Did You Know These Surprising Facts About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aid

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Information about Did You Know These Surprising Facts About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aid

Published on November 21, 2017

Author: hearingaidlabs

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slide 1: Did You Know These Surprising Facts About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aid Devices Most people are surprised to learn that they’ve hearing loss problem. However there are several other startling facts you didn’t know about hearing loss and hearing aid devices. 1. Hollowed-Out Horns were once used as Hearing Aids In the bye-gone era long before the geniuses came up with the nifty hearing aid devices you find in South Africa today hollowed-out horns were utilised as archaic hearing aids. Whether they worked or not they sure made for a comic effect during the meetings of nobles. 2. 1 in 5 Teenagers Suffer from Hearing Loss You could blame earphones and loud music but it remains quite startling that 1 in every 5 teenagers have some sort of hearing loss. 3. 165 Million People Age above 65 years has hearing loss One in every three seniors over 65 suffers from hearing loss according to WHO. 4. Some Hearing Aid Devices can be Computer-Programmed Most digital hearing aid devices in South Africa can be programmed using a computer to work with every sound landscape. 5. There’s something for everyone slide 2: Modern hearing aid devices are fabulously varied. There’s a hearing aid for the partygoer the fashionista the fitness fanatic the cautious grandpa the trendsetter --- you catch the drift 6. Hearing Aids are Literally Invisible These devices fit comfortably and discreetly inside the ear canal providing crisp natural sound quality. 7. There are Waterproof Dustproof and Sweat-proof Hearing Aids With today’s advanced hearing aid devices in South Africa you don’t have to worry about dust water sweat and even wax build-up. 8. Computer Smartphone-Friendly Digital wireless hearing aid devices are now standard in SA. They can sync seamlessly with your FM stereo computer tablets and whatnot. 9. Long-Lasting Hearing Aids Batteries Hearing aid batteries have made huge leaps and milestones. They can now last up to 10 days or even longer. 10. 32 million children aged below 15 years have hearing loss Hearing Aid Labs Shop 19A Umhlanga Centre 189 Ridge Road Umhlanga South Africa 4319 Phone: 0315612169 infohearingaidlabs.co.za http://www.hearingaidlabs.co.za

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