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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: loridelee

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Educreations assignment about diffusion and osmosis

Name:________________________________________________________________________________    Class  Hour:___________________     Diffusion  and  Osmosis  Lesson:     1. Watch  the  video  on  Khan  Academy  about  Diffusion  and  Osmosis  (it’s  on  the  class  blog).  It  is  about   19  minutes  long  and  YES  you  MUST  watch  the  ENTIRE  thing!  J   2. Each  partner  will  take  notes  (in  the  box  below)  during  the  video.    Stop  the  video  as  needed.    Your   video  notes  will  be  turned  in  and  graded  as  part  of  the  assignment.                                         3. Compare  your  notes  and  your  partner’s  notes.    Discuss  your  information  and  their  information.     Add  more  information  to  your  notes  if  needed.   4. Make  a  short  lesson  outline  for  the  lesson  YOU  and  YOUR  PARTNER  will  create.   ◊ Objective:  (what  you  want  the  person  watching  to  learn  about  diffusion  and  osmosis)     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   ◊ Find  two  other  resources  (you  can  do  a  Google  search)  and  read  or  watch  them.    Write  the   title  and  the  web  address  on  the  lines  below.    Use  this  new  information  you  find  along  with   the  Khan  Academy  video  to  help  create  your  lesson.         ◊ The  first  resource  we  found  is:  __________________________________________________________________.                    This  is  a  good  resource  because:_________________________________________________________________    Two  things  we  learned  from  this  resource  were:   o 1.       o 2.                                                                The  second  resource  we  found  is:_______________________________________________________________.                                                This  is  a  good  resource  because:_________________________________________________________________        Two  things  we  learned  from  our  second  resource  were:   o 1.   o 2.    

◊   Provide  the  information  your  lesson  needs  to  include  in  order  to  teach  the  objective  you   provided  above.  (For  example:  first  we  will  discuss_________,  then  we  will  talk  about   _______________,  next  we  will  show  pictures  of  ______________  and  _______________,  etc.)     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.  Have  Mrs.  Simonson  check  to  make  sure  that  ALL  of  the  above  information  is  completed.    After   she  initials  your  paper,  you  can  get  started  on  your  lesson  on  Educreations.    DO  NOT  start  creating   the  lesson  on  Educreations  before  it  is  checked  by  your  teacher.       6. Your  lesson  on  Educreations  must  be  at  least  5  minutes  long  (remember  that  you  can  create  and   record  several  slides)  but  no  more  than  8  minutes  long.       7. Your  lesson  must  start  with  telling  the  student  what  the  objective  is  (just  like  we  do  in  class  every   single  day).     8. Your  lesson  must  include  information  from  all  three  of  your  resources.    Khan  Academy  and  the   two  resources  that  you  and  your  partner  found.   9. Your  lesson  must  include  a  5-­‐question  quiz  at  the  end  of  the  lesson  for  students  to  complete  after   after  they  watch  the  lesson.       ◊ Our  quiz  questions:     i. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   ii. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   iii. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   iv. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   v. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   10.  Now  you  are  ready  to  start  creating  your  lesson!!!       Grading  Rubric:   Points  Possible   Self-­‐Assessment   Partner  Assessment     Objective  was  included  at  the  beginning  of  the  lesson.       5     The  lesson  taught  the  objective  that  was  given.     The  lesson  included  speaking  parts,  pictures,  drawings,  and  other  items   to  keep  it  interesting.       BOTH  partners  participated  in  making  the  Educreations  lesson.    No  one   “took  over”  or  “opted  out”.       A  five-­‐question  quiz  was  included  at  the  end  of  the  lesson.     The  learner  would  be  able  to  answer  the  quiz  questions  from   information  given  in  the  lesson.  (Relevant  questions)   The  partners  worked  well  together  and  both  partners  had  input  and   helped  create  the  lesson.     The  lesson  was  your  BEST  work  and  is  something  that  could  be  shared   with  other  classes/teachers  to  teach  diffusion  and  osmosis.       The  video  notes  are  filled  in  from  the  Khan  Academy  video.     Two  additional  resources  were  provided  and  used  to  help  make  the   lesson.   5       15       10       10       10       10       20       10       5         ***The  rubric  above  will  be  used  to  grade  your  lesson.    Your  lesson  will  be  graded  by  4  different  people  and   the  average  of  the  4  scores  will  be  your  final  grade.    Your  lesson  will  be  graded  by:    YOU,  your  partner,  two   other  students  who  will  watch  your  lesson  together  and  take  your  quiz,  and  by  Mrs.  Simonson.  

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