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Published on August 17, 2009

Author: guest755177

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ZULTYS DIFFERENTIATORS: A white paper by Pierre Kerbage VP of Sales: North America & Canada Pierre@Zultys.com (408) 328-5423 www.zultys.com Advantage 1: INTEGRATED and EASY TO DEPLOY No other PBX on the market today, packs as many features or as much power & efficiency for the price. We feel that we are the best VALUE in the industry today. We do so much MORE from 1 efficient 2U Rack Mountable unit WITHOUT the need for EXTERNAL SERVERS (as it is the case with many of our competitors). Features like ACD, Text to Speech, Advanced Voice Mail, Find me Follow me are Integrated and run on and within our system without the need to add or deploy external servers, which seriously escalates the price and significantly complicates the deployment and maintenance of the system. Thanks to our elegant and simple to use administrative console interface, we can typically complete a single or multi site installation in 1/4th the time, when compared to our competitors. WE DO MORE WITH LESS: faster, better, simpler and provide a greater value. Advantage 2: ONE desktop software – MANY uses. Unlike our competitors, we do not need to run multiple software products on our desktop to do Find me Follow me, Teleworker, Soft-phone, Chat, UM, ACD, Web Conferencing, Fax Server, Call Recording... and MUCH MORE). We rolled 100% of our features into ONE extremely efficient CTI. Our interface is not only intuitive (typically 1 click to access features), but has every feature our users are asking of us. 1 thin effective software is all you run, and our Tele- workers do NOT require VPN either. Advantage 3: Multi-Platform Ever tried running other CTI on a MAC ? How about Linux ? Our CTI (called MXIE) is compliant with the Mac, Linux, Vista and XP Platforms. 1 secure, thin Interface rolls out to many platforms. Advantage 4: No Fork lift upgrades Our MX250 can scale to 10,000 users by simply adding MX250. Our seamless and transparent scalability has made us the choice in many enterprise companies. We also are a distributed architecture that can scale on the LAN or the WAN with superb failover mechanisms. No need to throw away the earlier box. Just continue to add MX-250. With ZULTYS, when you grow, you leverage your existing infrastructure and existing investment. 1

Advantage 5: PRICE We continuously analyze our competitors. No other competitor on the market can provide the features at our price point. We are typically priced 10 to 30% under our competitors, and when you consider that the price of servers that they would need to add to run what we can run (better and faster), out of the box, then the value augments significantly. BUY more with less. Advantage 6: Easy to do business with Our proposals are easy to understand. Clients typically choose 1 Kit to fit the user and line count and then JUST ADD PHONES. In essence, we have preconfigured Kits that can save end users up to 50% off of our “a la carte” prices AND that gives the consumer very useful features like Fax Server, Call Record, Call Detail Reporting, Soft Phones and much more. Furthermore, unlike our competition, our maintenance is an ALL INCLUSIVE price. We deliver ALL MAJOR AND MINOR RELEASES with our Software Maintenance. And the maintenance ALSO includes ALL hardware purchased from Zultys for up to 5 years from original purchase date. 1 SIMPLE price covers all hardware, all software and protects your investment from obsolescence. Advantage 7: Open Standards, yet INTEGRATED ZULTYS is a TRUE open Standards platform. Want to run a Polycom Soundpoint on our PBX, YOU CAN ! Even applications such as X-Lite and Bria and much more run great on our systems. We are SIP from the Trunking side, SIP from the application side and SIP from the end point side. But we did not forget legacy platforms, as we can even INTERFACE with an existing legacy PBX, making migration to the IP world simpler, more efficient and cost effective. We leverage your existing investment while protecting from future obsolescence by implementing the standards of telephony TODAY. From the trunking side, we are also able to run standard analog trunks, SIP, T1, PRI, E1, and even BRI. In fact, we can do it ALL at the same time AND even setup dial plans for least cost dialing, failover and MUCH more. And unlike competition, we do not required 3rd party applications or vendors to run our Advanced ACD or Call accounting, or Fax Server or Call Accounting. IT’S IN THE BOX !!! Clients can obtain ACD or Fax Server at a low licensed price and you do NOT have to install software on servers. Deploy more with less and roll out the application (s) you need in less time and save considerable time and money, while sticking with industry standards that will be here in the future. Advantage 8: Hooks to external World Want to have Outlook Records (or Microsoft CRM or Salesforce.com) come up, with the correct record when a call is received – YES WE CAN DO THAT ! Our ATAPI interface allows, with the use of 3rd party middleware the ability to do this, and more. Want to dial a phone # from a Web Site ? From Word , Excel, Lotus ? CRM ? YES WE CAN DO THAT TOO!!! 2

Advantage 9: Get it WITH the box Competitors charge for language packs. We do not. They are integrated and are adding more. Competitors charge for standard ACD. Our standard ACD is included at no extra cost. We even include a full call accounting that rivals many separately priced applications. Advantage 10: Worldwide class support: Zultys is only sold through our authorized reseller and dealer channel. Before a dealer can achieve an authorized state, they must complete rigorous factory service and sales training that have set the industry bar today. This gives our clients the peace of mind that they are buying a well supported product from a company who insist on training their dealers for an end to end correct and satisfactory deployment. Call Controller  ACD (Inbound Call Center)  Call Detail Reporting & Accounting  Call Record  Cell Phone Twinning  Conferencing  Advanced CTI  Secure Chat & Chat Rooms  Fax Server (Origination and Termination)  Find me Follow Me  Instant Message  Presence  Redundancy & Failover  Soft Phone  Teleworker Support  True Server based Unified Messaging  Visual Voice Mail  SIP, T1, PRI, Analog Trunks WITHOUT the need for External Gateways  Remote Phones do NOT require VPN ALL IN 1 box ! 3


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