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Published on April 5, 2014

Author: samgsttiv

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children's literature


Anthousa the Fair with Golden Hair (Greek) The Fair Angiola (Italy) Rapunzel (German) SIMILARITIES •Hero: Prince, Heroine: a “beautiful” woman •The presence of evil: witch, or ogress •The heroine has long hair •The place: the tall tower with no normal doors to enter •The same ending: they get married and lived happily ever after DIFFERENCES •Villain: an ogress •The ogress chased the couple on a bear •The heroine will throw 3 comb which will turn into different things: swamp, thorns and sea •The ogress will curse the heroine •The story starts with 7 women who steal jujubes from a garden’s witch. •When the witch tried to catch them, only one of them is captured. •Villain: witch. •The heroine has golden hair •Villain: enchantress •The heroine’s hair is cut by the enchantress •The hero undergo difficult times: losing his sight

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