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Information about Different types of online advertising

Published on May 31, 2014

Author: sbpostitfirst

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Get to know about various types of online advertising. This PPT updates you with the new ways of online advertising to promote your product.

Different Types of Online Advertising PPT Created by: PostItFirst.com

Types of Online Advertising  Banner Ads – Most popular, Many Shapes and Sizes  Text Ads – Google Adsense, links, etc  Pop Up Ads – Annoys web surfers, drives traffic away  Pop Under Ads – Opens underneath the browser  Contextual Ads – Within content and targeted  Site Takeovers – MySpace Promotions  Application space – Facebook, Myspace,  Mobile Applications – iPhone & Blackberry

Common Forms Banner Ads Text Ads

Site Takeovers

Application Ads

Mobile Applications Ads

Web Analytics  Analytics - measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.  Gives web publishers and advertisers a criteria to settle on price  Users – The number of users a site or network has.  Measured by unique ip addresses or site membership statistics  Generally lots of users can mean lots of revenue for web publishers  Generally advertisers love lots of users but are more concerned with page views and impressions  Can be misleading

More Analytics…  Pageviews – Pages rendered by a website  Generally lots of users means lots of pageviews  A common quantifiable measurement  Can help guage how “sticky” a site is  Impressions - The number of times an advertisement was rendered in a page view  One page view may contain as many impressions as the web publisher wants  b) Impressions are another quantifiable meausurement and are directly tied to monetization  c) Impressions are typically counted by the mil (1000). For every 1000 impressions a site recieves the CPM (Cost per Mill)  d) CPM's vary widely from pennies to dollars depending on the type of site.

The Analytics Companies  Measures pageviews and impression and site trends  Google Analytics –  Provides code to enter into any website to track its pageviews  Omniture - Just purchased by Adobe for $1.8 billion last month  No Coincidence largest anlytics companies are largest ad networks

SEO - Search Engine Optimization  SEO - Search Engine Optimization  1.) Optimizing web sites for higher ranks in search engines to generate higher page views  2.) Niche Markets - Small community oriented web sites  a) Targeted Audiences - (Music Sites, Gaming Sites, Poker Sites, etc...)  b) Can command large CPM,CPC,CPA’s if the analytics are right

Monetization  Monetization process begins with evaluating possibilities.  Players involved are: • advertisers, • publishers, • and the middlemen  Possible payouts in micropayments • CPM (Cost per Mil, 1000) • CPC (Cost per Click) • CPA (Cost per Action) • Signups, Surveys, etc… • Or fixed pricing.

Methods of Monetization • Sponsorship • Cross Advertisement • Paid Content and Advertorials • Syndication of Content • Affiliations • Links

Less Aggressive Methods  Donations  Loyalty  Responsibility  Conversion  Indirect Revenue  Generate Interest from Activities that Eventually Result in Sales

Emerging Markets  Globalization – China and India  Mobile Space  Nano Technology

China and India  Critical mass of online users in the next 10 years •Monetizing these markets will be tricky but will have huge rewards •New millionaires and billionaires will be made in this space

Mobile Space: The Next Big Platform  New cell phone technology  E-Commerce  Internet on-the-go

Nanotechnology  Dictionary: Any fabrication technology in which objects are designed and built by the specification and placement of individual atoms or molecules or where at least one dimension is on a scale of nanometers.  In their ongoing quest to improve existing products by creating smaller components and better performance materials, all at a lower cost, the number of companies that will manufacture "nanoproducts" will grow very fast and soon make up the majority of all companies across many industries.

Other Technology  Who knows what the future will bring…

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