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Published on February 25, 2014

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In this presentation, I’ll be taking a look at the different types of security that you can have for your business.

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If you go back a few hundred years, the only security you could have had for your business was yourself. Sure, you could hire a night watch man, but it wasn’t exactly a known profession back then.

If you go back even further to the 1600s, you could have had guards if you were in a high position of power.

They probably won’t have taken intruders lightly though and almost certainly would have killed them on the spot.

In this day and age the smallest of businesses can afford security, be in the form of a person or something electric.

In this presentation, I’ll be taking a look at the different types of security that you can have for your business.

#1 THE INTRUDER ALARM These alarms work in a simple way. You set the device and if one of the motion sensors pick up movement inside the alarmed area then it will activate, either alerting you or the police.

PROS OF HAVING AN INTRUDER ALARM • Cheaper than most options • The sight of one can deter intruders • Sense of security

CONS OF HAVING AN INTRUDER ALARM • After activating, the time in which you or the police get there could mean the intruder has left. • You may forget to set it • Monthly costs depending on the provider

#2 THE SECURITY CAMERA CCTV has boomed in the past 20 years, with most businesses having some sort of camera in place. You can even purchase dummy cameras that are designed to deter possible criminals.

#2 THE SECURITY CAMERA The camera records at all times so it’s easy to rewind and find the point that you may need to view.

PROS OF CCTV • A clear shot of faces depending on the camera type • Constant recording ensures you will always have a second eye on your business • Proof in court if needs be

CONS OF CCTV • All those tapes! (for old models) • Not very useful in a power cut • Grainy images if you don’t purchase a good brand

MANNED GUARDING COMPANIES There are a number of manned guarding companies around the UK which offer their services to businesses of all sizes.

MANNED GUARDING COMPANIES Manned guarding is one of the best ways of ensuring your business is constantly under the watch whilst you’re not about.

PROS OF MANNED GUARDING COMPANIES • Somebody/ A team always on sight • Nothing deters intruders like a security presence in the form of a guard • They have the power to make arrests and detain criminals until the Police arrive

CONS OF MANNED GUARDING COMPANIES • The cost. You will have to pay a monthly wage to the guard. • They cannot patrol all entrances to a sight/building at one time • Holiday and sickness

Has this presentation given you a better look at the options that are available to you?

For more information about security for your business including manned guarding, contact Aspis Security today. http://aspissecurity.co.uk

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