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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: ejtench

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Equation of the tangent and normal to the curve.

DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS Lesson 4 – Determining equations of the tangent and normal to a curve

Notes • Change of SAC date to Wednesday the 26th of March • Handout and discuss new revision sheet for SAC (green) • Are you all keeping up with the work. There are some tricky related rates questions that only a couple of you are asking about. • Hand back polynomial worksheet (sorry it took so long) • We will finish Differential Calculus this week and move on to exponential and logarithmic functions next week. • www.year12methods2014.blogspot.com now working at school.

Question 9 Polynomial Functions Test

The normal to a curve • The normal to a curve at a point on the curve is the line that passes through the point and is perpendicular to the tangent at that point. • Lines with gradients

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