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Published on January 11, 2018

Author: UseDevOps


DevOps (An Exciting/Easy way of working): DevOps (An Exciting/Easy way of working) Questions after hearing DevOps…: Questions after hearing DevOps… Why I should know/learn DevOps What is new in DevOps or DevOps itself is new? Is it a tool or an approach of working or combination of only tools? Is it really required or just a myth of companies to create extra pressure? Is it necessary to learn this or work with this? Is it easy to learn or not? Can I get a good package after learning this? Etc. Can I learn it easily? Did DevOps helped any companies? Is it really changing anything or changed that we know but did not notice? Now the great confusion ???: Now the great confusion ??? Will see all the details one by one Before going to Devops (Lets explore past): Before going to Devops (Lets explore past) Some terms we hear regularly during our work in software market Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) Deployment Development Server(Linux/Unix/Windows etc.) Error in production Client is giving very less down time(cant work like this) Coding , Building , Release Success at development side , failure at production site Blame keeps on going…. Let’s see what they are really…: Let’s see what they are really… Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) We know it already… (will see which phase we are working or searching job ) Terminologies…..: Terminologies….. We all fall into some part of SDLC. What we hear or say or do in our offices or planning to do. Project requirement planning ( Investigation or Feasibility Study and analysis ) Task assignment ( Design ) Development ( Coding with the language as decided during planning phase ) VCS/SCM tools ( Saving our changes to some remote central server ) Build , Release ( Create a runnable package out of code – Development only ) Test ( Test the functionality – Testing ) Deployment ( Installing our code to run in production server -Implementation ) Maintenance ( After deployment see for error and more requirement change ) SDLC Methodologies..: SDLC Methodologies.. Waterfall Model V-Shaped Model Evolutionary Prototyping Model Spiral Method (SDM) Iterative and Incremental Method Agile development What is the issue with old approaches??: What is the issue with old approaches?? Process of working is mostly synchronous. Each process will wait for other process to complete if it’s a waterfall approach. Then next phase will start. Time consuming and cost ineffective process. Cleary showing -- lot of waiting time for all the people involved in project Now we are thinking agile solved this. Because few year back all said same thing Still there are gap between SDLC phases. We as Developer/tester will say, no gap is there. Because agile broke gap between Dev and QA team. But operation (implementation/maintenance) are not in that relational chain That’s where companies faced measure business setback from their rivals who broke that gap with operation team. The gap was continuously delivering quality and stable features frequently. Let’s see the gap and complains of teams…: Let’s see the gap and complains of teams… Development/Testing (Combined phase as collaborated by Agile) After Development and testing, the code deployment time is huge. Pressure of work on old, pending and new code was high because deployment time was high. Operations (Always a separate entity in SDLC) It is difficult to maintain ~100% uptime of the production environment. Infrastructure Automation tools are not very affective. Number of severs to be monitored keeps on increasing with time and hence the complexity. It is very difficult to provide feedback and diagnose issue in the product. Is this why world moved towards DevOps??: Is this why world moved towards DevOps?? Off Course yes.. DevOps is a way of working which collaborated all phases of SDLC in a common platform where every process started working in asynchronous continuous fashion. Some tools helped to make this work. As per theoretical definition DevOps is a practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire software lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. Before DevOps way of working…: Before DevOps way of working… We used some tools but they were not giving us that flavor of flexibility because of the SDLC approach we followed. After DevOps way of working…: After DevOps way of working… So how the process evolved towards DevOps?: So how the process evolved towards DevOps? Lets summarize what we have seen: Lets summarize what we have seen Why I should know/learn DevOps ??: Why I should know/learn DevOps ?? Common thoughts I am happy with my coding/testing/scripting what ever I am doing? Some different team should do DevOps or whatever for me. I will only stick to my expertize area. I will enhance only that skill. That is future. DevOps is just a myth. DevOps anyway is not affecting what I am doing or what I will be doing Sorry I am wrong…: Sorry I am wrong… As we have seen we are part of SDLC, So knowing DevOps model is coming to our bucket. Companies are not going to hire new people for this work. (Cost involved). Why to hire when existing employees can learn and do. If I am not doing then someone else will do. My job and career will be on dilemma. Future of Software development will no more be a separated process of coding/testing/operating. All will be merged and term will be Devops engineer. What you are doing, you will do that. But yes need to know all will be managed in continuous fashion. What is new in DevOps or DevOps itself is new?: What is new in DevOps or DevOps itself is new? I guess we are clear till now whether it is new or its some older way, nothing new in it. Anyway It’s definitely a new way of working which broke the barrier of ways of working between all the teams involved in a SDLC. We achieved DevOps by help of some tools at each stages of SDLC. Some tools we have already used. Some are new. We will see how tools helped in this DevOps approach. How world describes it..: How world describes it.. Blue color is part SDLC phases before implementation and maintenance . Orange color is part of operations. What we think about DevOps ???: What we think about DevOps ??? What is it actually ??: What is it actually ?? Let’s make it little more clear…: Let’s make it little more clear… Let’s dig little more..: Let’s dig little more.. Lot of tools I am seeing…: Lot of tools I am seeing… Do I need to know all? No From each SDLC phase we will learn only one tool that is mostly used every where. If you are not finding same tool in your company, not to worry. That will be mostly same what we will learn in our course. We will give overview of most of the tools used in DevOps. How much tools I need to learn??: How much tools I need to learn?? I am happy what I am doing. Tools won’t help me. You are thing it’s difficult to learn. We are here to help you. Did DevOps helped any Companies?: Did DevOps helped any Companies? Yes Most of the companies are already into DevOps. No worry for job change and good package Who are those companies mostly? Facebook Amazon Netflix Walmart Nordstrom Adobe Etc. Now you can tell are they all backward or forwarded companies? We know how much they are paying too. It changed human behavior: It changed human behavior You may laugh. But it’s true Pokémon Go (Best example of DevOps implementation) Tools helped Pokémon Go are Let’s see how DevOps affected job: Let’s see how DevOps affected job Some clarifications about course…: Some clarifications about course… Will it be easy for me to learn all this? Yes, our course is designed so simple that you will enjoy each days learning. We will teach you in details of DevOps approaches at each phase of SDLC. We will teach you most popular tools from each phase of DevOps which will help you to crack any DevOps interview and work better. How can I practice what I am learning? Will show you the local system setup. You can practice same. If any doubt, we will clarify that. Is there any help for interview preparation? Yes, We will provide you questions/answers for DevOps. We will have mock test by end of our DevOps essential course. Will help you to create resume with DevOps technologies. Will help you to build your LinkedIn job profile.. Course Outline: Course Outline DevOps Introduction - History - Necessity - Benefits. Scripting - Linux and Python. Version Control- Git. Build Management Tool- Maven. Continuous Integration- Jenkins. Configuration Management – Puppet/Ansible Monitoring- Nagios. Elasticsearch-Kibana. Continuous Integration/Deployment - Docker. Container Management Tool - Kubernetes. Cloud Essentials – AWS.

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