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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: Callia

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Sorgun Ozbalci - Aso Food Industry Ltd. http://www.asofood.com :  Sorgun Ozbalci - Aso Food Industry Ltd. http://www.asofood.com Dried Fruit & Nuts Consumption and Product Trends in Turkey General Overview - Turkey:  General Overview - Turkey Name: Republic of Turkey Population: 63,451,000 (1998) Annual Growth rate: 1.4% Area: 814,578 Km2 Land Area: 76.9m ha. Cultivated area: 28m ha. Population Density:78 persons/Km2 Unemployment: 6.3% Employed in agriculture: 43% Employed in services: 40.3% Employed in industry: 16.7% Capital: Ankara Currency: Turkish Lira (TL) $1=1,450,000 TL (as of 5/2004) GNP: US$ 204.5 billion (16th among OECD) GDP: US$ 3,250 per capita Trade (1998 figures) Exports: US$ 26.9 billion Imports: US$ 45.9 billion Exports Agricultural US$ 2.7 billion Minerals US$ 363 million General Overview – Turkey-2:  General Overview – Turkey-2 Manufacturing: US$ 23.8 billion Crops: Wheat, barley, cotton, sugar beets, sunflower, potato, tobacco, vegetables, dried fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, ornamentals. Natural Resources: Hydro-Electric power, chromium, copper, tungsten, phosphate, boron, barite, bentonite, manganese, zinc, magnesite, perlite, wolfram, asbestos, bauxite, lead, mercury, sulphur, emery, meerschaum, marble, aluminium, iron, coal, crude oil, forests, livestock. Agricultural Exports: Hazelnuts, pistachio, figs, dried raisins and apricot, pulses, tobacco, citrus, pome and stone fruits, melons, vegetables, tomato products, cut flowers, processed food, poultry meat, cereals, cotton, tea. Other Exports: Manufactured goods, minerals, textile, thread, ready-to-wear clothing, leather, machinery, mechanical appliances, furniture, carpets, rugs, automobiles, buses, pharmaceuticals, man-made filaments, glass and glass-ware products, articles of iron and steel and aluminium. Major Trading Partners: OECD, EU, Middle-East and CIS countries, Russian Federation. Insufficiency in Statistical Data:  Insufficiency in Statistical Data There is no comprehensive statistic regarding domestic consumption of Dried Fruits and Nuts in Turkey Wholesalers of DFN make sells without invoice This situation is also valid for retailers Around 80% of the sales are done without records In these presentation, figures are generally based on estimations and household surveys Most Popular Dried Fruit & Nuts Consumed in Turkey:  Most Popular Dried Fruit & Nuts Consumed in Turkey Hazelnuts Raisins Dried Apricots Dried Figs Peanut Walnut Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds Pistachio Almonds Roasted Chickpeas Consumption Traditions of Turks:  Consumption Traditions of Turks Dried Fruits like apricots, figs, raisins, prunes and date are mostly consumed in holly months like in Ramadan & Ashure periods. Nuts consumption is generally balanced all over the year. During Christmas time it goes peak levels Imported Dried Fruits and Nuts :  Imported Dried Fruits and Nuts Walnuts: Ukraine, Moldovia, Uzbekistan, Romania. Almonds: USA Date: Iran, S.Arabia, Tunusia Pumpkin&Sunflower Seeds: Ukraine, China, East Europe In walnuts, almonds and sf&p seeds Turkey’s production is not sufficient that’s why they are imported sometimes. Domestic Market Prices (€ /kg):  Domestic Market Prices (€ /kg) WholeSale Retail Hazelnuts (roasted) 4.1 6.5 Raisins 1.1 1.5 Dried Apricots 3 4.5 Dried Figs 2.5 4 Peanut .8 1.2 Walnut 4 6 Pumpkin Seeds 1.5 2 Sunflower Seeds .6 1 Pistachio 4.5 6.5 Almonds 5 7 Roasted Chickpeas 1 1.5 Hazelnuts (1):  Hazelnuts (1) One of the popular item which is used for snacking, bakery, chocolate and oil industry. Because of excess supply, different organizations are promoting domestic consumption of hazelnuts Generally consumed in roasted form. Sliced and diced types are being popular recent years. In recent years some processors roasting hazelnuts in shells with salt. Hazelnuts (2):  Hazelnuts (2) Last 10 year’s avarage is 47,000 mt for domestic consumption. A big part of it goes to oil industry. Source: Aegean Exporter’s Union Raisins & Apricots:  Raisins & Apricots Sultana Seedless Raisins and Apricots are consumed as cospote, snack, in bakery, molasses, chocolate and biscuit industry Raisins with seeds are consumed for snacking. Bad Quality Raisins go to Alcohol Factories and Molasses Factories . Raisins (2):  . Raisins (2) Last 8 year’s avarage is 37,000 mt for domestic consumption. A serious part of it goes to alcohol industry. When we consider unrecorded production domestic consumption must be bigger. . Dried Apricots (2):  . Dried Apricots (2) The statistics show very irrelevant numbers That means unrecorded apricot production is at very high levels According to our surveys avarage household consumption is 3kg/year. That makes 30-40,000 mt annual domestic consumption. Sources: Ministry of Agriculture, Undersec. Of Foreign Trade Ground Nut:  Ground Nut Ground Nut consumption is generally done as snack format in Turkey. In recent years, some ‘’spice&starch’’ coated grıundnuts became very popular Dried Figs:  Dried Figs Dried Fig Consumption is around 9000 mt/year Around 5000 mt/year is consumed as regular dried figs Rest of it goes for industrial purposes It is very common to eat figs with walnuts Pistachios:  Pistachios Turkey is one of the biggest pistachio producing country. It is grown in Antep and Siirt regions Yearly production is around 80,000mt, almost all of them consumed domestically. Shelled pistachios are used in bakery and dessert sector. Most popular Turkish desserts are done by pistachio kernels. (walnut is substitute for pistachio in desserts) Roasted Chickpeas:  Roasted Chickpeas Yellow and White types are available Coating of this product became popular Because of its cheap price, preffered in rural parts of Turkey. Turkish name is ‘’Leblebi’’ Almonds :  Almonds There is a tradition in Turkey, people eat almonds, when it is fresh, just after bloom. That’s why Turkey imports almonds from California. Normally Turkey must be self-sufficient even exporter country in almonds. Conclusions (1):  Conclusions (1) When we look at overall view of Turkey’s dried fruit and nuts consumption and product trends in Turkey, we see that: Self-sufficient country. There is no big demand for imported products. Historically exporter of classic dried fruits Average per capita consumption numbers are very low and distribution of consumption is unbalanced Becuase of lack of recorded production and sales, the real consumption numbers may differ from 30% to 70% Conclusions (2):  Conclusions (2) D.Fruits and Nuts consumption as ingredients recently increasing such as in bakery sector. Farmers prefer to produce classic products instead of improving new products Consumers are not very interested in new products Consumers prefer to buy from sellers with bulk cartons instead of retail packs because of price advantage Conclusions (3):  Conclusions (3) Turkey with its 70 million people, and very young population must shift consumption behaviors from fast foods to healthy dried fruits and nuts. This can be done with serious promotions and campaigns. This promotions are done only when there is excess supply of that product. Slide22:  THANK YOU Sorgun Ozbalci www.asofood.com ‘’Quality Dried Fruits and Nuts’’

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