clickable.   So   next   time,   invest   your   money   and   efforts   on   the   design   for   better  results  and  successful  campaigns.        


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