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Published on June 19, 2008

Author: FMSU

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Slide1:  © FMSU Dec2007 10-minute Diamond FM Presentation Questions & Concerns? Slide2:  There is no ‘type’ of person in this industry: We really do have all walks of life in this business: People who want to have fun People interested in wealth People who like people People who like a challenge People who need income People who want security People who want to gain skills People who are sick and tired of being sick & tired! I’m not sure this is ‘me’? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide3:  80% of people hate selling! Statistically, many people would rather die than sell! They visualise having to go ‘door to door’ or trudge the streets putting out ‘tacky’ home-ware Catalogues The fact is that with this business it is more important to share than it is to sell Do I have to sell? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide4:  Some will join you, some will support you, some won’t join you and some will try to put you off! See the duck? You also will be doing something different to the crowd and, like the flock, many others will just watch and See (for now) The main questions to ask yourself if someone tries to get you to float downstream again are: “What experience do they have at success and what will they offer in it’s place?” What will my friends think? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide5:  We will help you every step of the way: You will never fail in this business through a lack of help or support Your sponsor has a vested interest in your success which is why we call it ‘sponsoring’ and not just recruiting There will be plenty of opportunities for you to earn while you learn both ‘one to one’ and in group meetings What if I lack skills or confidence? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide6:  We can help with this too: Firstly, you know more people than you think you know and we can help you to find and contact them Next, the people you know will know others that are currently strangers to you Finally we have a whole raft of ways for you to meet new people We can even set it up so that total strangers are calling you about the business! What if I don’t know anyone? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide7:  This is a good question because … Many Networks don’t last more than 24-months … some don’t even open! The fact is that they are often inadequately funded and ‘overtrade’ … In other words, they’re too successful So what makes this one different? It has passed the formulation stage: Will it last? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide8:  A fair question in this day & age of schemes and scams! FM Group have taken every legal step necessary to ensure that both it’s products and it’s compensation plan are legal for every country it has opened in which includes The Office of Fair Trading in the UK. Is it legal? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide9:  Our simplicity: No ‘buy ins’, stock holding or loading No territories, targets or penalties No monthly ‘Auto-Ship forced buying’ No ‘ooberwoober’ juices, pills or gadgets Just build at your own pace (Minimum monthly order to earn commissions is just £10.00 p/mth) What makes this idea different? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide10:  Fragrances are by Drom, one of the worlds TOP perfumeries and a company with almost 100 years of tradition and expertise which is at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology and modern Trends Their fragrances are of equal standing to the ‘designer’ and ‘brand’ named labels on the high street and we believe that, in many cases, they even have the same or more of the balance of essentials oils etc They are NOT tested on animals and have a full 30-day guarantee! Are the products good? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide11:  Absolutely not! Like all genuine networking business we have real products which everyone pays the same price for Pyramid selling is very different in that often there is no real product at all! Generally, in a Pyramid, you deal through a ‘head Hunter’. You are pressured to ‘stock-load’ and the price becomes more expensive as it moves down the line We are totally different to this … Is this a pyramid scheme? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide12:  This is what is known as the ‘myth’ of saturation: Mathematically, if you multiply 2 x 4 x 8 etc the whole world would be doing it but, that will never happen because some won’t see it and others are becoming 18 every day! But, most good networks will ‘mature’ within 10 to 15- years which is why we emphasise getting in NOW and working hard for 2 to 5-years! Typically, we will have a 2 to 5-year ‘pioneering stage’, followed by 5 to 7-years of solid growth Won’t everyone end up doing it? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide13:  This is quite common and it’s fine: Many partners see the business as a threat to their relationship but, if they do chose to work with you or at least support you it will often create a much closer bond The fact is that, in modern times, most partners work at different jobs and develop different interests which can, overtime, damage their relationship The best answer is to work really hard and you’ll often find that the partner will join you later What if my partners not sure? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide14:  Many people think you’ve got to be at the top to make money: The fact is that, if you get started in the early years of a network business and go to work you are more likely to make the HUGE incomes If you join after the first few years and go to work you will be more likely to make LARGE incomes If you join after the first to10-12 years and go to work you are more likely to just make a reasonable Living We are in our EARLY YEARS! Haven’t you got to be ‘in at the top’? © FMSU Dec2007 Slide15:  By age 65 ONLY 5% of the population is financially independent. The rest are still working, dead and or dead broke! No matter how well they were doing at 30, 40, 50 or even 60 So … based on the last 5-years of your life … How far have you moved financially? At that rate, where will you be in 5 more years? Even if you’ve done good … Are you sure it will continue and put you in the top 5% by age 65? For most of us, it’s these sorts of questions that make us realise that, for something to change, we have to change it! So, the real question is: What have you got to lose? Questions for you … © FMSU Dec2007 Slide16:  extra income? financial freedom? have your own business? more spare time? personal development? helping others? meeting new people? retirement? legacy? Whatever your priority is - your next step is to contact the person who showed you this presentation and get started! © FMSU Dec2007 What is your No.1 priority?

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