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Published on March 7, 2014

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athletic amenorrhea tends to be a nutritional problem and sometimes is a red flag for an eating disorder or o diet plans for women

Too many soccer players (mostly female players) feel pressure to lose weight and have a diet plans for women. They’ve been led to believe “thinner is better.” But that’s not true in this game. Some of these players strive to be “perfectly” thin and they commonly pay a high price: poor nutrition, poorly fueled muscles, stress fractures, nagging injuries, loss of menses (in females), to say nothing of reduced stamina, endurance, and performance. For some, obsessions with food and weight culminate in disordered eating patterns, if not outright eating disorders. If you struggle with food, keep reading!

Soccer Players and Weight Weight tends to be a major issue among some soccer players, like it is with many women. Sometimes these players are over fat and rightfully discontent with their undesired for a healthy diet Other times, they are actually lean and simply have distorted body images.

Body image You often hear female soccer players complain, “My thighs are so big…” Yet, a female player feels complimented if you comment her thighs are thin—even if that thinness does not benefit her performance. In contrast, you’ll never hear a guy compliment his teammate by saying, “John, your thighs are so thin!”

Women, Soccer, and Amenorrhea If you are a female who previously had regular menstrual periods but currently has stopped menstruating, you are experiencing amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is defined as missing three or more periods in a row (as opposed to occasionally missing a period or having irregular cycles). Although you may think the loss of menses is because you are too thin or are exercising too much, thinness and exercise are generally not the causes of amenorrhea. After all, many thin soccer players do have regular menses.

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