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Information about Different types of dental services in Smile Select Dental

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: smileselectdental

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1. Different Types of Dental Services | Smile Select Dental Dental Services Smile Select Dental have a wide range of dental services including dentures, implant surgery, X-ray, Exam, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. With all these services, we provide our customers a better smile and confidence to flaunt their smile without any hesitation. You can take advantage of these services at any of our dental office located in California. We help in replacing your missing teeth, implant a screw to crown an artificial tooth, perform x-ray and clean your teeth and gives you the whiten and brighten teeth. So, let’s begin this article by understanding some of the services which are provided by Smile Select Dental Office. 1) Single tooth implant To look more natural and function like a natural tooth, a tooth implant is responsible for providing several advantages to human teeth and jaw. In the tooth implant, a single tooth of human jaw is replaced without even hurting the neighbor tooth than other treatment like a bridge. When your tooth root is

2. replaced in tooth implant, the jawbone of human becomes more preserved and secure than before. A single tooth implant is more refined and leisurely to clean the tooth and jaw as compare to bridge. How does it work? Initially, a cylinder-like screw or dental implant is placed into your jaw and after 2 to 6 months the implant and jawbone start establishing a bond with each other. Once this is done, a small and temporary healing cap is used to cover the anchor is which developed by the bonding of implant and jawbone. And in the final stage, that temporary healing cap is replaced with crown and patient will experience his tooth. However, to every patient, there are different cases so may the procedure will be slightly different from this but relevant to this only. After this procedure, you can easily flaunt your bright and sparkling smile. 2) Invisalign At Smile select dental office, we really understand the importance of orthodontics plays in your bright and sparkling smile. We always try to provide the best dental service in California that’s why we opened many dental offices in the different locations of California. Invisalign is a customized aligner which is used to align your gapped, misaligned and improper teeth so that you can easily flaunt your beautiful smile. Our expert dentist straightens your misalign teeth and these aligners are made of thermoplastic which is strong and flexible as well. Importance of having straight teeth Straight teeth are really important for everyone because whenever we flaunt our smile, straight teeth make it more attractive and beautiful. However, not only an attractive smile but straight teeth also improve chewing efficiency, they have lesser chances of having cavities. They prevent the chances of having tooth fracture and give you a better look. At, Smile select dental office we have the best Invisalign service for our patient because we understand the importance of your beautiful smile.

3. 3) Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening, a process of making your teeth brighter and whiter and removing stain and discoloration. If you have stained or discolored or faded teeth then we are here for you. Teeth whitening is not just a onetime process, if you want to maintain the whitening of your teeth you will require to repeat it on time to time. Out teeth are white by birth but as soon as time passes, they started losing their shine, brightness, and original color, why is this happen to them? Well, enamel is the outer layer of your teeth and the natural color of your teeth is just a reflection of enamel generated by the combination of dentin with scattered light. And your genes play an important role in it thickness and smoothness of enamel are completely depending on your genes. If you have thinner enamel than more bright color will produce. Every day when we eat something thin layers of some adhere substance sticks at the enamel and starts staining. Tobacco, cola, coffee, red wine, alcohol and not brushing regularly affects the brightness of your teeth. We have the teeth whitening service in Alta Loma, CA. so, that you can visit us make your teeth whitens and brightens. At Smile Select Dental Office, we understand your requirement that’s why we offer our services at Alta Loma, Corona, Huntington Park, Ontario and other different location of California. So, if you need emergency dentistry or you have any dental issue visit our nearest dental office in California.

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