Difference between home work and course work

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Information about Difference between home work and course work

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: pamelagpehrson

Source: slideshare.net


The presentation is about the differences that exist between coursework and homework, to know more about how students survive excessive writing assignments visit this link: http://www.writengine.com/assignments/custom-assignment


INTRODUCTION  Are you one of those students who ate often seen asking this question, “what is the difference between homework and course work?”  Well we have tried to solve this query of yours once and for all, so lets see that what is the difference and how these two things differ.

Familiarity with Homework  This mode of learning is used by the teachers, who use it to refer the work that is given to students to be done at home.  This is an extra learning of the child and contributes to the development of child.

Course Work Importance

 Course work represents high level of education and this is much advanced level of education.  Many times students are unable to complete their course work and so they seek help from professionals and experts writers.

RESOURCES:  https://github.com/educatorsinfo/homework/wiki/DIFFERE NCE-BETWEEN-HOME-WORK-AND-COURSE-WORK

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