Difference Between African Rubies And Local Market Rubies

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Information about Difference Between African Rubies And Local Market Rubies

Published on June 22, 2016

Author: ruby1234_5

Source: slideshare.net

1. If you are going to buy a ruby gemstone or if you are not aware about how to distinguish between real ruby or synthetic ruby so in that case go through the below given instructions which will help you in buying a natural ruby gemstone.

2. African ruby gemstone could have symmetrical facets from all the sides of stones and local ruby will have daffy facets which are easily recognized. And, the shape of this stone should not be perfectly rounded or square.

3. To spot the African ruby gemstone compare it with the piece of glass. If in case it seems extensively difficult to distinguish between a glass and ruby. Then it is a fake ruby stone.

4. Due to almost absolutely appearance characteristics, fake gem dealers often try to sell a fake ruby stone in place of a African ruby gemstone to multiply their profits.

5. African ruby gemstone is natural GemLab certified gemstone. Local ruby comes with heat treated that’s why it is very low in price.

6. Don't fall in prey of jewelers who sells ruby gemstone with fancy names as such “natural ruby gemstone" "pure ruby gemstone". As these could be fake ruby stones.

7. GemLab Authentic Ceylon Yellow Sapphire • The products at Gemlab Laboratories are real and authentic. • Each gemstone is one of its own kind and is directly taken from the mines • Every stone is properly gone under proper quality check. • Every stone is sealed pack after proper certification. • Every stones comes with SKU number. .

8. GemLab Certification • GemLab laboratory offers complete testing of a gemstone • GemLab laboratories are working in the field of gemology for more than a decade. • GemLab have a separate team of highly acclaimed gemologists who inspect stone meticulously before issuing a certificate to it.

9. For more information visit at http://ruby.org.in/

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