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Published on September 29, 2016

Author: BrentClayton3

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1. DFES Fitness Testing Information Guide

2. The Beep Test

3. ✔ measures an applicant’s level of cardiovascular fitness. ✔ may also be used at later stages to confirm that a candidate can maintain the minimum required level The Beep Test

4. ✔ The candidate runs for as long as possible, at an increasing pace, between two markers set 20 metres apart. ✔ The starting pace is very slow (about a slow jog pace), and it increases over time.

5. To successfully pass the beep test, applicants are required to attain a minimum of 9.6

6. How to Prepare ✔ Undertake running training ✔ practice the beep test

7. Physical Aptitude Tests

8. ✔ measure an applicant’s ability to meet the physical requirements of a Firefighter including endurance, strength and fitness ✔ simulate the physical tasks expected of Firefighters in their line of work The Physical Aptitude Tests

9. Test 1 Simulated Heavy Tool Operation

10. Simulated Heavy Tool Operation ✔ simulates the critical task of using rescue equipment to gain access in an emergency situation ✔ tests the applicant’s upper and lower body strength and muscular endurance

11. Simulated Heavy Tool Operation ✔ Candidates are required to hold cutters and spreaders (weighing just under 20kg) against a variety of points on a vehicle for specified times, without excessive movement.

12. Test 2 Simulated Hose Drag

13. Simulated Hose Drag ✔ simulates the critical task of advancing a charged (water filled) hose line to the scene of a fire ✔ assesses a candidate’s physical strength and endurance, and ability to follow instructions

14. Simulated Hose Drag ✔ The candidate drags a water-filled hose to multiple specified points within a designated timeframe.

15. Test 3 Height Anxiety Test

16. Height Anxiety Test ✔ simulates the demands of climbing multi-storey stairwells carrying essential firefighting equipment and hauling equipment up through a vertical distance

17. Height Anxiety Test ✔ tests an applicant’s endurance, physical strength, the ability to follow instructions and identify their susceptibility to vertigo and acrophobia

18. Height Anxiety Test ✔ The candidate climbs a ladder and then a stairwell, carrying equipment, to a tower, hauls up equipment, and subsequently returns to the ground.

19. Test 4 Confined Space Anxiety Tunnel Crawl

20. Confined Space Anxiety Tunnel Crawl ✔ tests an applicant’s ability to operate in a confined, dark environment ✔ identifies their susceptibility to claustrophobia or high levels of frustration

21. Confined Space Anxiety Tunnel Crawl ✔ Candidates wear a face mask and crawl through a tunnel system undertaking tasks and manoeuvring through various shapes within a specified timeframe. ✔ The crawl increases in difficulty throughout the course

22. Test 5 Simulated Casualty Rescue

23. Simulated Casualty Rescue ✔ simulates the critical task of removing a victim from an emergency situation ✔ tests the applicants’ aerobic and anaerobic capacity and upper and lower body strength

24. Simulated Casualty Rescue ✔ The candidate carefully drags a dummy through a course as directed within a specified timeframe.

25. Test 6 Equipment Handling

26. Equipment Handling ✔ simulates the demands of accessing, removing and replacing essential firefighting equipment from a firefighting appliance

27. Equipment Handling ✔ assesses the applicant’s upper body strength and ability to follow instructions

28. Equipment Handling ✔ Candidates are required to remove and replace a ladder from the top of a fire appliance as well as remove, handle and replace equipment stored in a locker on the vehicle.

29. Test 7 Hose Coupling Test

30. Hose Coupling Test ✔ assesses an applicant’s manual dexterity and mechanical reasoning skills, along with their ability to follow a set of instructions

31. Hose Coupling Test ✔ Candidates place and remove a number of pieces of equipment on a fire appliance within a specified timeframe

32. How to Prepare ✔ Keep good upper body and core strength ✔Maintain high level of aerobic fitness ✔Work on building up overall strength

33. wwwwww.firerecruitmentaustralia.com.au

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