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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: viogx

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DIDACTIC UNIT “THE FAMILY” STUDENT: Irma Violeta López Chuquimajo. DATE: 07/02/14. COURSE: English. YEAR: 2013/14 CLASSROOM: 2º D TEACHER: Cristina.

DIDACT UNIT: THE FAMILY “My family love me, look after me and teach me.” MY FAMILY Unit no.: 1 Duration: 4 weeks Lesson time: 30 minutes every day AIMS { To recognize family members. { To respect different family types. { To introduce the English lesson as a fun time. { To introduce simple Greetings. { To introduce numbers 1 – 5. { To introduce basic instructions. INTENDED OUTCOMES 1 VOCABULARY { To be able to point to the member of the family when they hear the word. { To be able to differentiate family types. { To enjoy the english lesson. { To be able to say “Hello” { To begin to be able to count along with the teacher, up to 5. { To be able to say their name in response to “What´s your name?” { { { { { { { { { { Mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Grandmother. Grandfather. Baby. Uncle. Aunt. Cousin. { Show your mother. { Show your father. { Point to your brother. { Point to your sister. { Point to yourself. { Show your cousin. { Show your uncle. { Show your aunt. { Numbers 1 – 5. { Stand up, sit down. Irma Violeta López Chuquimajo +

DIDACT UNIT: THE FAMILY “My family love me, look after me and teach me.” GRAMMAR EVERYDAY LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES { Possessive; your, theirs, hers… { Questions: how do…?, how many…?, where are…?... { Commands: show, point to… { Numbers 1 – 5. { What´s your mother name? { What´s your father name? { What´s your sister name? { What´s your brother name? { What´s your name? { What´s your grandmother name? { What´s your grandfather name? { Where is mother / father / sister / brother / grandfather / grandmother? { Hello. { Goodbye. { See you tomorrow. { How many…? { Through the accompanying worksheets: { Colours. { Paint. Total physical response: Children to do actions, following the techar´s example to begin wtih. Games: { Repeating family members (flashcards). { Doing puzzles with picture of a family. { Memory matching. { Counting how many people we see in every family. { Linking each child with their mother or father. { Painting my family. Songs: { How are you today?. { Family song my family and me. { The family song. { The finger family, how are you? Story:  My family.  You´re going to have a brother.  The ugly duckling.  Not all families are equal. Rhymes:  Finger family where are you?. Irma Violeta López Chuquimajo + 2

DIDACT UNIT: THE FAMILY “My family love me, look after me and teach me.” UNIT 1 “THE FAMILY” (tenth lesson) TIME 8 minutes 8 minutes 6 minutes AIMS  To introduce numbers 1 – 5 and the question “how many people do you see?”. ACTIVITY RESOURCES Counting how many  Flashcards people we see in every with family family (game). images.  The teacher have to show each flashcards to children and ask them “how many people can see them?”  To do an active Family song – my family activity and and me (song). practise the names of members  You have to sing a song the family. about the family with some flashcards and then try to your children learn this song.  To transmit the My family (story). idea that the family can to  Tell a story about the expand and to family. introduce “uncle” “aunt” and “cousin”. Irma Violeta López Chuquimajo + 3

DIDACT UNIT: THE FAMILY 8 minutes “My family love me, look after me and teach me.”  To sing the song Finger family, where are  Puppets. and to get that you? (rhymes). children moving their hands with  Sing the song slowly, so the song and in that children hear all the end of the the words and they song say have time to repeat an “goodbye”. do the actions with you. Irma Violeta López Chuquimajo 4 +

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