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Published on September 29, 2016

Author: anandakanda_EMR



2. Index  What are the Client Expectations?  Reality  DIRS : The trainers need

3. What are the Client Expectations?  Shedding the exorbitant body fat off the hips, abs and buttocks?  Looking to train weights to get into perfect shape?  Does eating more increase body weight and vice versa?  Does skipping dinner reduce weight? Above all, all that a client expects is results and quick tricks. Hold! This is not how it works. You are already tired of polishing the basic know- how of the client about their body and varied requirements. Diet design ideally depends on your body type, biological routine, eating habits, taste buds and a lot more

4. Reality  Designing an apt diet that will cater exactly to client expectations is the key to success for healthcare practitioners.  It requires a lot of understanding, research & time and more importantly: patience!  We have observed numerous heath specialists toiling hard, day and night just to get the desired output from their business. Frankly speaking, after a daylong of personal client interactions and support activities, most of them still tend to work on client diet programs post work time. While it is quite tedious and unwanted, diet regime is an imperative part of their business success.

5. DIRS: The trainers need  There are multiple innovative products available in the market that can actually support your business by streamlining the repetitive processes.  With limited business education and information, it is no surprise that nutrition consultants are left in the dark.  Anandakanda DIRS (Diet Intake Reminder System) is one such revolutionary solution promising to ease the lives of healthcare practitioners.  DIRS is a revolutionary reminder system that provides you reminders via SMS for eating right food, on right time. Many healthcare practitioners have eventually turned into our clients due to the value addition DIRS put to their lives as well as professions.

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