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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: welkaim



new version, enhanced with information about transit, and some new door-to-door tools found.

The Digilution of business travel Yankodesign Door-to-door search and booking tools William El Kaim – V3 – March 2014 Global Marketing and Enterprise Strategy - Innovation Team #Digilution Copyright © 2014 CWT CWT - Copyright © 2011

Disclaimer This presentation is a journey into the digital world through my personal lens. My work as an innovator means I am used to trying, testing and imagining! I’m referring sometimes to external sources (links are provided). Products and Services cited in this presentations do have features evolving over time Please de consider screenshots presented as “examples” of the service at a given time. Special Thanks to Regis Pezous & Patrice Simon Copyright © 2014 CWT 2

Plan Digilution of travel: compressing distance and increasing “nowism” The Digilution Period: planning & living door-to-door The new mobility integrators Copyright © 2014 CWT 3

Digilution of travel: compressing distance and increasing “nowism” From Travel (long distance) to Mobility (local now) … 4

Traveler journey before Source: World Economic Forum/The Boston Consulting Group analysis Copyright © 2014 CWT 5

And Now … Copyright © 2014 CWT 6

Reimagination of everything… now! It’s not only about planning at the beginning of the journey It’s about a fully integrated service which offers real-time intelligence and compliance knowledge at every stage of the trip. Since people are mobile all the time, the need for door-to-door search raised. It is the combination of multimodal search + first and last miles information Always mobile via door-to-Door Copyright © 2014 CWT 7

From travel to mobility mgt Copyright © 2014 CWT 8

Rise of multimodal (or multi-mode of) transportation Multimodal is a way to combine metro (subway), train, bus, bicycle, walk or car to go from one place to another. The other terminology used is "door to door", in that case, you have to add taxi and black car (car with chauffeur). Multimodal is emerging mainly due to the high speed train network, but also to reduce CO2 emission. Copyright © 2014 CWT 9

Rise of multimodal transportation Tools EU funded Multi-modal Journey Planner Within the Challenge we have received 28 submissions of journey planners, out of which 12 were shortlisted. European Commission’s program Shift2Rail, a public-private partnership to invest nearly €1 billion in research. Anytime, anywhere door-to-door intermodal journeys encompassing distinct modes of transportation OpenTripPlanner The app was created by a non-profit technology organization, OpenPlans, and will be raising contributions on Kickstarter The open-source multi-modal trip planner: OpenPlans Transportation: Copyright © 2014 CWT 10

EU funded Multi-modal Journey Planner Copyright © 2014 CWT 11

Copyright © 2014 CWT 12

Copyright © 2014 CWT 13 Copyright © 2014 CWT 14

Multimodal search Needs open data Schedule and Transit Open data is common in North America, but not so common in EU National Transit DB New approach in France taken recently with the creation of a new government Opendata web site Copyright © 2014 CWT 15

National Transit Data (USA) Copyright © 2014 CWT 16 (France) Copyright © 2014 CWT 17

Transit open format and open API Google GTFS platform and API Provides schedule (static data) or Real-time Transit information everybody can use GTFS feeds General Transit Feed Specification Reference Transit Data Feed: List of Public Feeds GTFS Data exchange Tool Google Map Transit Google transit for developers Copyright © 2014 CWT 18

Transit open format and open API Google GTFS platform and API Copyright © 2014 CWT 19 Copyright © 2014 CWT 20

Transit open format and open API SIRI the European standard Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI) XML protocol to allow distributed computers to exchange real time information about public transport services and vehicles. The protocol is a European Committee for Standardization technical specification, developed with initial participation by France, Germany (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen), Scandinavia, and the UK (RTIG) Based on the Transmodel (EN TC278, Reference Data Model For Public Transport, EN12896) abstract model for public transport information, The present version of TRANSMODEL (V5.0) uses an EntityRelationship modelling approach Comprises a general purpose model, and an XML schema for public transport information. Copyright © 2014 CWT 21

Transit open format and open API Creation of an ecosystem Several companies leveraging this information in their tools and physical products Transiteditor TransitScreen : Making transit information ubiquitous in buildings and other public spaces OneBusAway experiment citygoround marketplace: Hundreds of transit based apps Copyright © 2014 CWT 22

TransitScreen in the USA Copyright © 2014 CWT 23 Copyright © 2014 CWT 24

Conveyal Copyright © 2014 CWT 25

Ecosystem of apps Copyright © 2014 CWT 26

Mobility Lab Transit Tech Initiative Funded through a Demonstration grant by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. This project will provide travelers with personalized information that reflects their transit needs, pulling in the most cutting-edge trends happening at the intersection of the transportation and technology industries: open transport data standards such as GTFS and OpenStreetMap multimodal trip planning engines like OpenTripPlanner, and web-based visualization tools such as the D3 library. The goal is to answer more fundamental questions about: how the important places in a person’s life are connected via various travel options how robust those connections are, and how they fit into a larger travel decision-making context. Source: Mobility Lab Tech Initiative Copyright © 2014 CWT 27

Mobility Lab Transit Tech Initiative Much of the initial work has been focused on the design and development of a new transportation visualization package Called Transitive.js, which visually articulates personalized transportation data, drawing inspiration from stylized transit maps. Additionally, work has begun on customizing OpenTripPlanner to generate summaries of transit options. Rather than emphasizing the details of a specific journey at a specific time of day, the project aims to build features that help people explore and contextualize transport options as a holistic system. By showing how key places are connected, different transport options may become more easily identified as a logical part of daily routines. Source: Mobility Lab Tech Initiative Copyright © 2014 CWT 28

Integrating Transit Data – the new Hub RideScout is a startup looking to simplify transit options for people on the go. uses Google App Engine, Google Datastore, and Python and Django. As the company adds new data sources from across the country, it plans to eventually make it easy to plan a trip from California to D.C. with a single search Copyright © 2014 CWT 29 Copyright © 2014 CWT 30

The Digilution Period: planning & living door-to-door 31

Planning & living door-to-door Site offering trip planning only Do not request dates Could provide information only based on static data (schedules and map) or on live data (traffic) Trip Booking is done In the corporate world using your company travel policy and requires a dedicated login/password In the leisure world either directly or by redirecting to the web site Copyright © 2014 CWT 32

Multimodal and door-to-door Data used for examples I want to go from my Carlson Wagonlit Office in Paris 31 rue du colonel Pierre Avia, 75015 Paris, France to the carlson Wagonlit Travel office in Minneapolis 701 Carlson Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55305, USA In case of European search engine only, we will use the UK office Parnell House, 25 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1LW, UK Copyright © 2014 CWT 33

Multimodal and door-to-door Major web sites and apps Rome2Rio web site and app Offers a multi-modal, door-to-door travel search engine that returns itineraries which may include air, train, coach, ferry, mass transit and driving options to and from any location. Displays the carbon footprint of each route (using Offset Options) KDS Neo KDS Neo is a door-to-door travel booking solution for corporate travelers. It delivers complete, bookable, door-to-door itineraries and also predicts related expenses. Each search returns at least 4 complete but editable proposals: Recommended - best balance of cost, time, policy, convenience Cheap – The cheapest reasonable itinerary Quick – when time is money, the fastest way to get to your meeting Green – when keeping carbon cost low is important. Copyright © 2014 CWT 34

Rome2Rio Copyright © 2014 CWT 35

Rome2Rio – multiModal transp. options Copyright © 2014 CWT 36

Rome2Rio - then metasearch Copyright © 2014 CWT 37

Rome2Rio – but also platform Copyright © 2014 CWT 38

KDS Neo – Corporate Booking Copyright © 2014 CWT 39

Copyright © 2014 CWT

Multimodal and door-to-door Major web sites and apps RouteRank Door-to-door multimodal tool offering corporate booking (B2B) Offers both trip planning and booking, could also be used for meetings and events. TravelStoreMaker Bulgaria-based TravelStoreMaker has developed software that supports the planning of complex itineraries across multiple modes of travel, with content coming from many sources Wanderio Door-to-door multimodal tool used for B2C (Air, Rail, Bus, and car) Use Rome2Rio FromAtoB Door-to-door multimodal tool used for B2C (Air, Rail, Bus, and car) Copyright © 2014 CWT 41

RouteRank Copyright © 2014 CWT 42

Copyright © 2014 CWT 43

Wanderio Copyright © 2014 CWT 44

Copyright © 2014 CWT 45

Copyright © 2014 CWT 46

Copyright © 2014 CWT 47

Copyright © 2014 CWT 48

Copyright © 2014 CWT 49 Copyright © 2014 CWT 50

Copyright © 2014 CWT 51

Multimodal and door-to-door Regional offer Europe GoEuro Multimodal (Air, Rail, Bus), but not door-to-door (only at city, town and village level) MyTripSet From Voyages-sncf: Air, Car, Train Waymate Multi-modal search (Air, Rail, Bus, car), but not yet door-to-door. USA HopStop (bought by Apple) US local door-to-door and transit transportation Now offering some other countries and cities … Copyright © 2014 CWT 52

Copyright © 2014 CWT 53

MyTripSet Copyright © 2014 CWT 54

MyTripSet Copyright © 2014 CWT 55

MyTripSet Copyright © 2014 CWT 56

Waymate Copyright © 2014 CWT 57

Waymate Copyright © 2014 CWT 58

Copyright © 2014 CWT 59

Multimodal ground transportation Kelbillet French multimodal search engine that indexes fares for trains, buses, airplanes, cars, and rideshares. It’s aimed at French travelers taking domestic and short-haul trips. Loco2 UK multimodal train only search engine in Europe within thousands of European destinations. Wanderu Ground transport metasearch website that helps travelers find and book inter-city bus and train travel in the USA. Mozio From and to Airport, mainly cab and shared bus. Copyright © 2014 CWT 60

Copyright © 2014 CWT 61

Rideshare Resell your train ticket New train ticket Copyright © 2014 CWT 62

Copyright © 2014 CWT 63

Copyright © 2014 CWT 64

Multimodal search France Initiative France is launching a project to create a nation-wide multimodal search engine by 2015 Initiative from french gov. agency named: « Agence française pour l’information multimodale et la billettique (Afimb) » and with Transportation Agency: Groupement des autorités responsables de transport (Gart) French Regions : Association des régions de France (ARF). Objective Find an itinerary in France using: plane, train, car, metro, tramway, bus, bycicle, car sharing and Taxi A technical report to be published in 2014 and realised by Moviken Then a call for proposal for making it real for 2015 Source : Mobilicité Copyright © 2014 CWT 65

Multimodal search By Geography Country Based India: MakeMyTrip RoutePlanner covers 1 billion multi-modal routes and provides service via Web, mobile apps and even SMS France: GeoVelo, Wehicles, Mappy Great britain – TransportDirect Netherlands: Map makr Country Region Based Simplicim (Lorraine France) for EU itinerary StationMobile (Grenoble France) City based City Mapper: London, NYC, Paris, Berlin Side-by-side router - compare routes for driving, biking, walking, and transit Copyright © 2014 CWT 66

Copyright © 2014 CWT 67

Copyright © 2014 CWT 68

Copyright © 2014 CWT 69

Copyright © 2014 CWT 70

Copyright © 2014 CWT 71

Copyright © 2014 CWT 72

Wehicles Copyright © 2014 CWT 73

Mappy Copyright © 2014 CWT 74

Mappy: local commerce, car and bicycle sharing Copyright © 2014 CWT 75

Copyright © 2014 CWT 76 Copyright © 2014 CWT 77 Copyright © 2014 CWT 78

Copyright © 2014 CWT 79

Multimodal: side-by-side router - compare routes for driving, biking, walking, and transit Copyright © 2014 CWT 80

Decision tree What’s your need? B2B Multimodal B2C Multimodal Door-to-door Integrated Booking KDS Neo RouteRank TravelStoremaker Planning Only Rome2Rio Door-to-door Integrated Booking myTripSets MakeMyTrip Redirect to suppliers Planning Only Rome2Rio Wanderio FromAtoB Wehicles GeoVelo CityMapper Copyright © 2014 CWT 81

The new mobility integrators

Moving From Transaction Services To A Perfect Door To Door Experience Door to door requires digital delivery and continuous realtime updates on the go Omni channel experience through Cards like Google now or twitter cards Through timelines , like KDS neo Through maps like Google maps or rome2rio Or through instant communication (SMS, hangout, Skype, FaceTime, etc.). Information will be pushed to you on your mobile or wearable devices, and when possible you receive options to facilitate going over your trip disruption Predictive information to be pushed to you, for a price ... Copyright © 2014 CWT 83

MultiModal is the paradigm! Door-to-door, from A to B, … Travel today is more than just station to station; it is about door-to-door connectivity, thus giving rise to new market players offering integrated various modes to travel. Copyright © 2014 CWT 84

Rise of mobility integrators Door-to-door integrated, multi-mobility a reality in future Market will see new players in market termed 'mobility integrators‘ 'Mobility integrator is an entity or a combination of entities in the value chain which provides the right combination of various modes of transportation to offer an integrated, multi-modal door-to-door mobility solution using a mobility platform by leveraging technological expertise, operational excellence, infrastructural advancements and innovative business propositions.' Copyright © 2014 CWT 85

Mobility Integrators Stakeholders in an ever expanding integrated value chain taking the role of mobility integrators in the quest for totally integrated multi-modal door-to-door connected travel. Copyright © 2014 CWT 86

Mobility Integrators A mobility integrator’s function varies depending on what it offers and how it wants to position itself in the market in line with market demands and the group vision. Mobility Integrator (MI) is an entity which enables the existence of mobility programs through its current offering. Mobility Aggregator (MA) is an entity which offers a selection of mobility services as core business either as standalone providers or through partnerships. Mobility Player (MP) is a member in the value chain who enables or owns approximately 50 percent of the different modes of transport offered . Offers a selection of 3 or 4 mobility solutions Copyright © 2014 CWT 87

Mobility Integrators Car Vendors: From metal to Service and the war of mobility platforms … Citroen Multicity Peugeot Mu Daimler Moovle covering already three cities Impressive city-based mobility digital platform EU initiative Simply-City Mobility Card/Services vendors NS-Business Cards, Carbox, MobilityMixx, CitizenGate Copyright © 2014 CWT 88

Mobility Integrators Europe Examples … Copyright © 2014 CWT 89

Mobility Integrators Business Models Copyright © 2014 CWT 90

Example: Citroen Multicity Copyright © 2014 CWT 91

Multicity is powered by Moviken Source : Mobilicité Copyright © 2014 CWT 92

Example: Mu By Peugeot Copyright © 2014 CWT 93

Example: CitizenGate Copyright © 2014 CWT 94

Example: Daimler Mobility Services Moovel Platform GottaPark Copyright © 2014 CWT 95

Copyright © 2014 CWT 96

Simpli-City Mobility Service Framework A next-generation European-wide service platform allowing the creation of mobility-related services as well as the creation of corresponding Apps. This will enable third party providers to produce a wide range of interoperable, value-added services, and Apps for road users. Mobility-related Data as a Service A framework for the integration of various different data sources like sensors, cooperative systems, telematics, open data repositories, people-centric sensing, and media data streams, so that these data can be accessed and utilised in a unified way. Personal Mobility Assistant An end user assistant that allows road users to make easily use of the information provided by Apps and to interact with them based on a speech recognition approach. Copyright © 2014 CWT 97

Simpli-City Copyright © 2014 CWT 98

Example: NS Business Card 5% of business travelers use the train, while 95% use other modes of transportation, mainly cars, thereby opening up a number of avenues for NS to innovate. The transit payment system that the NS Business Card employed on a national level, focuses on flexible post-paid payments rather than on a pre-paid system Copyright © 2014 CWT 99 Example: Carbox Copyright © 2014 CWT 100 Copyright © 2014 CWT 101 Copyright © 2014 CWT 102 Copyright © 2014 CWT 103

Air France Paris airport transfers Copyright © 2014 CWT 104

Key resources Genius presentation by Frost & Sullivan’s Future of Mobility—New Business Models, Opportunities, and Market Entrants in Mobility Integration (slideshare) Future of mobility video teaser (youtube) The smart mobility management review Copyright © 2014 CWT

Linkedin Blog Twitter Travel 2.0 Contact: Copyright © 2014 CWT 106

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