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Information about device control through telephony

Published on October 21, 2009

Author: abhinavbit


Slide 1: FINAL YEAR PROJECT DEVICE CONTROL THROUGH TELEPHONY 2007 DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING BHILAI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BHILAI HOUSE, DURG Slide 2: The world is becoming advance to better living, whether it is in terms of safety or in terms of power and energy. At times people forget to switch off appliances which may cause energy loss and may lead to accidents resulting in loss of property/life. Slide 3: The question arises- How to switch off/control appliances remotely by the best method possible? We have an answer… Slide 4: Using one of the most commonly available device- The phone, we can control appliances remotely- From any part of the world. DESCRIPTION : DESCRIPTION Slide 6: The microcontroller is interfaced with the pickup and hold circuitry which will pick up calls through a relay and timer and will recognize the key pressed by the remote phone to control the desired appliance/load. Slide 7: WORKING- FLOW DIAGRAM Slide 8: The Electric Load is controlled through the phone. As soon as the number is called the ring is detected by the ring detector. Slide 9: When the corresponding code is pressed on the remote phone, the parallel receiver circuit passes these frequencies to multi-frequency detector Slide 10: These are sent to BCD Converter, followed by demultiplexer and microcontroller and then to driver of the relay for switching the electric load. Slide 11: The load is then switched on or off as per requirement thus saving energy and avoiding accidents. Slide 12: Applications Slide 13: Wide application in saving the power Providing safety from danger. Can be used in factory, office, home etc where power saving is a must. Slide 14: Reduces hassles in controlling appliances from remote locations. Prevents humans from any dangerous hazards. In all, saving Time, energy and Money. Slide 15: Conclusion & FUTURE WORK Slide 16: The project could be extended through the mobile and satellite phones as well. The number of loads can be increased as per choice. Slide 17: For security purpose, voice recognition can be integrated in this project. SMS based switching systems can be incorporated. Slide 18: CONTROL CIRCUIT Remote Phone Receiver Phone Device-1 Device-2 PRESENTED BY : PRESENTED BY ABEER VERMA (505301) ABHINAV Pd. GUPTA (505302) ABHINAV TIWARI (505303) B.E 8TH SEMESTER ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATION B.I.T. UNDER THE KIND SUPERVISION OF Dr. M.K. KOWAR (PROJECT GUIDE) PRINCIPAL,B.I.T.

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