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Information about Diesel Maintenance in the Winter Infographic - Shrader Canada

Published on January 3, 2017

Author: ShraderCanada

Source: slideshare.net

1. DIESEL WHAT CAN YOU RECOMMEND TO YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR MAINTENANCE OF THEIR DIESEL TRUCKS DURING THE COLDER MONTHS? BATTERY CHECK CARING FOR THE FRONTEND BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR HIGH SPEED EXTREME PRESSURE BEARING GREASE Dirty batteries and corroded or dirty battery terminals can turn a good battery bad. Check the positive cable attachment at the starter. If you are replacing a customer’s battery, make sure to use our Battery Terminal Protector to reduce battery acid build-up. Front bearings need to be re-packed on an annual basis. Using an Extreme Pressure Bearing Grease will help in dealing with fierce winters, including corrosion and oxidation resistance, so a little snow won’t lead to a lot of rust. Protect from battery acid build-up. Blue-dyed product leaves a protective film. Blue-dyed product leaves a protective film. Shrader's Battery Terminal Protector will protect from battery acid build-up after battery has been cleaned. TREAT THE DIESEL ITSELF DIESEL SHOCK While diesel engines are tough, they are not immune to engine deposits, and require special fuel additives to help control the various issues which can occur. Diesel engines use fuel injectors to control the fuel flow into the engine combustion chambers, and fouling can create flow issues. Diesel Shock treatment is a preventative- maintenance product that maintains diesel fuel injector cleanliness, ensuring the correct fuel spray. DIESEL ANTI-GEL -30 Diesel fuel contains waxes, and at cold ambient temperatures, larger wax crystals will begin to form, causing wax dropout which can block the fuel filter. Fuel flow improvers treat the fuel, ensuring proper flow and eliminating tank sludge, to make a diesel engine last longer and work better. DIESEL CETANE BOOST PREMIUM DIESEL FUEL CONDITIONER Diesel Fuel Conditioner and Diesel Fuel Treatment are year-round products that help to improve lubricity for low-sulphur diesel fuels, reduce exhaust smoke, improve fuel efficiency, and aid in corrosion protection. Reduces exhaust emissions. Protects against corrosion. Improves fuel efficiency. Increases Cetane number. Deep cleaning protection for fuel system. Shrader’s Diesel Shock removes fuel system deposits allowing optimum operating conditions while reducing exhaust emissions, improved fuel efficiency and increased cetane. Excellent Work Stability Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear Protection Corrosion Protection Compatible with conventional lithium soap greases. Oxidation Resistant Formulation Meets the ASTM D 4950 Standards Shrader's High Speed Extreme Pressure Bearing Grease should be used on high speed, high temperature applications. It is best for wheel bearings, ball joints, U-joints, disc brakes, bushings and other critical grease points. grease lithium soap Eliminates tank sludge. Improves fuel mileage and clean burning combustion. Reduces harmful emissions while improving lubricity. Prevents corrosion to tanks and entire fuel system. Improves pumpability in today's diesel fuels. Improves cetane. Contains no alcohol. Shrader's Diesel Anti-Gel -30 is a concentrated, full spectrum fuel additive and combustion catalyst designed for use with diesel fuel in cold climates. This formulation eliminates wax dropout due to sub-zero temperatures. DIESEL FUEL TREATMENT Provides maximum lubricity & Reduces exhaust smoke. Provides corrosion protection. Improves fuel economy and increases power. Enhances environment preservation. Shrader's Diesel Fuel Treatment effectively removes and prevents diesel fuel injector deposits to promote smoother idle. Reduce wear, reduce smoke and decrease fuel consumption Improves engine performance and decreases emissions Removes fuel related deposits, keep fuel injectors clean Shrader's Premium Diesel Fuel Conditioner helps to reduce deposit formation and improve performance. Improve diesel fuel quality to improve power, performance and cold starting. Improves cetane. Reduces exhaust emissions and improves fuel efficiency. Shrader's Diesel Cetane Boost added to the fuel system allows for maximum performance. Recommended for use in ULSD fuels and with biodiesel. 99 MILES LOCK STEP Using a dry graphite lube or silicon spray for locks can avoid internal freezing over the winter. DON’T GET HOSED Cold weather can lead to hoses and lines cracking and failing. Replace any that are showing signs of wear – this includes, but isn’t limited to, coolant and fuel lines. Check that they are connected tightly at each end, so they don’t break loose during usage. DIESEL MAINTENANCE IN THE WINTER FOULING WAX DROPOUT Cold starting is a big problem for diesels in the winter. Similar to the octane rating of gasoline the cetane number indicates purity and quality – the higher the number, the higher the quality. Cetane Boost will effectively increase the cetane number of diesel fuel, meaning faster engine starts, improved engine operation, increased power and performance, and reduced exhaust emissions and soot. COLD STARTING LUBRICITY, EXHAUST SMOKE & FUEL EFFICIENCY sales@shradercanada.com www.shradercanada.com 800-201-9486 Shrader Canada Ltd, 830 Progress Court, Oakville, ON, L6L 6K1, Canada

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