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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: kimyuhl

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Being great is wonderful but being different is best. Why is it important that your business is different from the rest? Because there are millions of small business out there and in order for you to be found and remembered you need to stand for something. Something different than the rest.

Welcome! Differentiating Your Business Presented by Kim Yuhl, creator of secretsofbetterbusiness.com image source: www.maggiehosmcgrane.com

WHAT WE WILL LEARN • How differentiation can help your business. • Why stories are an important part of differentiating your business. • What a unique selling proposition (usp) is and is not. • Using your USP to differentiate your business. • Some other ways to differentiate your business.

Who Am I? • Martini Drinker • Small Business Owner • Adventurer • Forever Learning • Risk Taker (sort of) • Teacher, Adviser, Servant

How do your competitors get their share 
 of business in a crowded marketplace? ! BY BEING DIFFERENT! !

HOW DOES DIFFERENTIATION HELP? image source: www.marketectsinc.com

DO YOUR HOMEWORK • Ask your customers why they are choosing the products the products they’re choosing. • See if there are obvious improvements needed in your industry and how can you use that information? • Learn about the problems people are having. Determine if your solution will help solve that problem.

WHY ARE STORIES IMPORTANT? image source: www.inc.com

WHAT MAKES YOUR STORY MEMORABLE? • Where were you when you got your business idea? • What were you doing when you got your idea? • How long was it after getting your idea that your business was born? • Who was your first customer and how did you feel making your first sale? • What does it mean to you to be a part of your business community? Has it afforded you any unique opportunities?

UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION image source: www.brandingbusiness.com

"When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight."

“Where’s The Beef?”

WHAT A USP IS NOT •A mission statement •A bad sales pitch • Bragging

A SUCCESSFUL USP • Grabs attention • Is headline worthy • Solves a problem • Causes reactions • Is remembered

A BASIC USP FORMULA We are not only the best at (whatever it is you do) but we are the only ones that (do this or do it this way). EXAMPLE: ! ! I am not only the best person to paint your house, I am the only one in the area that shows you how the color you choose will look on your house during different times of day.

OTHER WAYS TO STAND OUT image source: vinestreetcommunications

SETTING YOUR BUSINESS APART • Your Products • Your Business Name / Product Name • Innovate • A Function

WHAT WE LEARNED image source: fontainemarketing.com

QUESTIONS? You can reach me at: kim@kimyuhl.com ! Interested in more free live trainings? 
 I announce them in my weekly newsletter. 
 Go to kimyuhl.com/get-boost/ to sign up. ! This course is part of The Secrets of Better Business Education Series designed to help small business owners work smarter and live better. secretsofbetterbusiness.com

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