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Published on October 6, 2007

Author: mansillacontreras

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“Varieties of English”. :  “Varieties of English”. Name: Cecilia Molina. Source:Greenbaum, S. & Quirk, R. (1990) A Student`s Grammar of the English Language. London: Pearson English Language Teaching. Date: September, 30, 2007. Types of Variation::  Types of Variation: 1) Region. 2) Social Group. 3) Field of discourse. 4) Medium. 5) Attitude. They are classified in two groups::  They are classified in two groups: Language User:-Region -Social Group Language Use: -Field of Discourse -Medium -Attitude “Common Core”:  “Common Core” The fact that all the varieties present a group of grammatical and other characteristics is called a common core. Dialect: It is a variation of language that is spoken in one area with grammar, words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms. Social Variations.:  Social Variations. Social variation can be divided in two types: a) Uneducated English. B) EducatedEnglish. Uneducated example: The double negative as in I don`t want no cake. Educated English.:  Educated English. Characteristics: - It has to be formal. - Educated English is the variety of language which is considered grammatically correct by the intellectual community. - It has to be understood by all the intellectual community. Educated English::  Educated English: - It is taught at school and it is used in media and the newspapers. - It is associated with a kind of prestige. - It is referred to as Standard English because it is useful and appropriate. Uniformities of Standard English::  Uniformities of Standard English: The main uniformity is orthography because there is a single spelling and punctuation system through the world with two minor subsystems: British (colour) and American (color). National Standards of English::  National Standards of English: There are two predominat national varieties based on their different usages and how these distinctions have been institutionalized: *American English and *British English. Other National Standards::  Other National Standards: Scottish English. Hiberno-English or Irish English. Canadian English. South African English. New Zealand English. Australian English. Caribbean English. RP:  RP RP is the abbreviation for “Received Pronunciation” which is the standard form of the British pronunciation, based on educated speech in southern England. Field of Discourse::  Field of Discourse: Field of discourse is the type of activity engaged in through language. It is the language which is associated with professional field. Medium::  Medium: Medium is the variety of language based on the differences between spoken and written English. Attitude::  Attitude: It is the choice that depends on the attitude and the purpose of the communication in terms of formal and informal register.

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