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Published on October 23, 2007

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INTERNATIONAL Forum of Construction 11th Édition Casablanca International exhibition 22 – 26 Novembre 2006:  INTERNATIONAL Forum of Construction 11th Édition Casablanca International exhibition 22 – 26 Novembre 2006 Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006  Kingdom of Morocco Primer Minister Ministry of housing and urban planning Moroccan and Spanish Partenarship relations Under the Topic: Slide2:  SOME DATA ON THE KINGDOM OF MOROCCO (YEAR 2004) Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 TERRITORY AND POPULATION interior product gross GROSS FIXED CAPITAL FORMATION - GFCF - RATE OF EXCHANGE (transfer course) Rate of exchange against dirham to the 27/03/2006 Taux de change contre dirham au 27/03/2006 Slide3:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Moroccan Potentialities and opportunities Political Stability, strategic geographical situation and proximity to Eeurope with customs facilities . Construction of the State of right, consolidation of human rights culture and respect of freedoms : irreversible fundamental choices of our country (legislative and institutional reforms, family Code , Authority equity and reconciliation...) Promotion of investment, as a principal engine of economic development , wealth and employment creation, by economic liberalization, the opening-up to international private sector to foster partnership, total reform of the national currency to promote investments, the support to contractors and the modernization of the institutional environment Slide4:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Opening of large building sites in Morocco reinforcement and modernization of large scale networks of infrastructure and superstructure motorways, Road networks, communications, energy and ports...: realization of harbours, the industrial and commercial complex of Tangier realization of 160 kilometers of motorways per year since 2005 and of 1.500 km of rural roads; generalization and finishing of drinking water adduction and electrification works. construction and installation of touristic sites in the objectif to drain 10 million tourists per year from the next decade onwards (Azure Plan) Construction of two dams a year Realization of 100.000 units of social houses per year, etc. Slide5:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Potentialities of Morocco Morocco has become the most attractive Mediterranean country in so far as direct foreign investments are concerned, 41% of which are with France and 27% with Spain (more than 800 Spanish companies work in Moroccan different sectors) In the housing sector, FADESA group realizes social housing projects in Agadir and Rabat. It realizes also great touristic projects in Saadia (Moroccan Eastern region), other projects in Tangier and a five stars hotel under construction in Casablanca In the end of Mars 2006, eight conventions were signed with two of the largest economic operators of Emirates, Dubai Holding and Emaar. The investment is 9 billion American dollars and concerns touristic and housing méga developemnt projects in (Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier) Attractivity of Morocco to drain direct foreign investments Slide6:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 A particular interest is given to the sector by HIS MAJESTY THE KING MOHAMMED VI A Sector that occupies a great place in the national economic environment it contributes up to 5% in Gross domestic product A Sector considered as a priority to make up for the total deficit in housing production estimated at the end of 2002 to 700.000 units and a deficit of basic equipments in irregular settlements where live about 540.000 households young population: more than 60 % of the Moroccan population have less than 30 years, therefore an increasing housing need and demand Housing and urban planning: a sector with strong investment potentialities Slide7:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 To re-examine the whole housing production methods and means , to fight irregular constructions and to restructure non organised urban districts To double social housing production rythm to attain 100 000 units a year To gradually reabsorb the total deficit in houses through massive and adapted production and through upgrading programmes of insalubrious housing To improve access to housing for all social classes To adapt urban planning to urban and real estate development To revise public policy of housing production To use public land for housing production promotion To revise the loans mode reserved to social housing by the creation of warrant funds for modest and irregular income population Engagements of Moroocan Government at the end of novembre 2002 Slide8:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 To adapt housing offer to the volume and nature of demand To Increase the potentialities of cities reception of create new urban poles To accelerate resorption programmes of insalubrious housing by focusing action on the resorption of shantytowns within the framework of " city pact" To extend urban planning documents to cover the whole territory and redefine the responsibilities of urban management To level cities and improve rural housing conditions To reinforce institutional, legal,, technical tools relating to the sector Strategic vision of the Ministryn of housing and urban Planning Slide9:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Mobilization of Public land (7.600 ha) Exemptions and tax advantages granted by the authorities within the financial Law 1999-2000 (19th article) to investors engaged, with the goverment according to a conventional pact , to carry out a construction schedule of 2.500 social housing, in a laps of 5 yeaars Creation of a single counter to treat with the maximum of flexibility and celerity allowance requests of building, parcelling and parcelling out authorizations investment visibility in the sector of housing and urban planning encouraged by: Slide10:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Development of the pulic-private partnership to produce and promote social housing by making at the disposal of the private sector usable plots under advantageous conditions by tenderig 75.581 housing units under development by 121 private partners covering 18 cities of the kingdom Signature of 19 conventions in December 2005 which aim at the realization of 143.000 housing units with an investment of 2,7 billion€ , of which 10.000 houses are under construction Visibility of investment in housing and urban planning encouraged by: Slide11:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Development of New urban zones (ZUN) and of New Urban Poles Reinforcement of financial resources allocated to the sector Creation of Guarantee funds (FOGARIM and PUBLIC FOGALOGE) Restructuring Gouvernemental construction agencies (Creation of Al OMRANE Holding) Levelling of urban planning and management tools development Legal, lawful and technical reforms (Development of the Code of urban planning in accordance with the High Royal Directives, development of the general building code...) investment visibility in the sector of housing and town planning encouraged by: Slide12:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Reinforcement of the role of the Ministry of housing and urban planning in technical fields : National technical standardization charter Quality and safety regulation in the building field Technical regulation on quality and safety in the construction industry Antiseismic building Code, General building Code Installation of national scientific research in the field of housing Industrialization Charter in the building field Qualification and classification of the companies intervening in the sector of construction investment visibility in the sector of the habitat and urban planning encouraged Slide13:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 The sector knew a sustained high growth during the periode 2003-2005 as shown by means o the following indicators: cement consumption knew a significant increase : the volume of the sales passed from 8,5 million tons in 2002 to 10,3 million tons in 2005, about 21,3% increase incur of bank credits in the building sector passed from 3,3 billion€ in 2002 to 5,3 billion € in 2005, about 61,6% the sector added value passed from 1,8 billion € in 2002 to 2,05 billion € in 2004, about 15,5% increase. Investments volume passed from 2,3 billion € in 2002 to 2,8 billion € in 2004, about 23,4% increase. Employment, the sector drained nearly 9,7% of the active urban population in 2004. During 2005, the building and public work sector created 43.000 new jobs. Some performance indicators Morocro-economic indicators of the building and construction Slide14:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 The launching of work in sites initiated jointly by public and private sectors related to 767.000 units including 169.000 upgrading units (2003-2005) 2005 was the occasion, for the 1st time, to attain the production of 113.000 units of social housing and the completion of upgrading informel districts for the benefit of 31.000 households Increase of the rate/rhythm of the operational starting work sites and completions Slide15:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Launching of the studies related to the creation of the new cities of MELLOUSSA (2.000 ha) near Tangier-Tetouan, LAKHYAYTA (1.300 ha) near Casablanca and TAGADIRT (1.100 ha) in Agadir, operational works will start soon. Creation of new cities Launching of work of TAMASNA new city 20Km far from Rabat, capital of the Kingdom, (more than 1.000 hectares for the realization of almost 110.000 houses) Launching of work of TAMANSOURT new city with 7Km far from Marrakech (1.200 ha for a population about 300.000 inhabitants) Slide16:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Implementation of "Cities without slums” program - VSB- with a cost of 1,8 billion€ Diversification of housing offer , particularly by the promotion of low cost houses and "Economic Villa" Consolidation of measures to match supply to demand by the institution of sparing measures for housing, the refitting of the building taxation and the revival of the rental housing sector Increase of social housing production rate ( 100.000 to 200.000 units a year in the long term ) Slide17:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 The International exhibition of building (SIB) is organized every two years in Casablanca by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning in partnership with the Office of fairs and exhibitions of Casablanca (OFEC). The SIB passed by important dates which conditioned the evolution of its course (10 editions, the 11th edition in November 2006). International exhibition of building (SIB) meetings, exchange of information, communication and businesse forum Slide18:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 2004 : 10TH Edition OF SIB ( 6 - 10 octobre 2004) Topic: « Housing and Urban Palnning Convergence » Participants: 260 companies whose 64 foreigners Visitors: 50000. 2002 : 9th Edition of SIB (18 - 22 septembre 2002) Topic : « To invest safely in the building sector» Participants: more than 200 exposers whose 41 foreigners Visitors: 40000. 2000 : 8th edition of SIB (25 - 29 Octobre 2000) Topic : « Performance social service » Participants: 200 exposers Visitors: 45000. 1998 : 7th edition of SIB (22 -27 october 1998) Topic : «Which policy for futur housing in Morocco?» Participants: 178 exposers whose 21 foreigners Visitors: 45000. 1996 : 6th edition of SIB (21-27 october 1996) Topic: «Quality of social housing production performances» Participants: 157 exposers whose 45 foreigners Visitors: 42000. 1994 : 5th edition of SIB (25- 30 october 1994) Thème: goverment strategic intervention in the social housing l » Participants: 250 exposers whose 70 foreigners Visitors : 41000. 1992 : 4th edition of SIB (1er -6 october1992) Topic : «new approaches and research development un the building and public works sector» Participants: 223 exposers whose 49 foreigners Visitors : 40000. 1990 : 3th edition of SIB (27- 6 october1990) Topic : « buildings, the quality for safety and exchange sdevelopment» Participants: 190 exposers whose 52 foreigners Visitors: 45000. 1988 : 2th edition of SIB (30 Sept- 9 October 1988) Topic: « the building, culture, technology and development Visitors: 20000. 1986 : 1er edition of SIB (11- 20 July 1986) Topic :" the building , culture Le bâtiment au service développement et for developement and exchanges» Participants: 90 exposers Visitors: 20000. HISTORIE Slide19:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 To facilitate consumers to access to innovating products and knowledge in the field of new construction technologies To create a convivial space for meeting among the professionals and the national and foreign actors intervening in the building field To promote innovating and imaginative technical designs for social housing in general and low cost housing in particular To reinforce and consolidate national and international partnership OBJECTIVES OF SIB Slide20:  New VISION Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 The 11th edition of the SIB will be held in collaboration with the Office of fairs and exhibitions of Casablanca from the 22 to November 26, 2006. The focal point is the implementation of the following programs : the National Initiative of Human Development, launched by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI; Actual large launched building sites initiated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning. This edition must take into account the following dimensions: Professional (quality process and prerequesite) International (the particular date: 2010 and free exchange conventions) Contractual (with international professional organizers mainly the Spanish with whom Morocco has privileged relationship Slide21:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 the 11th edition of building exhibition will be accompanied by a vast scientific and technical program called "Habitat Town planning convergence " during which Moroccan and Spanish institutionals, professionals of construction sector will exchange their mutual experiences The business forum constitutes a great occasion for the Moroccan and Spanish investors and represents a platform to concretize business opportunities Originality of the 11th Edition of the SIB Morocco-Spani Partnership Spain: host country of the SIB 2006 Slide22:  Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 Great political and economic relationship between the two countries To consolidate and reinforce partnership between Morocco and Spain to crown the exemplary relations between the two kingdoms to introduce new Spanish technologies in Morocco to make participate the Spanish companies in the realization of social housing, low cost housing (11.000 €) and economic villas in the new cities and the new urban poles To contribute to the professionalisation of the sector of housing and construction in Morocco through the transfert of Spanish successful experiences to Morocco Partnership between Maroco andSpain Spain : host country of the SIB 2006 Originality of the 11th Edition SIB Slide23:  Thank you Technical Department of housing Marsh 2006 partenarial relationsheip Marocoo-Spain: Futur Project …..

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