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Published on November 18, 2017

Author: mehtajewellers

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Diamond, Gold and Much more: Diamond, Gold and Much more http://www.mehtajewellery.com/ THE GLITZ OF DIAMOND: THE GLITZ OF DIAMOND They say diamonds are forever. It is indeed one of the hardest substance known. This is the reason it is also used to cut glass. This shiny stone has a lot of value. It is dark and ugly when extracted from the ground . It is also one of the purest forms of carbon. O nly after heavy refinement do we get the amazing pieces that everyone adores with cuts that are beautiful. http://www.mehtajewellery.com/ THE NOSE RING: THE NOSE RING We usually see women wear diamonds. A diamond is a woman’s best friend. There are so many ways in which you can wear the diamond. It could be in ring, earrings, in a pendant, a bracelet and sometimes even a watch. People even wear the diamond on their nose ring . Diamond mookuthi is one example of a nose ring. It is a nose pin studded with diamond from the south with some exquisite touch to it. http://www.mehtajewellery.com/ CHENNAI FAMOUS DESIGNS: CHENNAI FAMOUS DESIGNS Not just diamond mookuthi designs, Chennai is famous for its gold jewellery too. The gold jewellery Chennai is popular around the globe for its most intricate designs. You may also stumble upon pieces that are so beautiful that they catch your eye at the very first instance. You may find some of these gorgeous pieces at any of the jewellery shops in Chennai http://www.mehtajewellery.com/ CAREFUL TRANSACTION: CAREFUL TRANSACTION While buying jewellery , it is vital that we let the jeweller properly know as to what we are looking for . This was the jeweller will be able to show you pieces that fit perfect in your filter criteria. This saves time. Also , it is necessary that you check for the mark of standardisation on the jewellery you purchase, if you are going to resale in future. Having a mark of standardisation makes it more authentic . The gold jewellery collection Chennai is sure to leave you mesmerized. http://www.mehtajewellery.com/ Slide6: THANK YOU! http://www.mehtajewellery.com/

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