Different type of web hosting services

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Information about Different type of web hosting services

Published on October 17, 2016

Author: StuartBraud

Source: slideshare.net

1. Page 1 Different types of Web Hosting Services

2. Page 2 What is Hosting ? Hosting is a process of storing any data on any space which is may computer, memory and mobile devices. In your computer store data in your Hard drive and in your computer all resources such as RAM, memory, processor, and bandwidth are available for get help you in working on that data from your computer. With these resources you can access or create, modify and delete any file in your computer. Exactly this very type of server in which store your bunches of the files on server and it is capable to perform or get permission for access on these data. It have a RAM, memory, Processor, bandwidth and operating system which is generally Linux based OS.

3. Page 3 Hosting provider is a campany which have resources of cloud computing and space on cloud server and they are selling it.

4. Page 4 There are various types of hosting services are available : 1.Dedicated Hosting 2.Shared Hosting 3.VPS Hosting, and 4.Cloud Hosting

5. Page 5 Dedicated Hosting Dedicated hosting services you can use when your site exeeds 100k visits per month. Mean you have minnimum requirement for hosting in your business. This type of hosting is limited like a house in which you can do anything but you have not permission outside to there.

6. Page 6 Shared Hosting Dedicated hosting services you can use when your site exeeds 100k visits per month. Mean you have minnimum requirement for hosting in your business. This type hosting you can use as like any building network.

7. Page 7 VPS Hosting Almost the full flexibility of dedicated server, VPS hosting solution designed for web design firms and businesses looking beyond shared hosting.

8. Page 8 Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting is the technique of provide computing resources such as RAM, Hard drive, processor, and bandwidth for using any application anywhere anytime.

9. Page 9 Quality of Cloud Hosting  Virtual space on the Demand.  The load is balanced across a cluster of multiple server.  Cloud hosting companies are providing (IaaS) Infrastructure-as-a- Service.  Cloud hosting is more scalable.  Flexibility.  Cost Effective.  In Cloud hosting your data is store 2 or more than places so it have no chance to failure your server system anytime and never show error into server with any work.

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11. Page 11 Cloud Computing benefits  No point of the failure system :  Every part of the cloud resources is ensure to be distributed and redundant, mean no further problem in any are whether it will hardware or software application from the underlying cloud technology.  Redundant data storage :  In cloud computing if your hard drive will be crash unfortunately then too you can recover data to another hard drive which is allocated on cloud server.

12. Page 12 VPS Hosting Cloud Hosting

13. Page 13 Resource usage efficiency :  Best options to scale to your usage and naturally pay only what you use. Security :  Each cloud user can be reliably isolated in his / her own environment. This ensures that security problems will be also isolated in the otherwise shared environment. Dedicated resources –  The latest cloud computing technology ensures that your resources are dedicated to you and not shared to others. This includes RAM and CPU according to the plan you choose.

14. Page 14 About Hosting Services For every business have need store data on any safe and secure place where our data is storing and access it in whole world. This work is make easy Hosting services. Every Hosting provider company have space on server or provider have own Data center. Hosting means you can say any data when you are upload on any server and after that you can use this data or space on server this process is called hosting.

15. Page 15 About Us We are providing Cloud hosting services for every application which software is online running and which have necessary data hosting services. Our hosting services is specialize for business, accounting, and taxes etc software such as QuickBooks, Sage, TaxAct, Drake Tax, Peachtree, prosearies, Sage ERP, Sage One etc application hosting is providing by our company.

16. Page 16 http://www.sage50hosting.com

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