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Published on September 28, 2015

Author: mrluked2

Source: slideshare.net

1. Different Shot Types Luke Murray, Aaron James and Callum Jordan

2.  We use a close up to show emotions and facial expressions. They are commonly used in death scenes or scenes that need to show emotion.

3.  We use this to show a relationship between two people. Film producers use this shot to capture a conversation between two people.

4.  We use this to show the lack of power and to make them feel less important. Used often in fight scenes to show who’s losing.

5.  We use this shot to show power because It shows the person looking bigger. Often used to show who’s winning in a fight.

6.  We use this to get the whole subject in the picture, e.g. the whole person or whole building. Used in filming to give the viewer an impression of the whole character.

7.  Being on the same eye level as the camera which makes it feel like the person is equal. Which makes you feel like the person is of equal importance.

8.  This shot shows you what the scenery is like from the persons perspective. Giving the viewer a better idea of the surroundings.

9.  It looks nice/edgy. It gives a abnormal effect.

10.  It shows the whole scene, giving the viewer an idea of what the settings like. Sometimes used to show the whole army to give the viewer an idea of how big the opposition is.

11.  Giving the viewer the point of view of the character, sharing similar emotions.

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